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Hello, is it safe to upgrade to the new 3.6 Wordpress theme? As a newbie, I get worried about overwriting any CSS.. but being that I am using this theme..everything should be safe correct?

All my live demos are now on WP 3.6. I haven’t noticed any problems and you shouldn’t have any issues. If you do, just let me know and I will patch it up.

I have another question: the “Press This” tool seems not to be working at all..[ I place it in my browser, click it, then the pop up that appears in a new widow says “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

It looks like nothing was found at this location.” Have you seen this issue before with your theme..or is it just me.?

I’ve never encountered this issue…I did some searching, does this help?



I’ve a simple question before purchasing your theme… Is it possible to modify and change the default size of the portfolio’s items thumbnails in the homepage and portfolio general page? The page detail of a portfolio item it’s OK but the thumbnail displayed is too short, I need, for example, a 226×350 px thumbnail…

I need to modify them in order to put a books portfolio and it’s not high enough to show the entire cover. Thanks in advance!


I buyed the theme and I’ve create a child theme to costumize it. I tried to change the size creating a folder functions into my child theme and duplicating the file “image-default-sizes.php”. I’ve put this code but it didn’t work. What I’m doing wrong? Thanks!!! P.D – Your theme is really great :)

My web: http://verdagueredicions.cat/

//portfolio entries if( $args == 'portfolio_entry_width' ) return '400'; if( $args == 'portfolio_entry_height' ) return '637'; if( $args == 'portfolio_entry_crop' ) return true; if( $args == 'portfolio_related_entry_width' ) return '400'; if( $args == 'portfolio_related_entry_height' ) return '637'; if( $args == 'portfolio_related_entry_crop' ) return true;

Sorry AJ, I solve it! Thanks

hi. where can i get a contact form plugin like this: http://illustratedemo.wpengine.com/contact/ thanks regards


This should be mentioned in the documentation, but incase you missed it, the plugin can be found here – http://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/ – this is probably the most contact plugin out there that’s free.

Hi, i’m having some trouble with the slider, it isnt showing, please i need some help with that, thanks :)

yep, i beliebe that i kinda fix it, but the style seems alittle bit weird, but i didnt moce a thing, i dont know what could be the problem.

It looks like for one of the slides you might have inserted an image into the content rather then setting it as a featured image, causing some issues.

Ohh! i see , that could be the problem, thanks.

Hey, Great theme mate!!!

I was just wondering is there a way to prevent the featured image from appearing in the portfolio slides?


Well with in the code so that I can get:

<img alt="" width="" height="" />

I have everything else just not height, will that code work above?

Why are you trying to add the height value? I do not understand the purpose. Also you tried what I suggested above?

Yes the above worked thanks.


The navigation in the portfolio slider seems to be broken. It won’t go back to the first photo. http://www.squarepocketdesign.com/mentalpieces/portfolio/corporate-evolution/

Also – Is there a ways to disable the linking from the slider?

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,

I actually just submitted the fix for this a few minutes ago! The error was happening only when the color palette was disabled

If you download the latest version replace the following files with yours:

  • content-portfolio.php
  • js/slider-portfolio.js
  • js/slider-portfolio-palette.js – NEW

After updating clear your browser cache and refresh your page, It should fix the issue, my appologies!

To disable the lightbox the best would be to edit content-portfolio.php and remove the link around the items. See line 66. I can send you the updated file also via email since its a super quick tweak if you contact me via my profile page.

Hi, I can’t seem to see the ‘Gallery Images’ metabox on the portfolio edit screen. My previous theme also had a custom post type of ‘Portfolio’.

Can you make sure it’s not disabled in the theme options panel? As well as it’s not disabled in your post editor’s “screen options”.

Hi AJ! I just purchased the theme and I love it! I have something I need your help with. For my blog page, the images I insert into my posts seem to be showing up along with the featured image. So, it sort of looks like there’s a doubling of images. I don’t want to disable the featured image feature but also don’t want to have images I inserted into my post to show on my blog page. I want these images to show on the individual blog posts only. Also, sometimes it seems that the featured images are also showing up in the individual blog post pages even after disabling the “Featured Images On Single Posts?” option. Looking forward to your reply.

I figured it out. The theme either doesn’t load or doesn’t have a mobile version of the site. When i click, “View Full Site” and then navigate to a different page, then the theme shows up. Is there a way to disable the site from loading the mobile version by default?

There is no “mobile version” the theme is simply responsive. Sounds like you might have a mobile plugin active.

Thanks, AJ

Hi AJ, many thanks for a great theme. I have one frustrating issue, which is switching the logo image to be a bit wider (450px) – even after changing the default logo size settings, it gets automatically resized.

I’ve gone through the image resize function file, but there is nothing there for the logo. I’ve uploaded new files in different formats, refreshed etc, nothing. I assume since the setting is there that there MUST be some way to make the logo graphic just a little bit wider? I can’t really use the theme otherwise.

I’ve solved it (kind of) by changing the max-width of the logo image to 150%, it seems to be fine but I hope it won’t cause trouble for some browsers.

Sorry to be a pain, but another thing I’m wondering is how to add a “read more” link instead of the … that is the default.

Oh, yes you are correct. I forgot how I setup the header on this theme ;) The logo is in it’s own grid class, so editing the CSS is necessary. Sorry about that, glad you figured it out!

A better way of doing it is probable like this though:

.logo.span_8 { width: 100%; max-width: 100%; }

Hi, is there a way for the slider to grab stuff like recent posts?

Not by default. But you can easily edit the theme to do so. If you open content-slides.php you can change line 12:

'post_type'      => 'slides',


'post_type'      => 'post',

And that will make it show your standard posts instead ;)

Cheers for your help! With a bit of tinkering got it looking like I want it. Much appreciated.

Hi, first of all: great theme! I am currently installing it and ran into a minor issue. How can I change the order of the Gallery Images (in a Portfolio post)? Also, when adding images, they are being automatically populated into the Post Media Alternative text box, which I then have to remove manually…

I figured it out. Your documentation contained the necessary clues. Overlooked the “Upload to this post” instruction. Once I did that i could drag&drop as usual and the slider respected the new order. Cheers

Great! Glad you got it working, sorry if the docs were not clear enough to begin with ;(

Hi there… So I had experienced the same issue on hover/click issue you’d written the responses for below. Did you, in fact, dump the fix into the update? Because I’m not sure what file to drop this code into. Could you be more specific about any files I need to update and where to place the code? Sorry…

1. Yes, correct. There is an easy fix for this. I’ll dump into the next update.

$(’.portfolio-entry-img-link’).on(‘click touchend’, function(e) { var el = $(this); var link = el.attr(‘href’); window.location = link; });

You should need to load this using wp_is_mobile();

Ive not updated the theme yet,

If you contact me via my profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – I can send you an updated global.js file so you can test it out.

Please reference this comment when you contact me so I know what you need, thanks!


Not sure if this is possible, I am looking at possibly having pages for services offered that relate to categories in the portfolio. I was wondering if it is possible to add in the related portfolio items at the bottom like they are on the single portfolio pages.

Is this possible? Not sure if I may need to make templates for each of the categories to make this work?

Any advice would be most welcome.


Yes, you could just make 4 template files and use the tax_query to get your portfolio category by slug.

Thanks for that, looking at it at the moment, just wondering I only have to hard code that in the first bit of the content-portfolio-related.php code, do i?

No worries about answering as I understand this is not within the theme and an extra I am doing.

You would want to copy the code from content-portfolio.php and add it all to your custom page template, then tweak it. That would be easiest.


This is going to sound silly, but I was wondering if you could explain how I can set up a webpage that is similar to the home page of the illustrate live preview. I hope that made sense. I should also note that I’m very new to wordpress. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I had another thought that popped in my head, and I was wondering if it is possible for this them to display a portfolio post thumbnail in a regular page? So basically it’ll look like the home page but on a different page.

Forget my first question, I finally found it in the widget area. sorry for the harassment.

1. Glad you figured that out ;)

2. I’m not quite sure what your thoughts were for the second question about showing a portfolio thumbnail on a regular page…If you aren’t using the homepage template on the homepage you can use it for any other page.

Hey AJ, Sorry to bug you again but I have a couple questions I’m hoping you can help with.

1. Editing the Content-Slider.php from: ‘post_type’ => ‘slides’, to: ‘post_type’ => ‘post’, didn’t change the slides to display my blog posts.

2. Is there a way to link the image in the slider to take users to that post?

3. How do I take out the “Author” section at the bottom of each post? I’m the only author for these posts so it’s a little unnecessary to have it everywhere.


1. It should. Maybe clear your cache? But if you change this you will also want to change the caption, because it will display the entire blog post in the caption – see line 59 in that file.

2. Yes, just wrap the slider images in a link that goes to the_permalink() – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_permalink

3. There should be an option in the theme panel to remove this, please double check.

Thanks for the reply!

1. This worked.

2. Would adding “ <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?> ” within the ”<?php if ( has_post_thumbnail()) : ?>” on line 44 work?

3. I have the “Author Bio” disabled in the Theme Options/Blog section and it doesn’t show up in the Blog page. However, it still shows up in the individual blog posts.

Sorry, I’m very new at this.


Really interested in this theme… is it possible to disable the colour palette for image/slider posts?



Hi Darren,

Yes, there is an option in the theme panel to disable this.


Nice theme. I’m thinking about buying it. Just quick questions for make my decision : - I’d like to use the Portfolio section in order to share music I’m listening. Is it possible to add soundcloud, youtube, ... urls. For example, I’d like to integrate soundcloud/youtube iframe instead the image of this post : http://illustratedemo.wpengine.com/portfolio/nom-nom/ - I’d use shareaholic share plugin. Is it possible to activate it in portfolio post and blog post at the end? - I’d like to use Stratus soundcloud player. Is it compatible with your theme? Sometimes the jquery action doesn’t work on specific theme. http://stratus.sc/ - Is it possible to add social icon in the header and fix the nav when scrolling down as your other theme goodinc http://wpexplorer-demos.com/goodinc - Is it possible to switch with the first slider of goodinc? If I’m not mistaken, it’s flexslider in both blogs? I’m kinda like goodinc too :)

Thanks in advance for your answer :)

1. Yes. http://cl.ly/image/0s2j0N1e0n1J

2. You’ll have to check with the plugin to see if it supports custom post types (for the portfolio).

3. As long as you add the code correctly it shouldn’t have issues. The problem is their instructions for adding the code on their site aren’t correct, because they are not in non-conflict mode. If you paste the code as shown on their site it shouldn’t work on any theme. It is very simple to fix though, by wrapping it correctly – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_script#jQuery_noConflict_Wrappers

4. I guess you could override the top right text area with HTML for social or add it to your header.php, but header social isn’t built-in. Sticky header is not built-in either, you’ll want to add this yourself – http://imakewebthings.com/jquery-waypoints/shortcuts/sticky-elements/

5. You can’t just “switch” sliders. You would have to move over all the code and CSS to style it like it is on GoodInc. It’s not a simple task if you aren’t familiar with CSS/HTML.


I’ve purchased this theme… really like it! I have a question about the portfolio though. I’ve read the instructions (and FAQ – it only repeats what’s in the instructions for that bit) but still don’t understand what is going on with the archive.

The ‘view all work’ link goes to your-site/portfolio/ but what does this mean? When clicked on it returns a blank page saying ‘Google could not find your site’.

Do I have to change that ‘view all work’ link to point to my portfolio page?



Hi Darren,

That is just dummy text in the admin panel for you to change:


So simply alter the link to go to the location of your portfolio page or you can even delete it if you want.


Ah, ok… great, thanks!

I recently purchased this theme to build my portfolio. Really like the theme! However, I have a couple of questions. When creating a Portfolio item, how do I change the order of images in a slider? Also, how do I get captions to show up in the slider view?

Here’s what I tried..To order the images in the slider, I clicked on Manage Images from the Gallery Images section and selected all the images that I wanted to use in that particular Portfolio Item and then clicked on Edit at the bottom left corner and reordered the images. I then hit the Insert into Post button. The images got inserted in the Post Media Alternative field under the Post Options section but nothing really changed in the Gallery images section. And when I updated and viewed the changes, they appeared like in the Gallery view but in a single column.

Would really appreciate your help in fixing this!


Oh, on the portfolio sliders there aren’t any captions by default. When I go through the update maybe I’ll toss them in there ;)

Thank you! So will these updates be available today? I’ll send you a message through your profile page now.

Not today, but I should get back to you hopefully saturday or sunday.

Hi! I just purchased this theme and have done a fresh install. I’m fiddling with the slider, but having a problem. Getting a spinning ball on the slider, suggesting the images are not linked to the slider.

1) I created slide post type and added images as a Featured Image. 2) In Theme Options I enabled the slider. The slider was there but no images appear, just spinning ball.

There were no other instructions about this so not sure what I ‘m missing. It appears to be very straightforward so I have no idea what I’ve missed here. Right now I’m on a locally hosted site. Thank you for your help.

It looks like you have done everything correctly. Sounds more like there might be a jQuery conflict. Are you able to share the URL in question?

Thank you for your response. I am working on a local site so can’t share a URL at this time. I uploaded the dummy content and the slider worked from the dummy home page. Don’t know what happened.

Now trying to understand the galleries. On the gallery page, what determines which portfolio items display? Is it categories? I’m trying to figure out how to create multiple gallery pages for different categories. On the gallery page I see no options for what specifically is displayed.

In WordPress by default the custom post type archive displays all the items. To create multiple “portfolio” simply create the categories, just like standard posts the portfolio category archives are created automatically as well.

If you notice the demo: http://illustratedemo.wpengine.com/portfolio/

You can see the links at the top for the categories. This will show up automatically as you add more categories and organize your portfolio items (see archive-portfolio.php and taxonomy-portfolio_category.php for the templates involved).

To add portfolio categories to your menu go to the menu dashboard and click on “screen options” on the top right to enable them.