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I was just wondering if there was a way to add a meta description to the portfolio page?


For your onpage SEO (meta descriptions) you should be using a plugin. I recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast, but All In One SEO is also a good one (both free).

Ok thank you for your response. I imported all the placeholder content from the theme – which includes many portfolio posts with different categories. There is no archive separation of categories. On the “Gallery” page, some of these portfolio items are displaying, some not. And there is no separation by categories.

So I understand what you are saying but that is not what is happening. There must be something else going on. I’ll keep trying.

If you can show me the URL I can help I really can’t have any idea whats going on without looking.

If you imported the sample data though it should look just like the demo after initial setup – http://themeforest.net/item/illustrate-responsive-portfolio-blog-theme/5069761/faqs/16747

Ok I’ve done a fresh install with the sample data and I’m going through everything. I understand what you’re saying, but the difference between “Portfolio” and “Gallery” pages is confusing. I’m figuring it out though.

Still having trouble with the slider now. I can share the url with you if you are able to take a quick look, thank you.

Oh I see the issue…

When you said gallery earlier I thought you were talking about the portfolio.

If you are talking about this one: http://illustratedemo.wpengine.com/gallery/

This is just a template file. You can’t create categories because its only a page template. http://www.wpexplorer.org/online-docs/illustrate/#pagetemplates

To add images to the gallery template you would use image attachments – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIcRKzzlsVY

The portfolio is a custom post type and that works more like standard posts where you can categorize/organize them.

“Custom Logo Options”????

Can I use a custom Image+Text in the header?


Oh yes, you would just use the built-in option:


Hi! Love the theme! How do you change the color of the header and the nav bar? Please let me know. Thx!


Glad you like the theme, thanks for the purchase!

There aren’t any built-in settings for changing the header and navigation color. These would need to be changed via CSS. You could edit your style.css file manually but I would recommend you use a custom CSS plugin for making your design tweaks so you don’t have to worry about overriding any changes if you ever have to update the theme ;)

Hi I have a question before a possible purchase: in the portfolio section, is it possible that a project comprises out of video and images which can be put under one project neatly? And are you able to have a portfolio item that has like 10+ images?



Hi Joshua,

Portfolio items can have as many images as you want, of course the more images on a post the slower it will take to load, so if you don’t have a speedy server you might want to keep it to less.

You can’t have both images/videos on the right side with the built-in gallery function. You would have to use the “post media alternative” box to insert your images/videos – http://cl.ly/image/1O2F2I3k3I2Y – this means you can have them stacked, but not the slider and videos. Hope that makes sense!


Hi I’ve just installed the template successfully and everything is great, only I can’t work out how to build the page portfolio/homepage. As I’m building an art gallery page this is the main reason I bought the template to have the various artists in categories. Is there any online documentation or an example page of this page available?

Portfolio/Main Portfolio

Hi there,

The docs are included with your purchase but you can also find them online.

The portfolio main page is actually created automatically:


I recently purchased Illustrate and love it! I am having one small problem. I can’t get the slider to work. I’ve posted a jpg to display, but the pinwheel within the slider bar just spins indefinitely.

Thanks for your help! Adam



It seems to be a theme error caused when the admin option (in the portfolio tab) named “Entries: Dominant Color Overlay Hover” is disabled.

If you enable it does it work?

I can send you the updated theme with the fix if you want to PM me.

I emailed you! Thanks!

Hi, can I create two portfolios, one only for images and another only for videos (will be like a video gallery)? I don´t want mix images and videos in the same portfolio.

All you need to do is organize your portfolio items into different categories. You can see on our live demo various categories:


Just think about it like regular blog posts, where you can organize them into categories.

To add categories from the portfolio to your menu, just click on “screen options” on the top right of the menu dashboard and here you can enable them.

ok, thanks!

Hey! Quick question. I accidentally change my landing page to a non existent portfolio page. How do I make it go back to my homepage?


Annnnd I figured it out! Thanks so much!

I want use a logo with 960×200 pixels but it is been resized. What can I do?

The header has a right side content area as you can see in the demo – http://illustratedemo.wpengine.com/

Therefore the logo has a width on it to prevent it from “spilling over”.

If you aren’t using the right area and want the logo to be able to go all the way across just add the following CSS to your site:

.logo { width: 100% !important; }


How can I change the font?

The font family? I would recommend this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-fonts/

Hi, great theme!, i have one issue trying to add a button in a post in text mode: but it only shows the same code i put and not the blue button. There is a plugin or some extra that i’m missing? Thank you!

(it happens too trying to add a button for example)

any suggestion?

Sorry for never getting back to you, I simply didn’t see your comment!

If you are using the plugin that code should work fine, are you trying to display it on the post itself? If you can share the URL with the issue it might help, thanks!

I’ve got a few questions for you regarding the portfolio.

1. After I publish a portfolio item, I’m getting an error when I try to preview it or go to the link. Here’s an example: http://theambushgroup.com/Portfolio/beat-the-clock/?preview=true&preview_id=227&preview_nonce=4aa1411422

2. After I finish my portfolio, how do I put a ‘portfolio’ button in my menu to link to the page?


1. If you are having 404 errors try and re-save your permalinks: http://themeforest.net/item/illustrate-responsive-portfolio-blog-theme/5069761/faqs/16754

2. You can create a custom menu item and link to your portfolio – http://theambushgroup.com/portfolio/

Or you can use this plugin – http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-archive-links/

Thanks for the purchase!

Hey thanks so much.

I am still getting the 404 error at the moment. What are some other adjustments I could try?


Hi Adam,

Your post isn’t 404’ing to me – http://theambushgroup.com/Portfolio/beat-the-clock/

Maybe clear your cache?

Hi, Recently, a new <select> menu appeared on my header, as you could see it on www.sydologie.com

Any idea why, and how to remove it ? Thanks

Your site appears to be loading jQuery from Google and not from your WordPress installation which is the most likely reason why the javascript on your site is breaking and causing the responsive menu to display in the header.

Generally this is caused by a poorly coded plugin. Can you try de-activating any recently activated plugins?

Got a question for ya!

How do I attach a link to an image in the slider so someone can click on the slide?

I assume this is possible, just can’t figure out how.


Sorry I actually kept the theme very simple without these options, but I should add them! Contact me via my profile page and I can send you an updated theme with the URL option for the homepage slider. I will also submit an update right now.

Thank you for your patience over the weekend!

How do I set portfolio order? Can I make thumbnails on a desktop computer smaller? If yes, how?

Can I have pinch-pull on portable devices? If yes, how?

Hi WPExplorer, great theme! Could you tell me how to best set up your theme with WPML? The website is located at www.annejulia.nl (in Dutch) and I would like to simply show a German version at www.annejulia.de. I am having trouble understanding how to setup the slider, custom text that is entered via the theme options for the homepage, etc. What is the best approach for this? Cheers Andreas

Hi Adam, I purchase the theme since my first 2 questions, & a technical friend who is helping me figured out how to solve most of my questions above.

I’d like to check out the latest version before asking any questions except this one: On the smart phone version, can content be eliminated or repositioned? My site is set up in 2 columns on most pages, with quotes & pictures on the left. Those currently display first, meaning lots of scrolling before content. Here’s a link to an example page on the site: http://zendenwebdesign.com/kdbj/about/.

You would use CSS to hide anything you don’t want displayed on your mobile device.


You’ll of course want to add unique classes surrounding the content you are going to hide on small screens.