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I’m currently working with this theme and I would like to ask how to work the palette option for the portfolio…it’s already enabled under Theme options but I don’t see it on my page.

There might be a javascript issue preventing it from showing…If you care to share the URL I can have a look.

Please comment with the account used to make the purchase so I know you didn’t download illegally, thanks!


This is the link for the issue about the palette option for the portfolio. Taylorsterling.com. There’s only one portfolio item on there for now. I still haven’t figured out how to enable the palette.

Ok there doesn’t seem to be any issue, can you make sure its enabled in the admin? It’s under Appearance->Theme Options -> Portfolio tab -> Posts: Palette setting

I did and it’s not working. I still don’t see a palette on the artwork I uploaded.

It’s possible there could be a js conflict on your site or issue with your server. Are you able to share the URL in question?

How would I enable the data-via parameter for the Twitter sharrre button? (I’m comfortable editing the php files). Thanks

Hey there,

The social sharing code is at js/single-portfolio.js – You can learn about the script here: http://sharrre.com/

The PHP/HTML for the code is in single-portfolio.php

Hi, Please explain how to re-order the images in the Portfolio, ie. the order that the thumbnails show up on the portfolio page. Your documentation says that the portfolio is a custom post type. I have created 16 portfolio items using Add New Item. For each one, I entered a different text description and set the featured image to the .jpg. All 16 thumbnails show up on the Portfolio page, which I understand is the archive page. But since each portfolio item contains only one single image, I don’t see a way of sorting the portfolio.

I guess I don’t really need an answer now. Since I didn’t get a reply, I deactivated the plugin & changed all the dates on my images thru ‘quick edit’ so that they appear in the right order. It’s not an elegant solution, but it works.

I am really sorry you didn’t get a response, I was having some issues with recent comments not showing up in my dashboard but its all good now!

Unfortunately you are correct about the issue, that is because the Wordpress next_post_link and previous_post_link functions work with the dates only. So changing the post date is the only way in WordPress to re-order and not mess those up. Would be nice if they had something built-into WP for this in the future, seems silly that there isn’t!

I may not need you again, but good to see you back – even if you don’t have a better solution for this particular issue. And yes, there should be a better way. Maybe you can suggest it?

Hi. I just bought this theme and I’m trying to make the slider display at the top of the home page. I added a featured image to the post as well as some text in the post and nothing even displayed. I’m probably doing something wrong. Please help!

The slider displayed only when I set the home page to static

That is correct. If you want to have a slider on a non-static homepage though I can help you with that, just let me know!

Whenever I click on my view all work link and visit the blog links on my home page. In the url it says “http://your-site/portfolio/” and “http://your-site/blog/”. I already assigned pages for the blog and portfolio. Am I missing something?

These links are set in the theme panel under the Homepage tab. That’s because it would be impossible for the theme to automatically know where you are hosting these pages.


I’m looking at purchasing this theme, which looks amazing. Do you know if it is compatible with an e-commerce option, like woo-commerce or similar? I’m a wp newbie, so I think it’s best to ask first.

Thanks, Christy

Hi Christy,

The theme should work fine with any E-Commerce plugins, however, the main issue with E-Commerce plugins is the styling…This theme doesn’t have any custom styles added for these plugins so it might look like crap (plugins need to work with all themes so default styling usually isn’t ideal).

If you like it you might want to consider my newest theme which has full support for WooCommerce – http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019?ref=WPExplorer

Thanks for the fast response, I’ll check it out. I’m switching from a joomla site to hopefully save time with all the tweaking. I haven’t the patience for coding, and tip my hat to those who do. =)


I just installed this theme on my site (http://lartdublog.com) and I’m completly satisfied. A few questions however : #1 : On the header there is a search button that doesn’t seem to work, and I can’t see it on the Illustrate demo site. How can I delete it ? #2 : Is there a way to change the post font without modifying the CSS files ? Maybe I didn’t see a menu ? #3 : When using the “Archive” menu, the posts appear in full width (the same width as the page). Is this normal ?

Thanks in advance.

1. You talking about the icon? This isn’t a button it’s just a background image on the searchbar. You are right I had the searchbar disabled on the demo, thanks, I’ll enable it!

Generally when using a searchform on the internet you just type and hit enter to search ;)

2. Sorry there are no built-in font options. I would recommend this plugin – wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-fonts/

3. No! This is an error on my part. I will submit the update for the fix right now, thanks for letting me know!

Hi AJ,

I just bought your theme and really love it. You did a wonderful job. I am just getting acclimated with the template, but I think I may have discovered a bug.

When you create a page and use the “Full width” page template under Page Attributes, for some reason the footer area doesn’t extend all the way down the bottom of the browser window.

Instead there is actually a strip of white space below the bottom of the footer.

This only occurs with the Full width template specified.

Here’s a page for you to check out where this is occurring:


Thanks! Colleen

You will have to re-download from ThemeForest. If you want automatic updates you’ll have to use the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin – https://github.com/envato/envato-wordpress-toolkit

I’ll look into adding my own automatic updates system next update!

Got it, thanks again!

Hi – Is there anyway to change the number of related posts at the bottom of single posts? I’d like to show 8 or 12 related posts below each portfolio item.


If you contact me via my profile page contact form – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – I can look into sending you an updated theme with the option built-in.

Hi and thank you! I found the posts_per_page entry and was able to modify successfully the number of posts per page. Gotta say this is one of the best templates around. Thanks for great support.

Awesome ;)

I love this theme. But every time I post something to my portfolio section everything is aligned to the right. Like this: http://www.jykmedia.com/portfolio/mega-stuffed-oreo-commercial/ or this http://www.jykmedia.com/portfolio/seo-strategy-guide/. Is is something that I’m doing wrong?

It’s because the “media” area is empty – http://cl.ly/image/092Z401E0Q2P

There is a container on the left that is used for your images, videos, etc…as shown in the live demo.

Example if you want a portfolio with a video you can simply insert the URL into the video field – http://cl.ly/image/0Z0a0y3y1i1t

If you don’t want to use the theme as mentioned in the docs with the media on the left and content on the right you can add some CSS to make the content area full-width and hide the media container.

Hi AJ, I’m currently have 2 problems I hope you can help with.

A friend uses Windows 8.1 with Chrome Version 32.0.1700.107 m. When she access my site, the theme thinks she is on a mobile device. It works correctly when she uses IE.

A second problem we just noticed is that the drop down menu on mobile devices doesn’t work on the homepage. I think it was working before I did some updates.

Here is a link to my site (it’s still in development): http://kdbj.zendentest.com/

My friend just told me that the problem with Chrome isn’t happening anymore. But the problem with the drop down menu on my home page is still happening. I hope you can help.

hi Mike,

Quick question. Is there a way to modify the CSS so that the navigation/header area on top can be fixed?

Thanks, Colleen

Okay thanks for the info Mike. :)

I’m sorry, I meant AJ

Good afternoon! I just purchased this theme, it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been fumbling around with several themes to try to get what I want, and it was THIS the whole time!

I’m trying to figure out how to set my front page to be the page described in the Homepage Layout Manager, and I can’t figure it out. Also how do I define the slides I want in the slider? I can’t seem to find a setting for that either? I will apologize I’m not new to webdesign, but I am however new to Wordpress.



I don’t seem to ahve that option in the slider. I’m using Illustrate v1.04 this is the one I just downloaded today.

I can select ANY page I want, I’m looking for a page with the slider at the top, some content and the ability to put the blog synopsis in the bottom like I see as an example in the settings.

Ah crap, sorry I thought you were using a different theme!!

The Slides in the slider are added via the custom post type – http://cl.ly/image/1I1O2G3N411k

To setup the homepage like the demo you can follow the included documentation files or also this online FAQ – http://themeforest.net/item/illustrate-responsive-portfolio-blog-theme/5069761/faqs/16747

Hi again AJ, I asked a question 3 days ago & haven’t received a reply. Are you still working on it or did it get overlooked? I asked: The drop down menu on mobile devices doesn’t work on the homepage. I think it was working before I did some updates. Can you help me figure out how to fix that?

Here is a link to my site (it’s still in development): http://kdbj.zendentest.com/

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been finishing up my site redesign http://www.wpexplorer.com/wpexplorer-redesign-giveaway-2014/

Anyway, I see the following css in your style.css file:

.home #site-navigation select{

This will definitely prevent the select from working, however, I’m not sure if thats the only thing.

You should really get in the habit of using child themes and making your edits in the child theme, that way you know exactly what changes you’ve made to your site, prevent conflicts and also so you can update your theme’s without overriding changes.

hi AJ

I’m having an issue with making my logo render clearly on an i-pad. I think that it has something to do with the retina display, however I am using the retina display logo option that is provided within the theme options and uploaded a larger image as specified.

Can you help me to trouble shoot this.

URL: http://colleensweeney.com

Thanks! Colleen

And by not rendering clearly, I mean that there is a blurriness to the logo when viewing the site on the i-pad while it is clear on my laptop and even my droid. I also did some further testing, and I don’t think the site is pulling the retina logo I uploaded at all. I tried to switch it out tested a different image, and nothing changed which leads me to think that even when a retina logo is uploaded, that the original smaller logo is still being pulled.


Hi Colleen,

I had a look at your site on my iPad air and the logo looks really nice to me (and retina). I assumed you have fixed the issue?

I also was not sure if by uploading an image 2x the size you were referring to Resolution size, i.e. upping it from 72 dpi to something higher, or if you meant the total size.

Gotcha, I’ll update the docs. For retina it’s always 2x the size in pixels ;)

Hi AJ,

I am sorry to write so many times.

Please disregard my last post. I was able to get the retina version of my logo work.

(Please note that within the theme options immediately following where you upload the retina logo, you have written “Standard Logo Height” and “Standard Logo Width” fields, but they are reversed. In order to get my logo to display correctly, I actually had to enter the width in the height field, etc.)

Logo now looks crisp and clear on my i-Pad.

However, after further review, the logo looks a bit blurry when viewed on my Android phone. It’s nothing severe, but it’s definitely not as clear and crisp as it should be. I am saving a PNG-24 file. It looks okay on the desktop version, just not on the Android.

Thanks again for your help and sorry for blowing up the board with some many posts!


Hi Colleen,

What I’m saying is that sometimes when an image is resized smaller then its default size it loses it’s quality. From your screenshot I can’t really tell what size phone you are testing on and know if this is the case.

Either way this is an issue with the logo image itself. I’m not sure what the correct dpi or pixel size should be to ensure “crispness” on these specific devices. It could just be a bug on that device.

The theme itself doesn’t make any alterations to your uploaded logo it’s just displaying how it would on any site, if it doesn’t look perfect its an issue with the image itself or the device/browser.

Generally text doesn’t look super nice when saved as an image (especially when it’s not retina). When working on a site if you want just a plain text logo the ideal solution would be to have actual text on the site and load a custom font for it (rather then using an image).

Just play around with the image size and quality (when saving it) and see what works best with your device. I can’t really spend much time on this because it isn’t a theme issue, I’m sure you understand.

I understand. Thanks for all the info :)


My URL is www.hungry4design.com. I uploaded everything but:

1. the slider won’t load 2. the first post’s image shows up at the bottom of the footer

Is there any way you can help me out with this ASAP?


I fixed the slider issue, but I’m still having problems with #2. I tried removing this from the footer.php file:

<?php if ( wp_is_mobile() ) { ?>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        jQuery( function($) {
            $('.portfolio-entry-img-link').on('click touchend', function(e) {
                var el = $(this); var link = el.attr('href'); window.location = link;
<?php } ?>

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

And it removed the image at the bottom of the footer, but when I click into the portfolio, the slider images go away. My URL is www.hungry4design.com.

The image displaying at the bottom is actually part of the color hover function that is created using HTML5 Canvas. I see the following error on your site – http://cl.ly/image/1S3e001f3j0N

This error is caused because your images are located at while your domain is set to http://www.hungry4design.com/.

Is this on purpose or did you not finish setting up the site yet? You’ll need to fix the cross-origin issues so that the function can work.

If this is something you’ve done for the mean time you can disable the color overlays and the color picker via the theme options and it will fix the issue, however, when you hover over an item it will always be the same color rather then grabbing a color from the featured image as shown on the live demo.

Hope this makes sense!

Hi -

First, I love this template!

Is it possible to remove the prefix from tags and categories? Here’s an example: http://elearningdesigner.com/template/elearning-games/

I don’t want the “Portfolio tag:” to show. I’d just like the tag, category, or Portfolio to show. Does that make sense? Is it something easy enough for a non-developer to do?


Glad you like it!

Yes this is very easy to do. Simply go to Appearance->Editor in WordPress and click on taxonomy-portfolio_category.php on the right.

On line 18 you’ll see code like this:

<h1 class="page-header-title"><?php echo $posttype_obj->label; ?>: <span><?php echo single_term_title(); ?></span></h1>

Replace with this:

<h1 class="page-header-title"><?php echo single_term_title(); ?></h1>

Do the same in taxonomy-portfolio_tag.php

So simple. So elegant. That totally worked.

Thank you!