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Clean and Nice work! GLWS! :)

Thank you Defatch :)

Very nice!GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Congratulation! looks clean & creative :) GLWS

Thank You Wahab Ali :)

Good job! GLWS!

Thank you ThemeREX :)

Great, glws ;)

Thank you Focuss :)

Would like to buy this, would have loved to find a way to make it suitable for Internet Explorer! Any new updated version coming soon?

Hi Davidsimps

Thank you for your interest in our theme. We have uploaded another build right now and waiting for the approval. Our theme is compatible from IE9 to IE11. If you face any specific issue then let us know and we will fix it.

Kind regards, Nadeem

Hi Davidsimps

Updated build has been approved, you can buy it now.

kind regards, Nadeem

Hi, excellent job ! Do you plan to make a Wordpress version ?

Kind regards, Mat

Hi Matdev

Thank you for appreciating our theme. Yes we do have plan for its wordpress version but haven’t started yet.

Kind regards, Nadeem

As much as I liked the look of this theme, I wish I paid more attention to it’s source code in the preview.

The theme makes use of Pixdelic jQuery Camera plugin. Which looks terrific, but is only compatible with jQuery up to version 1.8 at best.

The rest of their code makes use of jQuery 1.10 and they include a modified version of jQuery 1.7 to support the Camera Plugin. Which is doable but is definitely not recommended for a lot of reasons.

I understand one can make it work in a lot of scenarios, but it’s very much not worth the effort for my situation, it actually seems easier to fix the compatibility issues or replace the carousel with another up to date option altogether.

I would contact their support to solve the issue, but I rather not waste the time and craft a solution for myself.

I definitely like the theme, but something that is missing is pagination.

First/Next/Prev/Last 1-9

Can I put in a request to see this in an update soon?

In the event that someone is not interested in using the Carousel. We could also use a responsive image style that mimics the Carousel on Layouts 1 and 2.

Thank you for pointing these, We have included them in the list for next version.

Kind regards, Nadeem

Really love this for a project. It looks like there are a few options to use as ad space. Do you know what most have done or what you would recommend? Thanks!

Thank you for appreciating the theme. You can add them anywhere you like, it can go under sidebar, or within the left content section..

Excellent Work Man !!! So Impressive . Only one question. When you can provide WordPress of this template?

Hi Parakash, Sorry i have missed your message, We are starting work on it, but can’t commit an ETA. Thank you.

No Reason for Sorry. Waiting for your WordPress theme. Thank you Prakash

Thank you, We will let you know as soon we are done with it.

Hey , first i would like to say that i love your theme. its the perfect one for me .

The only problem that i have is that the navigation is not working correctly. I get always this error to see Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function line : 59. seem like to be something with java.

the next thing is this error

event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. seems to be something with the slider.js line 3

Hi Peyman

Thank you for appreciating the theme, Kindly buy the item and open a support ticket at our support portal.

Kind regards, Nadeem K.

is it normal that the slider does not work. and the thumbs too

Never received any query related to this problem, Maybe you need to download latest build.

Kind regards, Nadeem K.

Your demo site is not working…

Hi Sonjuane,

Thank you for pointing this, Issue has been resolved now.

Kind regards, Nadeem K.

Hi! Very nice theme. a. Have you built a joomla version? b. if the answear to a. yes or no, is the theme compatible with warp framework?

Kind regards, Christos

Hi Christos,

We haven’t built its Joomla version and it is not fully compatible with warp framework.


I love this retro style. The trifold looks great!;

Thank you GrafAS

Great work!! Thank you! How do I add a shopping cart to this?

Hi Original5Designs

Thank you for purchasing our theme. Its purely a magazine theme and does not include shopping cart.

Hello dear friends, I would like to know whether there is a version of this template on joomla and wordpress, I am ready to buy if there is

Hi Gorreal,

The WoredPress version is not yet available.


Excellent job! When you could have Wordpress version ?

Kind regards, Robert

It will take about 2 months :)