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help can not even load the sample pages? SQL will not restore what to do?

Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in /home/content/11/11036011/html/photo/templates/imagic_template/index.php on line 22

After installing the theme for the first time, I got this error message. What is the right way to install it? Thank you.

Hi, have same problem – Fatal error: Call to a member function Header() on a non-object in /home/content/11/11036011/html/photo/templates/imagic_template/index.php on line 22

One Question. Is it possible to integrate a shopping cart system with your theme? If so, which one(s) out here would you recommend? How is the possibilities of having the CSS’s work together in order to maintain look and feel, and site’s consistency and uniqueness? Very interested on buying this theme this week.

I really do not recomend to buy this template. I have a lot of problems and nobody help me from support team. This template do not respect responsive design and has a lot of bugs on smartphone devices specially with slide-show based on HTML5. Be Careful before buy templates!!! test the demo first in all devices (apple and Android) and you will see that has a lot of bugs. You can see my past posts.

I want to put a negative rating for this template and is not possible… corious!!!

Just installed the quickstart

100% successfull, but it looks like this :


and I cannot reach admin … need fix ASAP please

Hi, Can someone tell me how to delete padding around the logo? See the url: http://proposition4.lexposia-graphics.com/ I tried to remove it via the template.css, but every time I modify the helix framework, padding appears again. Thank you

hello, you should edit css via less file, go to templates>imagic_template>less>theme.less

if you want to use css then. firstly go to your administrator panal > extensions > templates manager > imagic_template > advanced and disable less. so you may use css. thank you

No support for the customers ?

plz check you previous comment

Purchased and installed your template and all I see is a blank page. roksprocket extension does not install correctly. You can see for yourself at http://centripetalinfotech.com/ I cannot use the qucikstart package as it enables Two Factor Authentication by default and as such, I cannot login to my own site! Needless to say, it is very frustrating. Any assistance in resolving this would be appreciated.

Is there some kind of a documentation PDF or something with this template?

How do I make the menu appear right at the top of the page instead of appearing right at the top of the page. Mozilla’s inspect element shows that the css class is inline and shows the following code:

top: 20px; position: absolute; width: 100%; opacity: 0.9;

Sorry I meant to say right-at the top of the page instead of 20 px down. In short, I would like to change the top:20px to top:0px

Hi, How make protfolio, have problem. Quickstart package you use roksprocket 2.0.5 We use 2.1.2 and have problem 00001


How do I get the module that appears under the slider. I mean the one that has 6 items like “Flexible Layout” “Responsible Layout” etc., I have attached the image of the module I am talking about. Please advise.

This template is a piece of crap. It does not work and there is no support available!!!!!!!

Hi, I have problem in my website. I get blank page in homepage and in admin I get this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/website/www/plugins/system/helix/layout/generated.php on line 232 . How to correct please? Thank you

How can I configure e-mail settings, not able to send message from front end website. Loosing customers help!