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It looks really great! Any plans for a coded version, if so I might buy a template!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Vaanie. Yes, as soon as possible we will code it.

Beware – despite what the desciption states:

"Imago is a fully designed WordPress theme."

this is not a Wordpress theme – just a collection of Photoshop files. So, useless for Wordpress.


We understand your concern but we didn’t intend to confuse someone.

The theme is uploaded on PSD section and at the end of description (and on the preview) is written what will you get.

PS: I will change now the description so nobody confuse again. :)

it has no value unless its coded :-(

When will this be coded so I can buy it??

Looking forward to seeing it coded and all finished. Great looking PSD file

This sit looks great but I just purchased it and its just a few psd files…?

Imago special features are: * a call to action Header * a beautiful slider * a stylish Drop down menu * a Google Map integration in contact * banner spaces for promoting your services * features services box * e-newsletter subscription box * great pagination * 5 colums footer

Special Features???? What? Its not even a coded site. How can it possibly have features?

Pretty misleading to me.

Hi justclint,

It is quite strange. The file is uploaded in PSD section. In description is clear written what file you will get. Also there are a preview.

We are sorry that you get confused but We can’t find our mistake in this.

We will definetly code this template.


Well I was gonna just go and code this myself but then realized these psd files dont even have slices in them. You would have to cut every single image used in this design. I just dont have time for this.

Hope you can send me this template once its a complete template.

I do like your design but its just not something that will save me time in my work.

We will keep you informed.

I downloaded this and I am quite disappointed. A group of PSD files is of no use to me, and you download a theme under the assumption that it’s actually… a working theme!

The last update in the comments was 7 months ago. Has it been coded yet?

I would also like to know if it has been coded.