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I love it – simple, clean and really beautiful – GOOD work Guys!

Hi, thank you very much! I am glad you like it!

Cool! Waiting for WP version :)

Hi, me too! Thank you…

Hi victoo, Wordpress version is finally available! You can find it here

Looking forward to WP version! It would be nice if you could make those:

-Articles SEO ready (for google, microformat…)

-Integrating Disqus instead of wordpress comments

-Different sidebar on an article page

Hi, very glad you like it. Thank you for sharing your ideas, will do everything to add and make better theme. Thanks!

Hi kitgraphisme, Wordpress version is finally available! You can find it here

Nice work guys… Thanks a lot, gonna experiment little with this one.

One thing that’d be nice is to minify all those js/css files (or have a minified version of them included in download).

Hi Compito, thank you for idea. It is an option for next update :)

Btw thank you for buying our theme, hope you like it!


I like this but you should program the video player to stop if you scroll to the next slide.

Hi, thanks for notice. It is already fixed. Will be in the next update. Thanks!

hello, I saw your template and I like it a lot. I have a website in php, NOT WORDPRESS, but is a site that I made myself. Now I want to change the graphics. The question is, your template is for sites NOT CMS? The various SLIDER and CAROUSEL and all images and texts I can connect them with queries php to my mysql database?

Hi, this is only html template so you will not make this. There is a Wordpress version of this theme at this link

Hi guys… Just a quick suggestion… Include some info in documentation on changing map details for that Google map on contact page. I guess not everyone wants to be based in Vukovar… Not that it’s anything wrong with that lovely place, but still ;)

Hi compito, thanks for your suggestion. Will include next time some info about including your place into Google map :)

What code platform is this template?

Hi, template is coded with HTML5, but has some files in PHP, CSS and JavaScript.


pre-sales question.

Love the theme, but would like it to ‘break’ later. The current breaks take away the top menu too soon so that it does not show on iPads etc.

I would like the menu to stay until phone sizes were reached. Can this be done ?

Hi, thanks for your interest. You can make like so, but menu links will not fit into space. So on the iPad you will have situation that menu links are outside header. And it doesn’t look good. If you have 2 or 3 menu links maybe you can make that.

Okay, I understand.

One last question. The image In the feature slider is not responsive until it gets to the final break. Can it be made responsive always ?

Unfortunately no. You can’t make it proportional until it comes to smaller than 480px viewport. Slider is fixed height until mobile view. You can make it so with few css adjusments, but will need to remove few elements from slider tabs for example ratings, date, comments… So the tab can be little less height. I hope it helps! Cheers!

nice theme, but when the video is playing inside the slider, the slider animation should can I fix?

Hi, this is issue that is already reported. Will be in next update! Thanks!

so cool, good luck;

Thank you very much!

Trying to open the downloaded files in IE11, but just get the browser loading circle. Opens fine in Google Chrome. Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks

Hi, all good and all works perfect in all browsers. But again there is one line in info that says “Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome”. Thank you!

Hi, can you help me changing awesome font to 4.2.0 version?

Hi, you need to update awesome.css with new one you download. And you will need to change html for every icon in site. Html code for new icons are different from ones in theme. Please read more about at Thank you!

Hi Now all menus (including the submenus) is shown directly in the mobileversion.

If you want to hide sub menus when you view the site in mobileversion. How to do that?

Or/and to put an + on that navigation so you can view each sub menu on click.

thanks for a greate theme.

Hello, that is not easy, you will need to modify script, html and css files to accomplished that. Sorry, but I am not available right now for custom work, but you can always find someone at who can modify theme according to your needs. Thank you!

ok. i solved it with bootstrap navigation instead.

Hi, I am very glad you solved it. Hope you will leave 5 stars rating! Thanks!

Hi, i bought this template. I’m trying to use carousel, but the carousel isn’t responsive. Can you fix this? Thanks

This is not something that “need” to be fixed. But you can always edit options for carousel in jquery.custom.js file located inside /lib/js/

You need this lines:

    controls: true,
    adaptiveHeight: true,
    prevText: "?",
    nextText: "?",
    pager: false,
    minSlides: 1,
    maxSlides: 4,
    slideWidth: 276,
    slideMargin: 30

And you try to set minSlides to 2 or 4 and then try on smaller device. Hope it helps :) Don’t forget to rate it!

Thanks, Aleksandar

Thank you for explanation.

Thank you!

Hi. I bought the template but now notice that none of the sliders (except the one in the side bar) are auto-sliding. If you load the wordpress live demo and the HTML live demo side be side, you’ll see what I mean. I’m keen to get the main index page slider working as well as the small post one (Post (slider) page) and the small one on the blog vertical posts page (titled “Chanel bags the biggest fans at the London Frieze”). Thanks in advance.

Hi. Please ignore, found the defaults set to false in the css. Set them to true and all OK.

Hi, sorry for waiting. I am glad you solve the problem. Thanks!