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I like this a lot Mr The Unexpected (Hope your a male :) )

I haven’t really used mobile sites before as I am still learning standard WP and the huge learning curve that goes with that. What I like most about your theme/template is the contact info drop down that happens so fluently when I put my cursor on the Social Media buttons area… VERY COOOOOL… Clean, honest and straight to the point design. It said to me.. “If want to get me, call me”...LoL… Love it!

Thanks TU ;)


Haha. Your review is very much appreciatedl :)
Glad you liked it, and hope it proves to be useful to you.
Just a side note: It is not a Wordpress template, it is a static HTML template.

Thank you very much:)

You’re most welcome. :)

You’re welcome. :)
Hope you like my work.

Beautiful!! I got your web app when it was available for free last time but haven’t the chance to use it until now. How do I give it a 5 star? :)

Hey. Thanks for your compliment, and I am glad you like it.
You cannot rate a free item, thanks for your interest.
Your gesture is good enough, appreciated. :)