iMedDoc: Medical Center and Health PSD Template

iMedDoc: Medical Center and Health PSD Template

iMedDoc is a beautiful Medical and Health PSD Template for medical and health-related businesses or any corporate websites in this field.

It is Crafted for integrative medical centers, Physiatrist / Chiropractic, Orthopedic, dentists, doctors, general practice, Therapist, Health Coach, Medical spa, yoga, psychology, health care or a hospital, Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and other medical institutions.

This is also Shopping Cart friendly for Medicine, Pharma, Medical Devices Online Stores.

Current Version: 1.4.0

Amazingly Crafted for

  • Large / Small clinics
  • Psychiatrist practice
  • Physiatrist / Chiropractic
  • Single page veterinary practice
  • Hospital and Integrative Medical Centers
  • E-Commerce Support Pages Added
  • Dental services Hompages Added
  • Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon homepages Added.
  • Veterinary / Pet Clinic
  • Medical Spa
  • Updated V1.4
  • Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

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