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Awesome Awesome Awesome! Amazing file! Good luck.

Wow! Glad you like it that much charlie4282! Thanks very much! :)

Looks great!

Thank you kentr! Glad you like it! :)


You’re on a tear lately! Do you sleep??

Great work – reminds me of the old iPod – know what I mean?

@dantehicks! haha! Good one mate, I do get plenty of sleep! Thank you for your nice words, much appreciated! And now that you mention it, yes, it does look a little like the old iPod, I didn’t think of that! Haha! Thanks again mate! Follow me if you want the latest updates! This is not the tear. The tear is coming soonish! I’ll be posting updates on my facebook page!

Wonderful design, elegant work…

Congrats :)

Thank you Bedros! Much appreciated!

Awesome love it. Really innovative and different! Will definitively be purchasing this soon and looking forward to using it. WOW :)

I hope you keep developing these kind of awesome mobile themes.

Thank you

Hey there marksupurs! This was the first of it’s kind! Now I know how to work with these on mobiles so more will surely come! :) Thank you very much for your kind words! Much appreciated! :)

nice unique theme! :)

Thank you designesia! Much appreciated! :)

Update released: 23rd May 2012

The PHP files for the contact form have been added in the main archive. If you purchased this template before the 23rd of May 2012, please re-download it, and just copy the php folder to your project! Your customization will not be affected!

woww…. this is something !

very nice …


Thanks hatofjoy! Much appreciated! :)

Love the theme. But i’m missing a login page, a table and some form elements.

Would love to see this implemented.

Falecto this is a template, not an admin page. It already has form elements in the contact page. Tables are not a good idea! I’m revamping my tables system. Maybe in other templates, but not in this one.

nice work mate…just a question, will this work in a blackberry browser; I mean would it look as good as on the iphone?? thanks and keep the good work.

Hey there chel0 It will work on any device even if it doesn’t have drag because the icons can be tapped (clicked) as well! :)

I love it! I’m trying to make the slider gallery start automatically to use as a news feed/advertising tool made out of small pictures with hyperlinks in the name tag


Could you please point me to the right direction of the css file that I need to edit in order to make the window move automatically after 3 seconds? thank you :)

The slider only works in manual mode. The API for the slider can be found here and there is documentation on how to set it to auto on the page I just linked! The file you need to edit is custom.js, there is a line that mentions #slider. Should be very high up in the code lines, right at the beginning.

Thank you!! That did it, just changed “this.delay = this.options.auto || 4000;” and it now works, and it f*cking beautiful, you’re an artist!!!

RyuuichiNaruhodou, happy to see you so excited an satisfied with this template! Please don’t forget to rate the file 5 stars from your downloads menu! It really helps a lot! :)


congrats!! Awesome Template.

I would like to know if this template will work on Android devices too. You say “Anything that has a resolution between 320 and 800, basically all the modern smartphones. ” Will it show correctly on smaller resolutions ???

Hey there ipomonis! Thank you for your purchase. It works on almost all devices with a width resolutions over 320 pixels and no bigger than 800. It works on almost everything. I mentioned it works on android in the FAQ ’s!


Doesn’t work on blackberry curve 9300. It shows the notice for keeping device in portrait mode. The screen resolution is 320×240, so it should be fine. All other pages works nicely!

Maybe there is some kind of bug or solution to fix this?

Anyway this is a great design.


240 height is not supported. The absolute minimum resolution supported is 320×480 as shown in the preview image and the faq. Your deviece is not supported due to the fact that portrait/landscape modes are the other way around. Plus the device doesnt support touch.

Possible to embed youtube video? Instead of images? Please let me know. If difficult, please tell me that too! Thanks!

You can embed videos. As long as you keep the same class as the image for the video it should be pretty easy! :)

Hi, sorry to bother you again, is there a way to invert the function of the button at the top? so that the menu is always showing and whenever I press it the menu goes away? I’ts just that the users of the site where I used your template are complaining that they didn’t know that there was a top bar (dumb people, but the site is for them so..yeah)

Please contact me through my profile. It requires some javascript and a little custom code! :)

I really love this template design, its awesome! How can I change this into an app on iPhone??

As in an App on the Appstore?

An app that is available via the Appstore…

Well, either build it using XCode or custom code it in Objective-C! The item must have your content in it, and you also require an extended license from ThemeForest! :)

can you send me the script for the redirect to my mobile page

Please visit our support page and click the redirect icon! :)

Hi i just purchased your awesome theme.?am working in asp.net mvc framework i want to use jquery mobile panel control.But when i install jqm 1.4.2 the isnt works correctly.I wonder is it fully compatible with jqm?


Hey there, and thank you for your purchase! jQuery Mobile is simply a library, importing it correctly should have no effect on the template. Import the jQuery Mobile library as requested on the jQuery Mobile page, right after the main jQuery library is called in. That should make it work properly! Apologies for the late reply, we’ve just updated our hardware and we’re back up running!