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Great start but I am curious to know why I can scroll to the right? Does the theme not fit within my resolution?

Hi, this theme is responsive and fit with any resolution… please provide screenshot of your problem.


Lovely theme but needs a reservation form.

Hi, you can easily integrate the reservation form to external site.

Does this theme provides to set different slideshows in the header of every page, e. g. looking like the one on the homepage of your demo or similar?


Yes, you can show different slider on each page… thanks

Sorry, but just to be sure: »different slider on each page« – in the header section?

Yes, correct :)

Fine, thanks :)

Do you have the option to change the main navigation font ?

Hi, you can easily change the font via css… or use google font plugin to easily change the h1, h2,... fonts… and also can change the main navigation font.

Its a nice theme I also see an horizontal scroll bar in the home page. Not in the mobile devices layout but in the other whatever resolution I tried I kept getting an horizontal scroll. as far as I can see it, there is an issue with the slider, the right arrow of the sliders goes out of limits :D Let us know when you will fix this, thanks

we will check this issue… thanks for the info :)

Hi Can you add a title and a description under the picture of the gallery? just biside 1/12… or under the picture in the four columnn gallery?


Yes, you can add a title and description under the picture of the gallery… thanks


hi, its possible to change colors with panel, colorpicker??

You can change color via css only… it easy :)

Hello, (sorry for my english) beautiful theme but i don’t find how to put pictures on the gallery in the rooms. Thanks

Hi I have the same problem about rooms gallery ? Where do you insert the small gallery at the right in rooms pages??? And how do you attribute the small size ? little pictures?

Thanks for your answer.

I cannot get the menu to save. Everything else works correctly. Has this been reported? I have disabled all plugins and the menu still won’t save. It is putting all pages in the menu and won’t save the custom menu settings. I am an “expert” Wordpress user.

Hello brookskk, can you tell us how you put images in the gallery/sidebar to room pages, thanks

I am interested in purchasing your theme but is there a way to not have it full-width?

Hello, I am trying to upload the theme , I have already purchased it, please let me now why it says the css sheet is missing from the zip file?

Hello and thanks for yout theme,

I can’t load the contact sidebar from xml demo file, I have an error, and now I have no contact sidebar in widgets. Could you have a solution ?


I tried again from your xml file download from your website http://www.klasikthemes.com/member/downloads.php?action=displaycat&catid=4

but always the same error : Failed to import “Contact Sidebar”: Invalid post type sidebar and Failed to import Médias “imperialhotelwordpresstheme.wordpress.2013-04-02.xml_.txt”

It’s ok, sorry, I hadn’t installed Content Aware Sidebar as you recommand it.

Hi, I have one main issue, the image gallery is too small to show the rooms properly (prettyPhoto).

Now, I’ve modified the width and height in the file jquery.prettyPhoto.js, but with no luck.

How can I enhance the gallery dimension?


Hello lacilla, it’s perhaps simply but i not find (also with Content Aware Sidebar)... Can you tell us how you put images in the gallery/sidebar to room pages, thanks Where is klasikthemes ? :)

Beautiful theme, it’s working almost perfectly for me. Just having one issue: is there a way to enable the slider on the front page, but disable it on the blog post pages? it’s showing up below the title bars, sliding the post’s images.

any tips would be greatly appreciated,


Hi, the slider is work on the home page… and not work in the blog page… thanks

the slider works as intended on the homepage, but there is also a slide er showing up on my blog post pages. i’d like to disable it. see: http://carolinabluemooncottage.com/hello-world/