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I’ve resolved items 1 and 4. I still need help locating the footer widgets and changing the navigation font. I see where to change the code for the font, I’m wondering what fonts will work with this theme. Please and thank you.


I have the same problem of others like 11pm. How can I change “continue reading” and ” read more” text? thank you


Maybe I’m being slow but I can’t work out how to have three Features on the home page (as in your example site). I get one on there by enabling Features on my home page, but can’t see how to add two more?


Is anybody there? :confusedsad:

Hi Comunicale79, i’ve read that you know how to insert the “Read More” slug to change the default text… Can you show me where can i insert the slug code? I’ve only found how to change the “Continue Reading” text: Appearance > Editor> select (Parent theme) Klasik > find the “Continue Reading” text button and replace it whit your text.

Best :)

Sorry Comunicale79…. i canceled your comment by mistake… sorry sorry sorry :S

11pm thank you for your attention. I solved like you the “continue reading” problem then, for the “read more” problem I try to insert [ moretext=”Go”] in PAGE > HOME > item personalized > Featured Category (Input the featured category slug that you want to show.) >.

The text change but I have a little text, ” ” class=”promotion”]” disagreeable under my button.

and no one helps us!!!!

Thank you very much Comunicale79, I’ve changed the button text, but now i have the same problem too:

« class=”promotion” » in the Home page text area.

I hope that somebody appears in this support forum to help us. I will continue working on it and trying to resolve this problem. If anybody discover how to solve this problem please let us know.

Bye :)

11pm I hope too.


Hello Klasikthemes, you’re alive, you’re okay? :)

Hi, how can I delete some images from the Room Gallery?


Hello, I bought the theme and I don’t know how to change the four column outerfootersidebar in the bottom (About Us – Recent Comment – Recent Posts – Meta). I would like to customize my footer with my widget. Can you help me PLEASE

I have tried to figure this out on my own but then looked at the demo site and it is broken on there as well! I really need help….the homepage sliders are centered but all the other page sliders are all aligned to the right and everything i’ve tried will not work. Could you please help me out with what css file and id i would edit. Thank you

Hi agencebix

On your main menu (down left hand side of your dashboard), hover over “Appearance” and click “Widgets”. On that page you will see the four areas that you can edit on the right hand side (Footer1 Sidebar, Footer2 Sidebar, Footer3 Sidebar, Footer4 Sidebar). You can click on any of those titles to open up an area where you can then drag and drop whichever widget you want to appear there from the available options on the left of the page.

Hope that helps.

How can I hide or replace the text in the “Read More” button on the portfolio items?

11pm news about “


Saturday I’ll have to present my website to my client? My time is finished!

jonnymaceachern I and 11pm have the same problem but no one help us.

Are there any color options on this?

Is it possible to insert an image in description sliders? I did it but the image is too large. For example I upload an image of 100px x 120px. I inserted that with img src html in slider description but the result is that an image of 400 px…so…why?

11pm jonnymaceachern :O:O SOLVED!!!!!

You have to go to Klasik theme klasik/includes/shortcodes >> features.php and change “read more” in “Klasikthemes f u” or what you prefer…