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how do I set it so that I can play 10 images in the home page slider instead of 5?

Oh god please do not buy this theme. The documentation is lacking, it’s not working out of the box and simply a lot of things are missing.

The import is missing a lot of content, homepage is empty, Facilities page is not there at all. The slider is not working. Features in the admin are missing completely.

If i see the previous comments (wished I saw them earlier) Klasikthemes is lacking support…

I would like to ask before to download, when you are booking room, do we have some plugin inside like this: http://www.bestsoftinc.com/php-advance-hotel-booking-system2.html or http://www.bestsoftinc.com/php-advance-hotel-booking-system.html

Support for this theme is terrible – as in non existent. Been searching for hours now for answers to simple usability questions. I have emailed the author and again got no response


Sorry with some unanswered issue… we have make new improvement to the framework and update this theme.

We just uploaded the update and waiting for approval.

Please download the latest version 1.4 and checkout the new documentation.

If there are any issue or problems, at the moment please just ask in this item comment page. We will try to answer the questions ASAP.



The updated theme can be downloaded at themeforest now.

We also have update the documentation at http://www.klasikthemes.com/2013/03/imperial-theme-documentation/

If there are any issue or problems, at the moment please just ask in this item comment page.

Definition of Support Service

Our support cover everything required to make sure that all product features are working as show in the demo.

We only cover support for our themes, and can’t give general support that isn’t related to our themes.

We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered support & modifications. We can’t help in terms of modifications.

Support for theme purchased from our website:

So whilst we will try help you with any type of query (support or modification). We will try to help a query for modification, but we can’t provide extensive help in terms of modifications.


Hi, nice theme, but The top image is not reponsive on mini ipad/android, please let me know if you fix this, thanks, Jon check here: http://ipadpeek.com/

Hi, we have fixed this issue, please check again the demo… thanks

ok great, thanks!

Is it possible to center (cut left and right) the Background Image on a page? P.E. I set a image with 1920 weight and on a 1024 Screen Resolution it should be centered…

Hey there! I followed your instructions and it seems to be impossible to insert the big round images on center. they always go left as if there some kind of content on right side. Can you please help me to fix this??


Thanks for this great theme.

How can I edit carousel of photos that go in the main image slider under the logo? I wound like to add my own photos/text there. Thanks!

Figured it out. For anyone else looking for info on this, check the documentation: http://www.klasikthemes.com/2013/03/imperial-theme-documentation/#4

why does my latest instal not have the Theme: Features option to Disable Text and Disable More Text ???

this is a VERY frustrating theme and VERY difficult to implement changes

Christ, this is hard work, how is the google map implemented on the contact page? No Documentation

How do i make the gallery work? it makes no sense?

Still no reply

Forget this author, he is plainly useless and could not give a SH!T

I demand an answer in order to solve my doubts about this theme, otherwise i will complain to Envato team by exposing my case and all the complains that you ignore. If i dont have support to put this theme on, i demand my money back! It´s up to you if you want one way or another!

installed the theme but the gallery not showing.. i insert the amin gallery id page into the widget and i can see the arrows on the side but no pictures showing up.

what the problem? hope some1 replay this post…

Hi klasikthemes, pre-sale question. Is it possible put the top menu down after slider? Does theme support cyrillic fonts? Thanks

Best regards Paul

pavlogor Do not use this theme and avoid this author at all costs

Hi! Does this template support the WPML plugin? Can we use this template to build a multilingual Wordpress site?


I have a problem with Image Carousel, what should I do to get multiple images in a carousel?

hi, i think there is a problem about integration with media libraries. In the child-functions.php there is a registration of three new dimension (2600×475, 440×257, 61×61, 555×334). - when uploading new media images we get this dimension 150×150, 300×300, 1024×1024 (wp default dimension) and 440×257, 2600×475 and 100×100. so where are 61×61 and 555×334? and where come from 100×100? - in the klasik-widget-recent-post the url image used as thumnail-preview is the original image not the widget-post (name-image_61×61.jpg mentioned above). This is clearly visible also in your demo. this means that in the home the browser charge the original image!!!! i know that the $thumb = get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID, ‘widget-post’, array(‘class’ => ‘frame’)); has to get the url of 61×61 images. - last question: is it possible to integrate the payment to have a full support from klasik theme?

anybody out there?