Discussion on Impetus Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Impetus Tumblr Portfolio Theme

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Hi Oliver,

I can’t seem to make the header image/slider work, are there certain settings that need to be set in order to allow it? Or a certain image size?

I also want to disable the Tumblr search function – I’ve taken a piece of code out of the HTML but it didn’t do anything.

This is the site https://ilifeenergythings.tumblr.com

Thanks, Aleesha

Also, how do you make the headings jump down?

Hi! I emailed you. :)

Nice theme. Question about top nav menu link color display. On the preview site, one clicks on a Nav link and it retains the hover color until next section. On the download version, the hover state works, yet no link color change display of the “currently clicked” section.


Hi! Can you send me your site link so i can take a look? Thanks!

Does it support adsense?

I had buyers that managed to add/embed adsense ads on the theme. :)

In any case, I am ready to help.

Hey! The theme is great. I purchased it for my site but want to make some layout changes, would you be able to help me out? I want the posts to be in a grid layout of 1-2-1. Also, the post boxes right now are cutting off text, so I only want to display the image accompanying the post, with the post title written across the image. Similar to how it looks on this site: http://www.stylesnooperdan.com

Hi! This will only be possible by re-writing the whole theme. :(

Bummer. Is there a way to get the post box to not cut off text when I repost photos from Instagram?

Please send me a meesage using the contact form on my profile and let’s see what we can do :)

I’m so, so confused. I’m usually technically savvy. The theme isn’t working in my Tumblr – this is literally what I see. http://dailyconfettiblog.tumblr.com/

Is someone able to advise?


No problem. If you have any question, feel free to send a message using the contact form on my profile page. Thanks!

Hey again Oliver, I have a few more questions! Hope that’s okay.

1. When I click to not show a component, i.e. the About Widgets and the Big Quote, the actual component disappears but a massive gap remains.

2. Is there any way to have images in the About Widgets?

3. Is there any way to change where the jump link sits over the banner?

4. Can I center the body text?

If you’d prefer I email, let me know as I wouldn’t mind chatting via email, too. Thanks :)

Hi again Alisha! Please do send me an email using the contact form on my profile. We’ll sort these out. Thanks!


To anyone having an issue where a “figure { margin: 0; }” is appearing above your top bar, please hang on. An update to fix this code error is on the way.

If you are a buyer and want to get the fix asap, please send me an email using the contact form on my profile.

Thank you! :)


I want to publish my blog with your template but the slide diseappears (dashboard & customize button too) and there is not scrolling effect anymore. I don’t know why because i do nothing recently in the code. But i do redirection perhaps it’s the reason. What could i do ? Can you help me ? I must publish the site tomorrow :(

Hi! Sorry I just woke up. Please link me to your blog so I can check immediately.

Thanks! I will be waiting for your reply.

great theme, thank you! what do the footer A-D urls do?

Hi You can use that to add custom links on your footer just like on the demo. Also, regarding your other question, go to your Tumblr Dashboard > Settings > then make sure the “Let People as questions” and “Let people as anonymously” are both checked/enabled.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

What font did you use for the IMPETUS logo? Looks great.

Hi! It’s also Open Sans but made bolder with Photoshop. If your’re referring to the ones on my profile page. It’s Ballpark. Cheers!

Is there a way I can change the “hamburger”/menu icon color in the nav bar when used on a smaller screen like an iPhone? Right now the color is white which makes it pretty hard to see because my top nav bar is light gray. My website is renanscheffer.com

P.S. Thank you very much for taking your times to provide answers to all of our questions. :)

Hi! That’s supposed to change hmmmmm :( . Anyway, add this to your Custom CSS box (Tumblr > Edit Theme > Advanced > Custom CSS)

.top-bar .toggle-topbar.menu-icon a span {
    -webkit-box-shadow: 0 10px 0 1px #fff,0 16px 0 1px #fff,0 22px 0 1px #fff;
    box-shadow: 0 10px 0 1px #fff,0 16px 0 1px #fff,0 22px 0 1px #fff;

Change all the white color (#fff) to the hex color code you want.

Don’t forget to save. Hope this helps.

Thanks! Working perfectly now.

Hi Oliver, Great theme!! I’m trying to reduce the amount of space between the header image, the “about” section, and the “steps in the process” section….any suggestions? I’ll email you my site url if helpful. Thanks! Catherine

(Sorry, the steps in the process is my changed text, it was originally “my works”)

Sent you a reply :)

Hi Oliver,

My website is www.renanscheffer.com I have one minor question. Up at the nav bar, I have a drop down for my social links. Right now the down arrow is white which makes it difficult to see against the light gray background. Is there a way of changing the arrow color to match the text color? Thanks!

Hi! Add this code to your custom css box (Tumblr > Customize > Advanced > Custom CSS):

.top-bar-section .has-dropdown>a:after {
    border-color: rgba(0,0,0,.5) transparent transparent;

Don’t forget to hit save. :-)

Hi Oliver,

Could you please take a look at my website www.absolutevy1.tumblr.com/ and show me how to remove the Tumblr Seach box near the bottom of the page? Thank you so much!

Hi! Sorry, I can’t seem to find your message. Please resend to oliver.dionela01@gmail.com

Sorry for the delay. I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks.

Hi Oliver! Thank you for being so helpful and so quick in responding to my message. You rock! =)

Hi Oliver! I am so sorry to bug you again but I still need your help. I have emailed you my questions. Thank you so much!!!

Hi Oliver,

I bought the theme and I’m really loving it!

I’m trying to create more line-heigt at the ABOUT section. But it doesn’t really work. Any ideas?

You can see my website at: www.wesleymulder.tumblr.com


Haha! As is type my replye, the vimeo thumbnails on your site appeared with no problems at all! :-)

You replied in 24 hours, so quick enough for me :-)

The images doesn’t always work. They might have worked, but maybe if you try again they will not work. Which code do you want to change? The vimeo embed code? What do you want me to email to you? :)

Thanks for response!

Yep. Just say hi at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com so I can send you the edited theme file in private. Thanks!

Go to my website adviceforall.org click News & Updates and see for yourself is there anyway I can get the images there to crop to fit in the squares without the reader having to click it to see the full image?

The cropping is done to make all post uniform in heights, and to be frank,

The best bet is to try to upload landscape-style photos or upload portrait photos with the same dimensions then adjust the thumbnail height via Custom CSS panel (Tumblr > Customize > Advanced > Custom CSS) with this:

#portfolio-item {
height: 500px;

#portfolio-item .thumbnail {
height: auto;

Thank you you’re a super star <3 I’ve done it the way I want just there are some large blank spaces now. Any idea how to get rid of them and bring them together? If not that will do I prefer it the way I have it now.

contact me via my themeforest profile page (use the message box there) and let’s work it out together :-)

Hi! First of all thank you very much for this awesome theme. It really has helped me get my website up and running. I am just having one problem. The “Top Nav Link Hover” property will not change no matter what I do. Right now it is stuck on a white color which is a problem because the nav bar itself is a very light grey. My site is renanscheffer.com

I tried to look in the HTML as well to see if there was something wrong but I couldn’t find anything…

I’d like to say your website is so neat and good-looking and so were your works!

If it really won’t change. Try overriding it via the Custom CSS option, Go to Tumblr > Advanced > Custom CSS then paste this code:

.top-bar-section ul li>a:hover { color: #fff; }

change #fff to the color you want the hit save. That would change it. Good luck! Hope this helps!

Only thing I DISLIKE about this theme is the fact that in the POSTS/BLOG section aka Works it would be really nice if the images were cropped to fit in the little box for each post.

Hi Oliver,

can you please help me to remodel the topbar like this?


thank you in advance, again

best regards

Hi! I’m afraid it’s not doable unless you’ll change the top bar codes altogether. However, you can float the title area to the left by adding this code:

.top-bar .title-area {
  float: left;

The only thing is, the title area and the links would be side by side. In other words, it will not be exactly as you want it to be.

Thanks! Hope this helps.

Would it be possible to add a photo aside the about me section? I’d love a picture to complement it? Thank you

Hi! You can (and I see some of my other buyers do this) an image to any of the two about widgets or on the about info section by adding:

   <img src="path/to/your/image" />

Just upload your image somewhere and then add the url to the code above.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Hi Oliver! Thank you for the great theme! I’m having a bit of a trouble with it though on mobile devices/ipads. The slides seem to not resize according to the device’s screen and the About image fails to load. I have the optimization for mobile devices turned off, and it’s still not responding correctly. Is there anything I can do to fix that? Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi! Thanks for purchasing! Please give me your site’s url so I can take a look. Make a reply here or email me at oliverdionela01@gmail.com


Here you go: www.theclairvoyancecollective.com

Hi! I just saw it. Do you intend to upload several images to the slider? If not, just uncheck the “use slider” option on the Customize area and upload the text logo (the boxed text on your image) as main logo (“Logo” option on the Customize area). Make it a transparent png. I can help you do this if you want!

Secondly, your about image loads as expected here.

Hope this helps! I’ll be waiting for you reply.


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