Discussion on Implicit - Full-Screen Blazing-Fast Magazine Theme

Discussion on Implicit - Full-Screen Blazing-Fast Magazine Theme

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the theme is broken from the live view!

I’ve bought 3 themes from this guy. All are now not available. I see another comment mentioning this and of course the creator is silent. Utter shit!

So you guys pulled the old theme “Explicit” and are selling a new one now, “Implicit”. So what happens to all of us that bought the original theme? You no longer update or support it??

Is seems like the theme is outdated, 3 of my website having the theme installed has been hacked. My support team just cleaned it. Can you please update and provide it? So virus won’t infect again?

You can use PHP7, you should just need to do this: https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/7265/

Why don’t you update the Theme with those changes? All my themes are impacted and I can’t find your lines on the files ? I can’t locate your functions/admin/option-generator.php from my ftp

Can you find the theme folder in ftp? It’s very easy to make these changes.

I only have one question. Will this ever be updated ?

Possibly, but we don’t have an official release schedule at this time.

Please do, it is really a beautiful theme. The navigation system is truly outstanding. Everything about it is outstanding. Don’t let it sit and rot. Post scriptum: all your themes are masterpieces, and masterpieces, like Ferraris, Rolex, etc, demand maintenance and updates.

Hi, this theme is wonderful, it has a great menu which I need. Please answer this questions: 1. Does this theme is compatible with wpbakery, elementor, yellowpencil? I mean the main page editors out there. 2. Does this theme is GDPR compliant? 3. Does this theme has a flexible customization for the menu, fonts, titles etc? 4. Can I remove the + for the social media?

You have not upgraded the theme for 2 years. Is it compatible with latest wordpress PHP etc?

1) Should be, but I have not specifically tested personally.

2) I am actually not sure. I believe so.

3) Yes, tons of options on the back-end.

4) Yes, via the theme options

Yes, the theme is compatible with latest WordPress and PHP. If you have any issues we can assist via a support ticket and would be glad to help. Thanks!

On the surface, this theme is just brillantly amanzing, but under the hood, it’s a nightmare. It’s like buying a Ferrari and realizing a day after that you have no mechanics to fix it. Support is inexistant. Such a talented developper and such poor support. I don’t get it. My guess is something happened in this developper’s life that made this an annoyance for him. He’s on to some other projects and theses themes don’t quite cut it for him anymore. No updates for 2 years. No replies to support questions. Too bad.

hello, can i buy your rating plug in?

Hello. Unfortunately we do not provide this as a separate plugin.

implicit doesn’t work with the last version of wordpress, could you please publish a correctif for that ? Thanks U

Done. Thx U.

This theme is not compatible with php 7!

After struggling for 2 months with its author who beat around the bush all the time without providing any help, we found that this theme IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PHP 7. It means you can’t edit your posts or pages and several other issues are happening, forcing you to use a much slower version of php (5.6).

Best regards,

I’m sure we would have responded to a support ticket with this same question. Please respond to your existing support ticket and we can assist, thanks.

I suppose you’re kidding? I’ve submitted a ticket 2 months ago with several issues. You were provided an access to the site. You logged into the site and soon after that, I received a notification from Uptime Monitor that the site was down. We had to restore it. Then, as we were struggling with these issues for 2 months without any help from you, I asked my developer to look at it. 10 minutes later he had identified the issue and it was fixed.

Item comments are for pre-sales questions only. Please use our support system for support-related questions. Thanks!

I note that you don’t take one week to reply when a comment might hurt your business. But your clients business, you just don’t care. You should rather say that you won’t support your theme, it will be clearer and we wouldn’t waste so much time beating around the bush. The things I said in private have been said in private.

We always reply to theme forest comments. We have a different queue and process for support tickets.

Yes, comments can lead to sales so you’re very careful. On the other hand, when a client has already purchased your theme, you can’t earn anything else from him so you can take your time or play with his patience until he gives up…

Hi there, 1. Can the category pages be like a classic listing? 2. The menu on the left is confusing, can this be a standard menu at the top? 3. Is there any other footer? Thanks

1. Yes, that is possible.

2. There isn’t a top menu option, but there are lots of various things you can do with the many theme options to change the way the menu structures work.

3. Lots of footer options too.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, thanks!

Thank you for your reply. 1. is it a customisation job? 2. aAre you able to set up the top menu in a classic style, no fuss just plain looking links. thanks

1. No, you should be able to do this with the built in theme options.

2. There isn’t a menu location or that spot, but you can put one underneath the top bar horizontally of standard links.


What’s the problem with your support?! They’re taking one week to reply. So, fixing issues can take 5 to 10 messages = 5 to 10 weeks to get the issue fixed, it’s a total nonsense!

Can you handle my requests, please? PRIVATE TICKET #1263400

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Thanks for your patience, we will respond as soon as possible.


three quick questions:

1. When I access the website from mobile, the carousel on the top and the trending on the bottom are not clickable. When you tap nothing happens, how can I fix it? Is it a common issue or that might happen due to some plugins (which I checked, and it’s still there)

2. The contents menu on the right in the longform article view is visible all the way to the bottom, not sure if this is how it should be. It doesn’t disappear when needed and overlay the content once you scrolled to the bottom.

Cheers, Aslan

1) This is a common issue with those specific carousels. The jQuery plugin used to power them sometimes has issues with mobile. We’re still looking into a fix for this.

2) You should be able to hide this, and in fact it should be hidden by default. Is this not the case for you?


Regarding the first point: such a shame :( I hope you can fix this guys, most of the traffic is mobile these days.

Second point: I can hide it, but I don’t want, cos it helps navigating, the problem is that it doesn’t disappear when it’s supposed to (talking about the version on the right for longform posts, not other post types)

Oh I see, so you’re having issues with the functionality of it then? If so, please open a support ticket and we can assist.

Is able to put a side bar on the homepage ?

The theme layout is more grid focused and doesn’t have specifically a sidebar option for the homepage. If you wanted something like that, check out one of our other themes such as Engine or Explicit.

I really liked your themes and I’m thinking buying but I have some questions. First, I was very interested in the themes Implicit and Tech Wise, but I realized that these templates on the menus and on the tags only have drawings / images of computer, cell phone, television and video game, as I am creating a website that will talk about beauty, Food, books, decoration I wanted to know if these figures / drawings are configurable or if you only have these options? In case it comes in the template other options or only these according to the template that is bought? For example in Tech Wise only comes technology images and in the Implicit come with palm tree, pencil and scissors? Another question is about the support. This template would be a very high investment that I would make because my site is still in the beginning and I have no profit at the moment so I worry a lot about the support. I saw many complaints here that the support is slow and that the people who bought it are without help. How does your support work, how long do you respond? Is this support lifelong or only for 6 months? Another question, the document comes in very detailed? Is it easy to install? Because I am a lay in this subject and I saw that you do not help in the customization.

1) You could do this using two different page builder areas and just putting image content in a blank content page builder panel above the grid.

2) This would require custom work to change – the size is set.

3) Only the ones that you see in the demo. Extra effects would require custom work or plugin.

4) Techwise doesn’t have that exact page builder component.

5) Again, this is specific to Engine, not Techwise. I wouldn’t mind sending you the codebase for Engine if you purchased Techwise if you wanted to reference the code and extract out components and put them into Techwise. This would require some knowledge in the code, but at least you could see how it’s done.

Thank you so much for answering me! I already bought Techwise =) !! Do you mind to sending me the Engine codebase ? I do not have much knowledge, but I’ll try extrat out the components

Send me an email and reference this comment please: support@industrialthemes.com

Thanks for your purchase!

1. With all your themes featuring “ratings/reviews” can all users start a post with a review as a post type? Or only add to an existing review which adds to the “user rating”?

2. Are review and non-review posts both options for suers when posting?

1. All users can create a new review if they have the appropriate user level in WordPres.

2. Yes.


This theme is well built from the looks of it and for that I commend you.

However, I would like to know what sort of support you give for this theme because I am looking to purchase this theme.

How well do you update this codes especially to cater for compatibility with the latest Wordpress and PHP versions.

I have read through comments online and it seems some of these problems could be easily solved for most people from your end especially if it is something core and very important to the effective running of websites relying on your program.

I genuinely respect your work and think you have done a great job with, I want to purchase this theme but I want to be sure I wouldn’t be always reaching out to you anytime there is a new update as I would like to believe you would have updated according to recommendations from CMS platforms and their codes.

How does this work with constant updates because I see that you haven’t updated on the item description according to the new Wordpress and php versions.


1) Code is super clean, readable, and well organized. Indented, spaced, and commented throughout.

2) I’m surprised you’re still having issues with Steam. We released an update which made it compatible with the latest PHP and WordPress. what version of Steam do you have?

Glad the code is super clean and all that.

Issues with the STEAM… yes, I am surprised too that I am having problems with the team. The hosting provider clearly states the theme is faulty and is not compatible with PHP 7. So please check.

I can give you access to my website. so you can look at the problem for yourself so you know I ain’t just talking.


Really and truly… you have to check this theme again especially with the latest PHP version (PHP 7). It really isnt compatible at all. It is a serious problem mate with the STEAM theme.

And I bet it would be the same with the IMPLICIT theme since you built theme both and similar too.

Themes are great, please look into.

Hi Author,

Though the support for my purchase has expired.. but there are few bugs in the theme.. Can I tell you about those bugs??

Its a beautiful theme btw..


I would send you an email, tq

Hello! I am somehow not able to remove the ad banner from above the footer area.. I checked all the Theme Options and Widgets.. cannot find the code to that.. :(

And I also need your help in changing feedburner to Mailchimp :-)


Are you serious to charge $40+ for a 6 months support renewal when the theme + 6 months of support costs $59 ?!

Best regards, Florence.

That’s a ThemeForest policy, not something we created.


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