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Thank you krub MidnizeStudio :)

Looking perfect ;)

Thank you mate Ugurkan :)

Thank you mate gohawise :)

Thank you mate demonsaun

Very great email template akedodee , GLWS

Thank you a lot promail :)

Hi I would like to buy this template, but I have one question how much is the width? I need it to be 600 px wide Thanks

Thank you for interesting my template :) this template is width 600px

Hi great template. I can do it easily :)


Thank you for purchased my template :)

We do our best to serve our precious customers and hope it will suit you best as well.

Best Regards Akedodee

Don’t waste your money! This is a rip off. It DOES NOT integrate with CAMPAIGN MONITOR without all sorts of bugs and manipulation on your end. I’ve spent almost 6 hours messing with this template, and it is not worth the grief.

Hello , ginohawley

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have tested and built Campaignmonitor file with TemplateBuilder again and it perfectly works.
So I made a video to show you how I do it.
In Campaignmonitor require ” Footer layout ” that have “unsubscribe” because they will verify that files … I suggest you try again via this video.


Best Regards,


if you any problem, Please feel free to contact me by click here

I retract my initial statement. It was more of a user error, and AKEDODEE was very helpful. In fact, it now works beautifully, and she even provided one-on-one support. I highly recommend!

Thank you very very very much :)

Thank you for the helpful video tutorial. It now actually works fine. I wish I would have found the video earlier. I appreciate your help.

Thank for kind word :)

I hope TemplateBuilder will be useful for you and everyone, I intend to do it and develop it further to make it easier to work.

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if you any problem, Please feel free to contact me by click here

This actually is a fantastic template/design. I highly recommend, and the author is very responsive and helpful. I can personally attest to that!

Thank you very much ginohawley :)

Quick question: the way it is showing a slideshow that will work on constant contact too and mailchimp?

Thank you for question

The Gif animation can play animation on Mailchimp or ConstantContact but if you would like change the animation you need to use photoshop.

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Hello akedodee, I click on test Templatebuilder. I understeand how it works. Can you explain how I can use it after I buy the templateplease. Is the template builder for use on my computer or direct here on themeforest?

will work fine with outlook email (from 2003 or above)? If I understeand, you can download the template as a normal html and then load it as usual in outlook. If this template does not work with outlook 2003, do you have an other one that will work?

thank you Antonio

Hello :)

You can Build layout of template with TemplateBuilder and it work on the web but it can export as Responsive Html and MailChimp , Campaignmonitor then you can change the image , content with editor program such as Dreamweaver , Sublime Text2 or upload to MailChimp , Campaignmonitor

Best Regards Akedodee

would your template work in constant contact? they have a option for html or xhtml

and link for advance editing http://img.constantcontact.com/docs/pdf/building-your-emails-with-the-advanced-editor-tool-constant-contact.pdf

Thank you for question :)

You can send regular html to Constant Contact staff then staff will make it

Learn more https://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Email-Marketing/RE-Creating-a-custom-email-template-from-existing-HTML-and-using/td-p/37659

Best regards, Akedodee


I love your template design but only wish you offered the option to just add a photo as a module and just add a block of text as a module to create more design flexibility. My client would like a bigger logo and this is just not possible to create with this builder. Will you be providing updates in the future?

Hello , thank you for purchasing my template :)

Sorry for the inconvenience :) At now you may use editor program before for change image or content. But i will update new TemplateBuilder in future .

Best regards,



I am a complete HTML novice user/hack and this template ROCKS!!!! Being a novice user the program I used to edit the template was causing problems and every time Akedodee fixed the problem and told me what happened and what to look for as well—within 24 hours!!! To me, that is amazing customer service!!!!

Our company is very happy with the appearance for our weekly newsletters and I have been able to alter some of the blocks to fit our needs.

If you have any design knowledge of graphic layout programs, even if no knowledge of HTML code, you can figure out how to use this template.

Would definitely give this a 5 star rating!!! :)

Thank you! Hope (Executive Assistant, CP)

Thank you very very much for you rating me :)

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We just used your template and it broke it in Outlook, the blocking is all off and the links don’t work.

Thank you for purchasing my template :)

You open email in Outlook.com or Outlook program? :)

Best regards, Akedodee

The Outlook program


Please send me your email via pakpum.investor@gmail.com And screenshot . I will check it what happen :)

Best regards, Akedodee

Sample does not work.


Please try again It may be server down :)

Best Regards, Akedodee

I am trying to enter the Template Builder and when I enter the purchase code it tells me that it is invalid code. Can you please help me with that?

Thank you for purchasing my template :)

I am looking for a solution for this problem. It may be problem with API of Envato :)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Best Regards, akedodee


I fix it already you can use templatebuilder again

Best Regards, Akedoee