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The navigation isn’t responsive in the demo.


This is not a responsive version.

It doesn’t claim to be, does it?

Nice Design but the template’s responsiveness doesn’t seem to work correctly. Here is a shot from my PC:


It is not responsive at the moment, this will be eventually addressed with the wordpress version.

appears that the fancybox js files are not working or missing on the portfolio page, click on the images san new page opens with image upper left hand corner

Thanks for the warning, it’s fixed now.

Very cool template but not cross browser friendly, especially in safari. Please advise thanks :crying:


I developed this mainly on safari and everything worked perfectly.

What issues are you having?

thanks for the quick response the skeleton css media queries are not setup up for all the elements and it breaks on resizing, mainly the nav bar is inconsistent on ff and safari (bar extends full width on one but not the other) and nav bar does not align center on resize or smaller window sizes and line height font size h1 issues:

Ah yes, I see what you mean. I’ll issue and update in the next week with media queries for smaller screens and devices. Thanks!

How long until the wordpress version?


Hopefully it will be ready by the end of this month.

Feels awesome in FireFox (although the navigation doesn’t scroll the whole way then snaps the last 30px or so). But in Chrome it looks like this: the portfolio boxes, the navigation bar and the social buttons all jump around when you hover on them. The navigation and background are also pretty laggy when scrolling.

Sent the site to 2 mates to test and they said the same :(


I can’t replicate the issues you mentioned and I tested it in all browsers.

But this site is not responsive at the moment, and will behave strangely in lower resolutions screens.

I tested the demo, I think you need to fix some CSS and JS issue to make it more responsive, beside that the design is great.

I agree with the thoughts/comments of most the other users on here.. the theme looks great, and works (for the most part) very well.. the part that seems to indicate it hasn’t been fully developed is when you resize the theme.. I know it doesn’t claim to be ‘responsive’, but if you are going to make part of it responsive you’d might as well do it completely so the users have a consistent experience. Overall, nice design.. great direction.. and would love to see it fully responsive (HTML)... Keep up the good work !

Hi, thanks.

The responsive version is still in my plans, in the next weeks I will have time to work on it.

Best regards

great to hear! I’ll check back over the next few days/weeks and would love to see the responsive version! Again, great work!

did you update it for smaller screens ? Thanks let me know,...


Working on this very soon.


Any estimate when we could see a Wordpress version of this amazing template? I’m sure many of us would be thrilled to purchase it once it comes out! Thanks and good luck to you!


It will be released in August, probably in the 2nd half.


Yes, yes! Very much looking forward to the Wordpress version! Please finish so I can give you my money! :sunglasses2:

Thanks, stay tuned :)


does this theme support second level menu navigation?

thanks Claudio

Hi Claudio,

No it doesn’t support.


I understand with the WP version the PSDs were not included. I paid the higher amount for the WP version without realizing this.

Is there any way I can get the PSD for the logo?

Best regards,


Yes send me your email.

Hello, Is it possible to make the Parallax scrolling move horisontal?

Best Regards/


No, only vertical.

So I’m pretty new to HTML and I’m trying to learn it quickly and I have down a lot of the basics. I want to make a cool website for my wedding (not one of those lame free ones) and I was wondering if it would be fairly easy for me to adapt this theme to those needs.


If you have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS is fairly easy to customise it

Sweet. I know it’s a lot to ask but if I have a bit of trouble would you consider giving me a bit of a walkthrough?

Yes, if you need I will help you.

How do I change the background image on this template?


By moving your images to the images folder and changing the code in the layout.css file accordingly.

Thank you. Downloaded it.

If I upload a new background will I need to provide the filter effect on my own or will the theme automatically add the filter effect?

What size image do I need to replace the background with?

Is the mountain, grass and dirt all one image or are they three images?

I just want to know how to get this background switched over properly.

Thank you.

You’ll need to add your effect in Photoshop or other image editor.

If your images are the same size of the background images, it should look good.

The mountain, grass and dirt are 3 separate images.

If you need further help to tweak the backgrounds don’t hesitate to contact me via

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed. Anyone else have this issue?