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awesome theme, :D

Thank you!

I’m really interested in getting this theme, but a couple of questions:

1. Font stacking support? 2. Are the social media icon links always visible even when you haven’t added a link? Or are the ones you’ve added the only ones that are visible?

There is a set of options for social media icons which only appear when they have text entered in the field. So if you don’t enter any info for a social media button they don’t appear.

Sorry I don’t know why it wouldn’t let me edit my previous post, but I wanted to add another question… what are the suggested dimensions for background? I don’t think I saw it in the documentation. Thanks!

You can use any image size for the background as it will be repeated.

Really enjoying the theme so far. Is it possible to add a profile picture or a header logo?

Also, when viewing and resizing on the iPhone, the links on the header (ask, text, photo, etc)... all float all over the place. Any way to clean that up?

Thanks and good work!

Glad you’re enjoying the theme! A header image is not currently supported in the theme. As for the resizing on iphone, could you take a screenshot and send it to and I’ll take a look?

send ya an e-mail!

Looks awesome! We’d like to see social widget screenshots tho’. Is there any twitter, instagram or fb feed?

Hey there, currently there are no social feeds. I’ll be adding in a twitter feed with the next update though.

I really like this theme and consider buying this but Im trying to design a website like pinterest where members can sign up and can post/like/share music/photos/videos all that stuff and was wondering if this theme is capable of that?

Hey there, unfortunately that exceeds the possibilities of the Tumblr platform.

Hi, I seek a catalog-style set-up for an affiliate offer. I’d want each panel on home page to link to a post with portfolio of pics, which in turn link to the affiliate’s site. Any problems you foresee?

I’m new to Tumblr – what support could you give to get me installed and started?

I’d want 4 columns ideally each to cover a separate topic vertically – Could I have column headers?

Hey there sopersoper,

For the first part, you could use a photoset type post, in which I could display only the first image of the photoset on the index page, and the rest of the images on the permalink page.

For the second part, Impress, can not be separated into a topic per four columns – all posts fall into columns depending on the browser size and post date.

Hi- I just bought the template. The custom sorter two and three are not showing up. Can you please advise? See for yourself:

Thanks in advance.

Thank you- yes, please let me know when it’s fixed.

All updated!

Very nice- much appreciated!

videos posted from my iphone and not displaying correctly they are elongated and when you hit play its a large video image behind pictures and quotes on the page

Hey there toycruiser,

Thanks for your purchase!

Could you send me a link to an example and I can take a look?

link sent thanks for taking a look

Just emailed you back with an updated theme file!

does this theme support lightbox? i was looking for a cleaner way to display images and videos

Hey toycruiser,

Only the photoset posts use a lightbox.

is there an easy way to change the default font? did you ever add in the twitter feed or ability to use a logo or graphic for the site title?

Hey ToyCruiser, I actually just pushed out an Impress update which contains a twitter feed, header image option, and tag option as well. I’ll let you know when the update is pushed through.

You can add this code to your CustomCSS field to change the theme font.

body { font: ‘PT Sans’; }

The default font is PT Sans, so enter the font you’d like to use in between the quotes and replace Pt Sans.

thanks! looking forward to the update!

Is there a way to add pages and have them display on the top navigation, when i try to add a page i get the error “your current theme does not support page links” are you going to add this in or is there some code i can insert into the code to accomplish this?

Hey ToyCruiser,

Page links are supported, I just tested it and it’s working fine – Although that error did appear for me as well, the page link displays fine. Note: Page links won’t appear on the preview page, but they will appear on your blog.

Hey there, great theme. Is there a possibility to completely remove the “Post Meta Section”, including ‘like’ and post date?

Hey fhkern,

Thanks for your purchase!

Yes, that is possible.

Add the following code to the Custom CSS field on your customize page:

.meta {display: none;} .post .background { -moz-border-radius: 4px !important; border-radius: 4px !important; -webkit-border-radius: 4px !important; }

I see you’ve uploaded V. 1.10 can you post a change log?

Sure ToyCruiser, I’ve just added a change log.

i’d like to be able to change the width of the content container on static pages i’ve created. i’ve searched through the css but can’t seem to figure it out. is there an easy fix for this? thanks!

Hey there,

Tumblr uses the text post size for static pages, so essentially you could use this CSS code to adjust the width of the static pages (Although this will change the width of them for the blog as well):

225px is the default width.

.post.type-text { width: 225px; }

Hi, I almost instatly bought your theme, I have only one question: Is it possible to have an image on the about-widget? thanks

Hey there,

Yes you can, simply use the html image tags as follows:

<img src="" />

Hi there, I wrote an e-mail a couple of days ago, but no answer.

Even if I’ve set the right config, theare are three issues:

1) Infinite scroll doesn’t work

2) Tag filter doesn’t work

3) In the “About” section Twitter stream is not working

Can you answer ASAP please? Thank you.

Hey there,

I just sent an email with answers to all of your questions!

Yes, thanks Phil, I’ve wrote you again, can you provide some support asap please? These are the issues:

- infinite scroll - tag filter - twitter streaming


Hey there, I’ve emailed you back and in addition attached the latest theme file which includes the Twitter Feed update. The Twitter Feed update is currently in the queue and should be approved within a day or so.

Hi There -

How do I link the posts to the “sort” function? Like I want people to be able to use the drop down sort menu to see collections of my stuff.


Hey there,

Looks like you’re using my Incorporated theme,

But nonetheless, you simply tag posts with a specific tag and then use those tags in the sort option fields. Note: Tags can not have spaces. Underscores must be used in place.

Thank you! One more question – I’d like to make it so the thumbnails of my images don’t sit right next to each other. That is, I’d like to have space between the images. Could you tell me how I might do that?

Hey there, I assume you mean for the photoset posts. Send me an email using the form on my page and I can let you know which code to modify to make those changes happen.

Great theme, still like the simplistic design. Would it be possible to determine a Home (Start) Page, which features selected posts or a separate page? Is it possible to turn off the All Posts page? Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

Unfortunately there really isn’t a ‘clean’ way to do this with Tumblr.