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Hello Duane,

Here is what I have: (/ = { or}) pound sign removed

display-container / padding:0 0 5px 0; overflow:hidden; min-height:340px; /

display / width:960px; overflow:hidden;


add height:340px to both #display-container and #display , that should fix it , remove min-height:340px from #display-container

this worked – but I had to modify somewhat as follows:

display-container set to height:340px

display set to height:280px (image size)

Thanks for your help on this, you are highly recommended!

sweet , glad things worked out

Hi There, As you requested I am messaging you here. I wanted to know how to change the sub heading under the main title. also what are your rates for making adjustments to an existing impressionist site? thank you Shauna Magrath


Hi there, I just purchased this item, and for some reason I keep getting a “page cannot be displayed” as if I lost internet connection, even though I didn’t. I am using Word Press 3.0.1.

Anything I might be doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!

I should have been a little more clear. I am trying to upload it into my Wordpress account, and I get this message at the very end, after it appears to be uploading for about 5 minutes.

hi , thanks for purcahsing , :)

have you tried uploading via ftp ? generally uploading via the admin panel can be a bit tedious and can cause some problems , if you unzip the downloadable zip that you got and find the theme folder , upload it via ftp to wp-content/themes/ making sure that the impressions folder is within the themes folder, you should then be able to select it via your appearance option in the backend.

if you need any further help then jsut ask , I would need the site URL and some more info about what your needing to do ,


Duane, thanks for the help man, that made all the difference!

A side note here, I read through all of the comments on this theme, and I decided to go ahead and purchase since you always seemed to be so helpful to novices such as myself. Keep up the good work!


glad things worked out MDZ and thanks for the kind words , I try my best :)

Considering purchasing this template, but curious if it is easy to change the background color? I would like to design a website for a wedding company and I want it to be cream, light pink, etc. Is this possible with this theme?



Hi Cwilley84

it would be possible to change the background color , you could do so within the css files by copying one of the current color option css files and altering the values within for background color, the header image and footer image.

these images could be exported from the psd file.

If you want I could provide you with these files for a small fee, just provide me with the colors you are wanting to change too and I will supply the files once done.


HI, very interested in purchasing this theme. Is it compatible with wordpress 3.0 +?

Hi Aprilrobim , currently the theme doesn’t support the wp 3 menus and thumbnails , I do have plans to upgrade within the next month. if your still interested then I can have it updated by the end of the month , shouldn’t bee too much.

if your still interested then it will be available then

Hi Duane,

Glad to hear that you are working on a new version that’s compatible with WordPress version 3.x

For everyone else, if the Impressions theme fits the look you are after, it is highly recommended!

Thanks for the kind words petroski

as an update I’ve got the menus working in the theme now I just need to redo some of the portfolio and slider options to better align with some of WP 3 ’s features.

hopefully should have everything up by the end of the month.

Hi Duane

I just bought Impressions and I’m having a little trouble customizing it…

I need to create two portfolio pages one for furniture and one for accessories. Home will be just text and some images. It is not a problem to create the gallery (I’m using display2) but as I understand it’s only possible to create one gallery and I’d need too of them. Is it possible somehow? I tried to duplicate display2, create a new category for accessories and then create accessories.php by duplicating index.php but it gives me just errors…

How could I add the galleries to pages? So they can appear in the navbar? maybe duplicating and changing index.php isn’t the best idea :(

Sorry I’m new to WP, maybe these are simple things I just don’t undesrtand the logic of WP yet…

I am having a problem with get my slider to work. What can I do?

I never used WP before but I think it shouldn’t be so hard. I want to simplify my work and to be able to change text and upload photos much more easily.

I am not intersted in the blog part.I want to add some more thumnails with lightbox. do you think it is hard for me? Or I should choose the html/css version


Thanks so much for the theme, I encouraged one of my clients to purchase this theme, because it fit well with her event planning business. Now that I have the theme uploaded I am having huge issues with the home page slider… I cant seem to get it working. Please help!




I purchased this template and cant find any documentation in the zip file. It is designated as being well documented but I cant find any info anywhere. Is this temp ate dean? the comments stopped a year ago….

Please help, Thanks! Christopher

Hi Christopher , thanks for purchasing.

It’s been a while since I checked the theme contents itself but I was sure that there would have been documentation there.

Anyway , I’ll hunt that down but for the moment what issues are you having ?

Hi! duane,

I cant find any documentation at all for the short codes or anything. I dont see any way to apply templates to the pages etc. I cant even get started. diginetwebs@gmail.com if you find the documentation…