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thanks bro)

Well done work mate, good luck!!

Thank you! :)


Do you have a boxed version of this?

Also, is it possible to create a header/nav menu more like this:

Unfortunately we don’t have boxed version and our theme have only one header type:(

Good job…. Good luck with sales


Please i want to find out if i can use C# for my programming on this templates

I don’t understand a question…

My question was can i use c sharp language to program on your templates, i saw PHP on your template.

Hello, I don’t understand what you mean. Please contact us via the contact form on my profile page ( ) and explain in details. Thank you.

Good work here! I like a lot :) Probably a silly question, but the theme is dark with orange highlights; can the dark area be changed to another color (the top where the logo, navigation and social links are)? Thx ;)

You can change via style.css)))

Hey cool, thanks.

Nice theme, congratulations!


Have you test it with WordPress 3.6 ? There’s a problem with the navigation in the admin panel; i can’t slide it to another position. Problem is a missing file, this kind of problem:

Okay. I have your ticket. We’ll check and fix it.

Amazingly this theme isn’t working as it should for me. Probably it’s my installation that’s messed up, or something.

In no particular order:

1) The social icons don’t work (they don’t work in the demo either – – depending on which browser you use (I’m on FF 18.0 & chrome 21, seems to work ok in IE 11.0). There is no ”:” in the link and that’s probably why.

2) Italicized text don’t render as italics, they stay normal. See here

3) I can’t even upload a favicon or logo to my website, though I’ve been using the theme’s options as properly as I can, for hours…

2) Was hoping for at least home slider animation with a timer as an option.

The demo looks really good and I still want to use this theme, but I am unable to, because of these and more issues :(

...even if the slider feature won’t be added, at least the basic functions, like uploading a logo, should be operational.

I know it could be me that’s doing something wrong too, so any kind of feedback would be of help.

Hello collinvaughn,
I think that you did something wrong. Please open a ticket here and we’ll help you to sort out.

Thank you so much man – I think this theme is one of the best!!!! :) that’s prob why it hurts so much :D I’m heading to that link now…

Checked. Everything added

I am helping someone with setting up this theme in there wordpress but on the main page how do you set the multiple images you would want in the slider I am onle able to set one it seems??

Have you bought the template. If yes – open a ticket please

ok I will have my associate open the ticket since she bought the template

You can open a ticket, but you need get Purchase Code from your colleague

How can i show some thing else instead of ‘Blog’ beneath the home page banner images?

How can i show some thing else instead of ‘Blog’ beneath the home page banner images?

Hi, open a ticket please and we discuss

This theme is perfect for my client. However I was just about to purchase when I saw the question in regards to placing other content other than blog posts under the home page slider. before I buy, I’d like to know if this is possible for any content without having to break into the code of then site?

Hi. On the home page you can load any big image to the slider. Under slider always will be last 4 post. If you don’t like to use Home page – you can use for home page – Portfolio for example. For the post you can use shortcodes. You can see them in the page Shortcodes

Is it possible to change the image height of the slider images on the main page? For example I would like the images to be a height of 400px. I though I could achieve this by just altering the images I use to be that height but that did not work. I then edited the home_imp.php file the slideWrap div to be

However that now the div is the right height but the image is not that height and just gets cut off? It seems like somewhere else there is a setting that is preventing me from reducing the height of the image on the slider?

Have you bought the template?

Hi, the slideshow doesn’t seem to be working. It doesn’t change without clicking on the arrows. How do I fix this?

Hi, open a ticket and give me admin access, I’ll check and help you

did this theme, include demo photo in the the file ? and demo content ?

Yes, sure

Hi, There seems to be a bug with the menu editing. I can’t edit the menu. It works ok when I switch the theme. Please help.

Hi, open a ticket please