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There seems to be an issue on the portfolio pages in Firefox. They are crushed down small if you choose Hotels and Bars for example and there is a white space once you run through the full slideshow.

I’ve opened a ticket but will update with WP access

I’ve deleted the impressive folder because I couldn’t even access the admin page. Do you want me to FTP it up again?

See the ticket


I have similar problem, but i fixed it only open and save this file (admin/interface.php).

I have other problem: => I can not click on any options at Site Options (click CMS wordpress framework): General Theme Settings Typorgraphy Home Settings Portfolio Blog Contact Social Icons 404

When I click a option link, nothing happens.

Can you help me? Thanks

Hello, sure. Open a ticket and give me admin access

We bought this theme and now we’re wondering: We can’t see the content of the Home-Page we’ve created. We only can see the last 4 Blog-Posts. Is it possible to see the slider on EVERY page? And can we set a Page to be the Homepage with its content? We really need help here since this is for one of our clients.

Hello diewebmeister, please open a ticket at


Im interesting in buying the theme, but first I will like to know if the header color (black) where is the menu, can be change to white for example and the menu font color to black.


Hi, yes, you can change via editing styles.css

Hello, I just installed the Impressive – Interior Responsive Wordpress Theme, and it says that the “theme installed fail”. What could be the problem? Your help is much appreciated.

I would love to! BUT- I sign in with the FB account then what? I am sorry, I am a newbie. Do I search? How do I “open” a private ticket…

Okey, contact me via contact form on my profile page. Now it’s night. I will check at morning

Hello I want to remove the article in slide (blog)

picture :

Hello Fayco, please submit a ticket at and we’ll help you.

Hello, there is this one-page template for wordpress?


Hello, unfortunately – no. Only multi-page

Hi! I am interested in purchasing the theme but i would like to know first if: - It is possible to translate the theme using codestyle localization. - Can I add music to the theme? - Can I run multilingual with WPML?

Thanks in advance!

Hi marielac,
- I just checked and it’s not possible.
- Yes, but manually.
- I think no, but in the admin panel we have the “Translation” tab with almost all constant fields for translation.

Hi! Does WPML work with this theme? I tried to install it but I cant customize HOME/BLOG/CONTACT/PRORTFOLIO setting for multi language. Can you help me plese ?

Hi, sure. Open a ticket please

Hi there

I have a problem with impressive. I use wordpress 3.8 and i will open a support ticket, but the ticket-system are not work with my facebook. can you give me a emailadress to contact you, to solve this problem?

Hi, contact me via contact form on my profile page

i write you a ticket, but i become no answer. and when i will log in, he says my emailadress is not in the system registred :( I have a problem with codestyling localization… this plugin doesn’s work with impressive! Can you solve this Problem? I work with wordpress 3.8. I will translate any words in german.

contact me via contact form here Nobody has any problems

i cant find the import.txt file in the downloads. I have few doubts. How to create slides, the submit button in contact page is not working. I tried to send a ticket. But it was also not working. totally frustrated.

Please, read the documentation. Register here and open a ticket

Hello! How do you arrange the order of the portfolio items on the portfolio page? I’ve tried changing publish dates and it did no good. Help! –

already done – contact me via contact form on my profile page. I will send zip directly

You are the best!

Hello, how can I make the grid/columns short codes responsive with iframes youtube and facebook like box ?

Hello, please open a ticket on . Now we’re on vacation and can answer on Monday.

Hello again!

Is there a way to change the CSS font size of the child pages showing up as a menu? My client want the options to all be on one line instead of two on top of each other:

Hi, I’m on resort now. Will back on Monday. Contact me on Monday

Will do! Thanks!

Hello Assurance I have a question for you. Can you tell me how did you activated the secound menu on this themplate?

Hi, I’m on resort now. Will back on Monday. Contact me on Monday


Hope you had a great holiday!

Is there a way to change the CSS font size of the child pages showing up as a menu? My client want the options to all be on one line instead of two on top of each other:

Hi, sure – open css/style.css and change the font size

What specific line in cstyle.css do I update? Thank you!

Pfff. open browser inspector and see the class.


does this theme have built-in lightbox feature? won’t be using the portfolio pages, but i will be implementing several photo galleries… thanks in advance!

Hi, no


Is there a simple way to change the transition style of the slideshow on the homepage? Perhaps to a fade transition.


Hello, unfortunately no


i’m trying to create two different portfolio pages, one for each category, and i can’t find the way.

can you help me?


Hi, now it doesn’t possible. You can create only one portfolio

Where is the full icon list?

Hello, please open a ticket on and we’ll help you.