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This is totally underpriced! Great work.

Hi KeithDee, thanks for your appreciation! I agree with you on the pricing and will apply for a price of 15 dollars.

As you can see Impressum is a very extensive html/css template with all the pages you’ll will need to build a webshop.

I agree under appreciatted. Very nice theme.. lot ofwork done here.

Hi, I think that’s a great work, could you please tell me more about the shopping online section? I mean what do I need to make it really work. many thanks

I have a shop and I want to extend my business online, so I’m just searching something that I can use on my own with no great difficulties.

thank you

Hi Rincopallino this is a html/css template so its not a real working webshop.

You can use this template for an allready working shop or newly developed one. You can say its kind af a new skin for you webshop.

Hopes this helps you out!

15 Coded Pages and only 12?

@Finsta2 can you count them again? ;-)

I meant that is alot of work for only $12

Checked the wrong button here….....

This is an amazing template!

Does the cart come operational? Doesn’t seem to update when I click “add to cart”?

Great work!!

Hi wisekal,

Thanks! the template isn’t yet operational. Its only a html/css template.

So what would I need to do to turn this into a functioning shop?

Hi Akira 9000, there are a few options. 1 is to implement this theme into the shopify cms. 2 any other shopping system you like. 3. build your own.

Like I said before its only a html/css template and you will need to implement or build a cms shopping system behind this. Just like you build for example a wordpress theme.

If you’re interested in this theme but don’t know how to implement it I suggest to put up a question on the forum. There’s always someone that can help you out :-)

Couldnt the cart system be tied to a paypal account? So You would not need to use shop or zen or what ever..basically a stand alone shop?

Hi Fogger,

I think so but I couldn’t find any info about this on the pay pal site. But I still think you will need a secure section on the site “cart, checkout process etc” to connect to Paypal.

Once I import my items for sale in the template, will the customer be able to search for those items?

Is there anything else needed to make the search function work? If so what?

Great template.

Hi Stephen,

This template is not functional, its a design template that need to be activated with a shopping cms (you can use wordpress for this, but there are other options)

So things like the search form or other dynamic elements still need to be activated by a programmer.

Hope this helps you out.

Please help! Am having problems viewing template in Safari. I added a table and it does not display correctly in Safari but is fine in Firefox & Explorer. any suggestions? Need answer asap – client is freaking out!

Hi Powelldo,

Sorry for the late replay, but can you send me a link of the problem?

Thank you so much for getting back to me! Below are the pages with the issues in Safari only – the content is misaligned and appears offpage. I suspect it has to do with the tables I inserted for formatting. Any suggestions on how to re-write this to get the same 3-column effect is greatly appreciated!!

Are the slices included in the PSD ? I can’t seem to view them and would like to replace some graphics..

Well.. maybe the output was done in another app so the slices aren’t in the .pst file.

Hi Jerome916,

I’m sorry that you had to wait so long for an answer, i’m afraid this comment slipped through my attention. But the psd files don’t contains slices.

Change the graphics you want, then crop them and save them as .jpg , .png etc. This is the way I do it.

love this theme, simple yet has style, perfect for what i need. thanks.

have a question tho how can i change the blue/aqua background?

Hi Jawdoe,

Simply change the body css code, theres a color description there.

I understand ;-)

There are a lot of 404 errors, can you check your live preview please?