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for Design Quality

Ein super Theme, mit dem mal ordentlich arbeiten kann. Ist sehr umfangreich und flexibel! Genau mein Ding! :)

for Other

Recommendations: reduce over-dependence on 3rd party plugins. Centralise ALL CSS styling in one main control panel, with NO inline options within page builders (which defeats the whole point of CSS). Make DEMO data more extensive and varied as so to give a proper sense in preview. Create more extensive theme/colour presets, thus removing the fuss of setting up or customising a CSS theme. Offer more extensive ad varied preset options. Plugin and play.


1 - too many options, configurations, which create more issues in themselves.

2 - can't change colour of main menu sections even after choosing preset colour theme.

3 - too many 3rd party plugins.

3 - too many intricate options for individual page-building items and then with inline CSS styling options on-top of the inbuilt themes and style, and then 3rd party plugin styling and customisation!

4 - lack of coordination between styling and layout options, with a need to define styles for each element and then in the theme styles separately.

5 - The page builders/editors are needlessly complicated with too many options. Please - take a look at Bootstrap CSS - minimal CSS and configuration.

6 - needlessly complex header configuration options. Please - 2 logos and good old responsive breakpoints. All this logo animation and reducing size...

In my opinion, this theme is like trying to figure out a boot failure recovery process in Windows 10 using Command Line. Hours looking with no progress.

Not the simplest blog theme I've worked with.


Author response


There are no 3rd party plugins dependencies at all. We only recommend using WPBakery Page Builder as a page builder.

All CSS options located in one place and can be found under Impreza > Theme Options > Custom CSS. Inline styling from page builders isn't directly related to our product because their styles come from third-party plugins or from WordPress itself.

We have 9 demo variations which show all theme features, take a closer look them:

There are 22 Theme Color Presets right out of the box, they can be found under Theme Options > Colors, see this:, read this article for details:

1. Note that Impreza is a multipurpose theme, so it has lots of options to create any layout with the desired design. If you have any questions or you can't understand something, you can always contact our support team and they are happy to help you out:

2. It can't be the case, all color changes should be reflected on your site, make sure you cleared all cache after applying these changes.

3. It isn't so, you can use Impreza without any 3rd party plugins, it works well on its own. Yes, there is a list of 12 plugins, which only extends Impreza functionality, but we didn't push to install them

4. It isn't so, you can set all page options globally via Theme Options > Pages Layout and there is no need to override them on each page unless you're not going to apply individual layouts to these pages.

5. All theme elements take global styles by default, which can be defined via Theme Options > Colors, it's either a caching issue or some problem with your particular installation, we're ready to assist in resolving this matter, just contact us via our Support Portal: or via this contact form:

6. Page Builders are not the parts of Impreza, they are separate products, so it's better to provide your insights directly to authors of these plugins. Though we plan to support the Elementor page builder, there is a chance that it would be easier to understand it.

7. All Header Builder features are described here: Header Builder has a quite intuitive visual interface and it has 14 predefined header templates, if you have no to time to build your own layout, you can always pick one of these templates and just replace the placeholders with your own info.

Finally, if you have any questions, it's better to reach our support instead of posting your issues here because here it's impossible to continue the conversation.

Feel free to reach our support team via:

Contact Form:
Support Portal:

Hope to hear from you soon.

for Customer Support

I have been using this theme for almost half a year to create my website. It really offers a lot of possibilities, is compatible with many addons and the best: the support is incredibly helpful and fast in troubleshooting and solving problems. Thanks to the team!

for Design Quality

This is the one of the best WordPress themes for our needs we have worked with so far at the time of writing.

A "small" thing that could be improved (if possible at all) is having agencies more in mind in case of theme updates (e.g. while I will do a quick check on the site after updates, it's not that convenient to have to go into the side to trigger some update functions, not sure if that can be improved or not).

A License for agencies would also be nice - looking forward to the next Theme Sale :-)

for Bugs

Tive alguns bugs ao fazer a atualização, mas a equipe de suporte entrou em contato e tive mais um tempo de ajuda.

for Customer Support

From a previous customer set up I chose Impreza also for two new customers. The flexibility, easy of use and logic makes this a perfect theme for quickly setting up a great looking site.
Add to that, the FANTASTIC customer support. Absolutely flawless and extremely valuable for me and my customers.

for Customizability

This is the best theme here! Easy customizable, lightweight, clean, modern. All in all, great theme!