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Beautiful Template :)

Thanks buddy :)


How do i change the colour scheme?


Take a look on your downloadable files you will see around 20 css files (style-midnightblue.css etc) just change the stylesheet name in your index.html, blog.html, single.html

Thanks for contacting with us.

The template looks nice. Before I buy it, I would like to ask a question. For the portfolio page, is it possible to show youtube videos instead of photos (like a mix of photos and videos I see from the other designers)?


Dear carman,

We didn’t keep the support of youtube videos but you can tweak a little to make it supported, thanks for this idea we will do it. We used mixitup jQuery plugin you can see its documentation to use youtube videos.

Thank you for contacting with us

Nice theme! waiting for wp version :)

Thank you reflejandome, we are working hard for the wordpress version, stay with us :)

Hi Buddy, we are glad to let you know that we just released the WordPress version of this theme as we promised :) http://themeforest.net/item/imx-responsive-resume-wordpress-theme/9024324

tried purchasing a theme i got this error message n moreover they deducted 61 INR from my accout.

Your purchase of IMX – Responsive HTML5 Resume Template was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try using a different credit card, or we also support Skrill deposits.

plz help me out.

Hi ShwetaThakar

Sorry to hear that however the payment/purchase processing systems handled by Envato. Please contact Envato support http://support.envato.com/

Hope that they will be able to help you to resolve this issue.


Hello, Theme looks nice. Before i buy it – can i used cyrilic fonts?

It’s our pleasure and our goal is to provide the best support :) Feel free to let us know your question here :)

Hi EvenFly!

Thank you for quick reply.

Could you tell me how I can manage position of class=”animated slideInLeftTrigger slideInLeft delay500”. I need move it to right and a little bottom. I can’t find description if it. Could you help me?

Thank you.


This is a basic slider, if you want to add other effect you need to do it from the init.js, if you know jQuery then scroll to the slider section and you will understand, its easy, for your information we are using animate.css for this animation.

Thank you

Hi !

I would really like to buy this theme which is beautiful. However, I have one question/request. Can I decrease the general display size ? I feel like it is too zoomed in :(

Thank you !


Ya I got your expectation, you need to change the CSS, also there is a less file inside the download zip you can also make a custom version by compiling it.

This is a html theme for this you need to know basics about HTML and CSS. both CSS and HTML file is well commented. Just increase the font size of any section you want. You can take help from w3schools.com

We have a team for paid support also if you want then we can make a custom version for you.

If you get any bug don’t forget to contact with us.

Thank you

Thank you ! I will give it a try. I will contact you if I need a custom version ;)

Sure, feel free to contact us anytime :)

Hi, I really like your theme. But when I’m in the blog section it seems to not want to cooperate, the top bar with the guys head is mixed with the text and the links don’t work. What’s the problem with this, can you fix it? http://imx.evenfly.com/male/color-with-animation/blog.html

Hi Again!

we have fixed the issue you reported, thanks for purchasing the template.

Regards EvenFly Team

Awesome! Hey, the Male Version With Full Color with animation didn’t work according to my needs. Is it too late to have the same theme but without animation instead?

Please check the download folder, you already have the with and without animation (both versions) :)

This theme is really nice. Good job!

A few quick questions/issues that I’m hoping you can help me with….

1. More Videos Right now you have a section at the top that has one video, which plays in a screen overlay.

I need to add another section that looks just like your “Blog” section (with the three boxes, title and description), but each image needs to be a “play video” button just like the section at the top.

Can you help me with the code to accomplish this? I can copy what you have for the blog section, so it’s really just getting the play button and video pop-up to work.

2. Duplicate Featured Clients I really like the “Show All” button/function in the “Featured Clients” section. I need to duplicate this section because I have something like “Featured Clients” and “Featured Media”. I tried to just copy the section, but it breaks the ‘show all’ functionality.

Can you help me update the JS so that I can duplicate this section and the ‘show all’ button works correctly in each section independently?

3. When I view the page on my desktop with a big screen or my notebook with a smaller screen, the text in the slider/banner at the very top changes a lot. On the smaller screen the lines all wrap and it pushes the text off the banner.

Any advice on how to resolve this? Is there a way to scale the text size in relation to the window size so that this doesn’t happen?

4. Page Load Times

I have noticed that the first time you load your theme, the loading icon appears for a while before the actual site finally shows up.

I am worried that for SEO purposes this slow load time will always prevent any pages that use your theme from ranking well. The Googlebot may just give us because it’s taking so long. Any thoughts on how this can be improved?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for contacting our support.

1. I guess this is a custom feature. Themeforest doesn’t support for adding custom feature for free, but we can assure that you can hire our developer team to add this custom feature to your site.

2. You can do it by triggering another section from init.js (After copying the section from html)

3. Can you please send us a screenshot so we can fix this if it is bug?

4. High quality images take time to load. If you want to reduce load time you can use simple color background for slider and other parallax sections. This is a one page template. We had to gather a lot of thing in one page. This loading time isn’t a problem for google bot to index site or ranking site. Just make sure to add all meta details, alt tag details and other SEO stuffs. For you kind information google and other search engine don’t load any images they just scrape the site and get information from front end source code.

let us know if you need anything to know.

Kind regrets EvenFly Team

You also have a bug in your “Blog” section.

It displays correctly in Chrome, but in FireFox the image does not display centered in the box and looks poor. This is visible even in your demo.

I see in your last reply you suggested charging me to assist with adding more ‘videos’..... would you like me to charge you to beta test and identify all the bugs in your code? =)


Here is the themeforest support terms/policy http://themeforest.net/item/imx-responsive-html5-resume-template-v12/8012659/support comes with the product you purchase.

We cordially thank you and we appreciate your help to find the bug however we can not pay for this but fixing it. :)

We’ll notify you shortly as soon we release the update.

Feel free to let us know if you see any bug else. Our job is to do our best :)


Hi, I’m writing to let you know that, we fixed the bug you reported. Please download the latest version :)


Hi! Wonderful theme!

One question, I’m editing the “Full Color” template and I want to add an image into the parallax section, but remove the numbers and all, and just make it a simple image to scroll behind the page. How would I add that image? Here’s my template screenshot.


Hi There,

Thanks for contacting with us, we used the bootstrap grid. In the About section you will see two div with “col-md-6” class, remove the first one and change the second div class from “col-md-6 to “col-md-12”. Now you know how to tweak a little to make the text center. let us know if you need further assistant.

Regards EvenFly

It worked, thank you for your support!

Great! :)

Feel free to let us know anything if you need assistance on anything else. And we would love to get your rating on our template. You can do it from the download page. A good feedback and rating will be very helpful and inspiring for us to continue the good works :)


I bought it and I am quite happy, also using your customized template for the V-Card. I have only problems with the Contact form. I tried several email addresses and it is not working. Following the template (“destination email address”) I do not have to change anything in the php file, but I looked also in the section-question.php. I really do not understand where is the bug or what I would have to adapt to make it work. Thanks for support

Hi Lazerman,

Please leave a mail with your cpnale/ftp details and wp-admin access, We will review and fix it.

Thank you for contacting with us.


Hi! Two days ago I bought this theme! It is my first HTML/CSS project but so far so good!

I only have two issues:

1. The video pop-up does not play any video, not even with the out of the box version of the theme. (In the live preview of themeforest I can see how it works perfectly though).

2. In the portfolio section I would like to get rid of the effects, I just want to keep the image grid, and link each image to a page. Which jquery script should I have to look into? Or maybe easier.. which lines of code should I erase?

Thank you for your great work guys!

Hi, Thank you for contacting with us.

1. Can you share a link with us or you can mail us with the source code at support@evenfly.com we will look at it.

2. In the css file find the portfolio section, all css located there, you can simply disable the effect from there (check the hover related css) and in the image grid you can add button or any text as you like.

Thank you

I already sent you an e-mail for the first question.

Lastly, could you be more specific on how to add a text + button to the images? That would be even better than getting rid of the pop-up effect. What I wish is a pop-up with the image, some text below and then link to the project itself.

And how to avoid the cursor becoming a ’+’ symbol? In which css file I can find that?

Thanks for your fast reply, much appreciated.

Have a nice one!

Please check your mail, we replied.

Nice work!

One question. I noticed that on the inside pages (like Blog), the static navigation at top disappears when I scroll down, then comes back after I’ve scrolled further. It’s like it’s being calculated based on the height of the home page with the large image.

Is there an easy fix for this?


Hello Asif,

Thanks for your reply. If you look at the Female version, Color, with no-animation, you will find the problem:


I got it, we will update the template soon, but you can fix it yourself, just find the css line

.blogfeed .fixed-nav {
  z-index: 999;
and replace it with
.blogfeed .fixed-nav {
  z-index: 999;
  position: fixed;

Thanks for contacting with us. We appreciate your report.

Thanks for the quick reply and the fix!

Hi again, Another quick question for you. The template is working well, BTW!

However, when the browser is resized while viewing the home page, the testimonial thumbnail pictures disappear.

We’ve checked init.js and looked for any obvious problems, but haven’t found any. Is there a quick fix for this?


I think we’ve fixed it. Here’s what we did, all in init.js:

wrapped the following lines in a function that we called owlInitThumbs(), then invoked it immediately after.

    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(0).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/01.png" />');
    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(1).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/02.png" />');
    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(2).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/03.png" />');
    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(3).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/04.png" />');

So, it’s

function owlInitThumbs()
    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(0).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/01.png" />');
    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(1).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/02.png" />');
    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(2).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/03.png" />');
    $('#testimonial .owl-page span').eq(3).html('<img src="homeassets/img/testimonial/04.png" />');


We then added the afterUpdate event handler to call the new function too :

autoPlay : 10000,
afterUpdate: owlInitThumbs

Please let us know if there’s a better way!

Hi, thanks for the reporting. We actually never noticed that issue until your report. I’ll forward your suggestion to the developer team and it’ll be fixed in next update.


I bought this theme and love it. I have 2 questions, though, and cannot find the answers doing a search the comments.

1- I do not want a video in my ABOUT section, I would rather that just be a static photo. How do i change it so the thumbnail does not link to anything and try to open up a video?

2- Is there anyway to make the Items larger once you click them in th portfolio? I mean, in th portfolio, when you click an image it pops over a slightly larger image with the text description and a button. Is there anyway to make that Image bigger/higher, to support images that look better portrait sized as opposed to horizontally?


Hey, Did you buy this? I think you need support for the WordPress version, don’t you?

FYI, our IMX WordPress theme is now renamed to Hello-Client. Please comment in the right place or you can just mail us at support@evenfly.com with your purchase code (we will understand from this which product you bought)

Thank you

yes, i bought it in november for wordpress… i will go over to that comment thread and leave a reply, thanks

You are welcome

Can someone please assist me in adding my email to the subscription list and how it works?

I have a client to sends out newsletters to individuals who are subscribed to her, Can i integrate this feature to work for them?

Thank you!

Alright Ovtiers, You need to create an account in mailchimp or any other email service provider you like then they will give you a form code to place in your site. you need to paste and style those code in a small editor, you will find this in IMX Options > Subscribe Section.

I hope you will get it, let us know if you are not, we are happy to help you.

Thank you for contacting with us.

I am slightly confused, perhaps you can walk me through it a little more. Where will I find this code using gmail? I also noticed in the documentation that it says I need a link?

Yah you need to replace the link later first of all you need to make an account on mailchimp ( we prefer ) and create a form. After form creation you will get some HTML code. In that code you will see a action URL, you will need to replace it in our theme panel. Grab the code first then I can help you to use it.

Thank you

Hey guys, great template. Happily paid for it and it is working fine.

I would like to have the skills charts load automatically when the page loads instead of being connected to the scroll.

Would you be able to let me know how I would go about turning off that scroll requirement so the skill charts are always visible? I assume it would be an edit to the init.js file. It would be very awesome if you could help me with that.


Thank you for your query, to do this you need to edit init.js file Yah you know it.

I’m commenting those lines you need to remove to make the skills always visible. I hope it will be easy for you to understand. Let us know if you don’t understand something.

If you satisfied with our service we expect a rating and comment from you :)

Thank you

// chart for skill section start (working)

if ($('#skills').length) {

    var inView = false;

    function isScrolledIntoView(elem)
        var docViewTop = $(window).scrollTop();
        var docViewBottom = docViewTop + $(window).height();

        var elemTop = $(elem).offset().top;
        var elemBottom = elemTop + $(elem).height();

        return ((elemTop <= docViewBottom) && (elemBottom >= docViewTop));

    var photoshop    =   [{value : 90, color : "#aed57c",}, {value : 10, color : "#eff7e5"},];
    var html         =   [{value : 100, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 0, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var php          =   [{value : 80, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 20, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var wordpress    =   [{value : 85, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 15, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var illustrator  =   [{value : 50, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 50, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var css          =   [{value : 85, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 15, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var python       =   [{value : 60, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 40, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var joomla       =   [{value : 70, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 30, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var indesign     =   [{value : 40, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 60, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var js           =   [{value : 55, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 45, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var ruby         =   [{value : 35, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 65, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var magento      =   [{value : 65, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 35, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var image_ready  =   [{value : 70, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 30, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var jquery       =   [{value : 85, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 15, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var java_skill   =   [{value : 40, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 60, color : "#eff7e5"}];
    var bigcommerce  =   [{value : 80, color : "#aed57c"}, {value : 20, color : "#eff7e5"}];

    // $(window).scroll(function() {
        // if (isScrolledIntoView('#skills')) {
            // if (inView) { return; }
            // inView = true;
            new Chart(document.getElementById("photoshop").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(photoshop);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("html").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(html);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("php").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(php);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("wordpress").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(wordpress);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("illustrator").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(illustrator);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("css").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(css);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("python").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(python);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("joomla").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(joomla);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("indesign").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(indesign);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("js").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(js);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("ruby").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(ruby);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("magento").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(magento);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("image_ready").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(image_ready);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("jquery").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(jquery);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("java_skill").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(java_skill);
            new Chart(document.getElementById("bigcommerce").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(bigcommerce);
        // } else {
        //     if ($(window).width() >=1024) {;
        //         inView = false;  
        //     }
        // }
    // });

// chart for skill section end

Thank you very much EvenFly! Totally awesome of you to do that for me. I’ll absolutely give you a great rating and a great recommendation as you quite clearly deserve. Thanks again

Thanks! We appreciate it. Feel free to let us know if you need help on anything anytime. :)

I just wanted to stop by again to read comments. I’ll take the opportunity to mention again that this is a great template, even though I said it before. It’s like pulling teeth to get me to buy something, but this is clearly a purchase that is worthwhile and never regretted for a moment.

We appreciate our feedback, thank you so much :)

According to google chrome: Uncaught Reference Error: isPause is not defined

init.js line 78 isPause = true;

As far as I’m aware, I haven’t edited this section anymore than changing pictures. http://englishufo.com/error.png

I understand your problem please delete those line from this file

  function pauseOnDragging(){
      isPause = true;


startDragging : pauseOnDragging,

Hope everything will be ok, we’ll launch an update soon. Thank you

sure, I appreciate that. the only problem is that then the testimonial carousel thumbnails will go blank if the browser window is resized after it has loaded. Not a big deal because not common, but just letting you know

Thanks for the report. I’ll check it too. Thank you :)