Discussion on Inbound WordPress Landing Page Theme

Discussion on Inbound WordPress Landing Page Theme

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TYour demo is not working

Hi there. Do you recommend a specific way to install Google Fonts locally? In Germany / Austria many people currently receive letters from layers that try to make money from any website using Google Fonts, based on their weird interpretation of the GDPR. One of my customers uses your Inbound theme and I would like to load those Google Fonts locally. Thanks, Christian Toller tethis IT

Demo offline and Theme isn’t up to date. Actually is WP 5.8.x you should update your themes.

We have discontinued development of this theme. It’s only compatible with the WordPress versions listed on the themeforest pages.

I’m having a malfunction while trying to change the header logo. When I press the remove image button, nothing happens. Can I get some help?


Hello. This theme is not rated as compatible with WordPress 5.5 or higher, as listed on themeforest. If you are using the theme with an incompatible WordPress version, you might experience issues in the backend.

hi, I can’t change the logo “inbound” in the header of the site. How can I fix it? thanks

Profiles > [active profile] > Header > Logo

Hi! we are experiencing problems due to the version of the theme. We need to run it on wordpress 5.5, but from what I saw you haven’t updated the theme since 2018. Is that right? How are users who need to update wordpress? Are they without support?

Hello. This theme is not rated as compatible with WordPress 5.5, as listed on themeforest. Under themeforest’s current submission guidelines, we can no longer release an update without rewriting the theme from scratch, due to which we have discontinued support.

Hi. I was about to purchase this theme and then realized it hasn’t been updated since 2018. Does it work with the current version of WordPress? Any plans to update the theme?

Hello. This theme is not currently compatible with WordPress 5.5

is this theme compatible with latest woocommerce?

The theme has not been tested with any recent versions of WooCommerce. The latest guaranteed to be compatible is the one listed on themeforest.

How can I covert this theme to Pure Html Css Js

I’m afraid that’s not a service we offer; the theme was not developed from an HTML/CSS template.

Do you have a checkout page with your landing pages where visitors can pay with all the major payment options and we just need to connect our account to it?

Thanks for you help

Hi there. This is a WordPress theme, so if you want shopping cart features, you need a shopping cart plug-in like WooCommerce. The theme integrates with WooCommerce.

Hello, why did you not update this theme anymore?

See the above question, please :)

Hi, I’d like to use this template for a client (I previously worked on a site that used your JustLanded theme and it was incredibly well-made, resulting in a beautiful site), but I’m concerned that this one hasn’t been updated for nearly 2 years. I’d hate to build my client’s site using this, then find out a month from now that it has compatibility issues with a new version of Wordpress, or a common plugin update.

You previously responded to a similar question that you were aiming to release a major update in Q1 of 2019, but it’s the end of Q4 and almost in 2020, and still no update.

Soooo… any update on the update?

Thank you for your interest, and my apologies for the wait. We are not currently receiving comments notifications.

WordPress theme development guidelines on themeforest changed since we began development on a planned update for our themes Inbound and Off the Shelf, meaning that we would not be able to issue an update without major redevelopment and in the process also breaking compatibility for existing customers. We would not be able to offset those development with sales from this marketplace and will instead focus our energy on developing new themes.

Inbound and Off the Shelf remain compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and function as expected, and we are monitoring these products for breaking changes that would require a maintenance update, which we would still release to customers. But we are not currently planning new features for the reasons mentioned above.

Does this use Visual Composer?

No, the theme uses SiteOrigin Page Builder as its visual page builder.

Hey, I am thinking of purchasing this theme. However, just one question. Is there a way I can show reviews with photos under a product?

Hey there… reviews are a feature of WooCommerce and that works out of the box. We don’t know about the plug-in you mentioned, though.

Oh perfect. Also on the product landing page, the top banner, can you have a video instead of an image?

Certainly, you can add any media supported by WordPress and the page builder. Please contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com if you need help.

Where can I customize the “OTS Opt-In forms”? You mentioned to another user that they were available as a “demo plugin”, but I cannot locate the plugin in WordPress plugin library/store.

Hi there! Please always contact customer support for any tech support questions, via support@shapingrain.com. There is no such demo plug-in, and I am not sure what you are referring to; the opt-in form feature allows you to add HTML embedding code to a page, as provided by third party providers. Please contact support if you need further assistance.

hi, i’m having problems using shortcodes in the banner and in the other areas like modal…it simply shows the shortcode text…is there a special way i’m supposed to implement the use of shortcodes?

Hi there. No, there isn’t. However, shortcodes are not supported in every part of the theme (e.g. not every widget supports them). Please contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com if you need help.

It is possible to have different bg color for header and sticky header? After that it is possible to have call to action button on header? Thank you,

We provide great products with excellent and timely support, 7 days a week, for customers with a valid support subscription. In your case, we also answered 2 of your questions as a courtesy. If you would like to renew your support subscription, we would be happy to help you address other issues you might be experiencing as well. Access to updates is free for the product lifetime by the way; we have released 11 of those, and are currently working on a big one to provide full Gutenberg support. You only pay for access to customer support, after your 6 months of included support have expired, not for access to updates. Have a good day :)

Yes. :) Great product and support. Enjoy the evening!

Thank you. To you as well :)

PRE-SALE QUESTION: Does this theme support Visual Composer, and if not, how is the backend interface?

Perfect, thanks.

2ND QUESTION: Can I combine sections/elements from different theme templates to create a 100% custom theme/template? There are certain elements and layout sections I’d prefer to “frankenstein” into a custom layout for our organization. Can this be done without any custom coding?

All the elements are just widgets that can be used on any page in any combination. You can’t copy directly from one demo template to another, but you can easily recreate any part of any demo you like. I suggest to start with the demo that comes closest, then get rid of the parts you don’t need and just go from there. You can also build a page from scratch, if you don’t like any of the demos. Contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com if you need help anywhere.

Thank you.

I’ve been using Inbound for almost 2 years now, it suits my purposes so well. I rated it 5 stars then, and it’s still a 5 star theme now. Last week I started testing using my contact form 7 in a Modal, using a INB Button to trigger the Modal. The contact form is working perfect on the Contact Us page and in a widget. The form opens in the Modal perfectly, using “Modal Content (Raw HTML/Text)”. However, in the modal it won’t send any mail. If I click the Send button, nothing happens. Latest updated of Inbound used and no extra plugins added on my site, except for required Inbound plugins and Contact Form 7.

So, before I spend any further time and effort on this problem, I want to ask if it’s possible at all, to use a Contact Form 7 in a Modal, triggered by a IBN Button?

Hi there! We haven’t tested CF7 in a modal window triggered by a call to action button, but please feel free to contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com if you need help :)

Hello, How do I select the agency theme inbound to buy it???

Hi there! Inbound is just one theme, there’s nothing extra to buy. You can just follow the steps the theme suggests upon activation, or manually import that demo via Theme Options > Templates. Please contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com if you need any help with that.


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