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Hi Kriesi, I just upgraded to the latest theme version… but now I cannot find the bbpress forum sidebar. I’m pretty sure one was there before. I have different widgets for my forum pages. I re-installed bbpress and that didnt help. Thanks for your help

Hey! Please open a thread in our support forum:

Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials (in the “private data” field) when opening the thread, so we can take a look at your backend.

Cheers! Kriesi

Hi Kriesi, I’m interested in purchasing your theme but I need to add a search box/function to the top right of the homepage. (And I don’t see a search function anywhere in the theme.) Is this an easy change? Can your support forums help me do this? Thanks!

Hey! You can easily add a search field in the sidebar of each page. however adding the search function to the header for example would probably require some more work. we can provide basic help on where to add the function to create the search forum and a little styling but we cant provide a fully fledged customization that is tested accross all devices and operating system :)

Does this theme work with Polylang?

Hey! I am afraid we only fully support WPML. The theme is not tested with polylang so although there is a good chance that it works just fine I can’t guarantee it…


rev66 Purchased

Hello, I just bought this template, and I was really hoping I could replace the current slider with revolution slider which I currently own license to use. Could you please advice how I could go about doing that.

Kriesi, one month ago I posted a comment asking about Polylang support. You responded saying “we only fully support WPML.” Ok, so I purchase your theme, then purchase WPML. From the beginning I experience problems within theme. After posting my issues on your support forum your support moderators tell me it’s because Incarnation doesn’t fully support WPML. That’s a big surprise! Especially because you told me it did and WPML is listed as a theme feature. I requested an Enfold license as a replacement for Incarnation. I hear Enfold fully supports WPML. I’m waiting for a response from your support moderators. -Romina aka marchelive

Hi Kriesi, Is it possible that I don’t display events from one category on the Event Countdown?

Hey! I am afraid that this is currently not possible. we use a few functions from the event calendar to fetch the next upcoming entries and I see no option to exclude certain categories from the query :/

Hi Kriesi, Where can I change the font size on the main menu? Is there a option? or where can I find the CSS coding?

Your theme is not compatible with php 7

Hey! We recently updated all our themes. It is now ;)

Everytime I try to embed a youtube video or something to this template, it shrinks it to about 20×20 automatically and never appears in the dimension I used. Please help fix.

I have been trying for a month to contact you because I cannot get access to the support forum. The forum is saying that my purchase code is already registered. I have e-mailed you from within themeforest as well as via the presales and you have not responded. Further, since I updated the theme I can no longer add/delete/modify my menu in the dashboard. my hosting company gave me this response:

The menu modification page does not work due to a javascript error.

ReferenceError: columns is not defined ...boxes.add_postbox_toggles(“nav-menus”),columns.useCheckboxesForHidden(),columns….

This is being caused by the theme itself. Please contact the incarnation theme developers for an update to theme or inform them of the bug.

When are you going to offer support for this issue?

Hello: Since we are technically still under support and are not receiving it we have requested a refund with paypal. We REALLY love the theme and really hoped to keep using it but since our support requests are being ignored we will have to purchase a different theme. I really hope you become more responsive in the future.


wb3net Purchased

Hallo Nach der Installation ist das Backend in English. Auch der Event-Kalender. Wie kann ich das auf Deutsch umstellen. Ich finde nichts wie z.B. Language-Setup. Danke.

Is there a plugin or something to update the style of the mobile menu?

Is anyone going to respond or is there no support?

On the sermons page, is there any way to add a paragraph of text before the sermon listings? Also is there a way to have them ordered by name, rather than by date? Thanks.

please update to support the latest WP Version 4.5.2


robbyc Purchased

Can you please release an update for “Incarnation – Church and Community Theme”? The latest version of WP is not displaying the slideshow ?


robbyc Purchased

all good now! i updated theme!


ratios Purchased

Hey Kriesi, I have the latest theme version. I also have the Events Calendar Pro but the themes built-in events calendar is not allowing me to install the Pro version. How can I fully remove the built-in events calendar? Thanks


erotsan Purchased

Hi Kriesi, I just bought your theme and I have imported the dummy. However homepage banner and some other elements are broken and are not displaying right. Please suggest how to current this. See link Thank you

Hi, I have used your enfold theme on a few projects and I LOVE IT so much. However my clients like this Incarnation theme for a personal pastor/church site. Do you think I should buy another license for the enfold theme and make it look like this or should I just get this Incarnation theme. If I do get this Incarnation theme, does it come with the enfold style page builder?


exmx Purchased

Hello is the template is working with WP 4.5.2 … axtually the slider on homepage is not working ? urgent !! thanks

Hi I am looking at buying this theme but I dont need events etc so i wonder if I am better buying enfold instead? So could you tell me if I can make enfold look like this with the background like bluesky etc? If i stick with this theme will it be kept updated?