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Built-in Events Calendar traslation doesn’t work. It’s a bug or just happen on my installation?


I have a client that is need of theme like this one. Love it…! But I am wondering if there is a way to somehow sync their Outlook calendar for events into the theme’s calendar. They are trying to keep from have double entry and they have a lot of events. I believe they are using Outlook with Exchange server.

Also do you or anyone else out their have some good suggestions for both audio sermons as well as video ones? Possibly even a service or a way to have them live and then archived for later viewing.

Hey I purchased this theme, however, I am unable to upload it. It is saying The package could not be installed. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature. What do I do

Sincerely, Milton

Hey I am having an issue with the widgets not showing the correct widgets for different pages?

The website is


I purchased this theme. Love it, but can’t install it =( Doesn’t have the css style sheet. I contacted support, I’ve watched the video and done both loading the folder to my ftp manually and also the zip file with just the theme itself. Can you help me? my site is a temporary site that isn’t live yet. Not sure what else to do… Thanks!

Can a contact form be added to the home page slider?

I had give you guys 4 stars for this theme when I purchased it. But after needing help with the theme and connecting with your Support Forum – I went back and gave you a FULL 5 STARS! Your support is the best I’ve ever found on Themeforest! THANK YOU!

Great Theme. Love the Aesthetic Appeal. Can you please send me a bill for it to Would be extremely helpful.

Bill it to: Jeanette Bousset Zeltinger Strasse 23 13465, Berlin

Thanks in advance, Jeanette

The CONTACT FORM BUILDER: will we be able to create multiple forms? Thanks a lot (great theme!)

Does it come with a SEARCH? (ah… I just looked up. Am I wasting my breath here?)

is it wordpress 3.5 ready?

Install failed due to missing style.css stylesheet. Please advise ASAP as this is very disappointing. EDIT: Disregard. I realized that I uploaded the wrong zip and didn’t use the one that’s inside the folder. All is good with the install.

So… I have to use a add_filter in the functions.php file to get rid of your backlink?

When I remove it from footer.php the page won’t save. Is this you protecting your backlink, or could this be another issue?

Hey, the theme is working well I just had a question about the front page. I seem to be able to change all the text in the columns etc but the text under the sermon page that says “The page content here will not be displayer if you have selected this page as overview page.” I edited it in the page editor but it still says that old text. Any ideas? Thanks Jim

I am interested in this theme, just have couple of questions? 1). Can I add a sermon, scripture plugin to it 2). Can I include bbpress? look forward to hearing from you Thanks Rebecca

Hey I want to use this theme for a Mary Kay website. Its very event based and she needs an archive for training docs. Figured this would work well for that. HOWEVER, can you categorize sermons? Because there are different categories of training docs I would like to organize (rather than reading them all in a blog loop).

I have one question, are the podcasts iTunes ready?

Hello, thank you for creating this theme. We think it is awesome. This is just a question on functionality for the contact page. INstead of having an image in the slideshow area, would it be possible to integrate a google map? What would the modifications be to get that done ?

Thank you ,


Am I missing something on how to integrate the forum ? Is there a brief explanation somewhere?

Nevermind, I figured it out … Right on :) Christian

Thanks, your framework is great, an awesome easy to socket and to customize solution. Awesome stuff