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I am extremely interested in purchasing this template. Is there anyway you can put ecommerce to this theme?

I want to be able to have my clients select a class/course to see what is available at what day and time and to be able to pay for it on the go.

Is this possible?


Hi Will this theme work with videos.


Hey, for some reason the slide shows arnt functioning correctly. It show the first and then will manually go to the second slide but after that it will not change slides at all. Any ideas? Thanks

What an Awesome theme! Great work on this one, Kriesi! I’m thinking about purchasing it, but before I do, I had just one quick question. Can I easily add a video in the home page slider?

Please let me know. Thanks.

How do you test for accessibility? I get a poor result on the demo: Might there be fixes in future versions? Thanks a lot

Hello, I am VERY new to wordpress and just bought your incarnation template. Its the sweetest I´ve seen so far. Could you give me a lending hand on how to make my website look exactly as the demo, for that was the reason I purchased it. I have tried to add new pages and delete the ones that came with the dummy, but I seem not to ba able to change the headers, I mean the buttons at the top. I also do not know how to get to change the pictures in the slide of the first page. Kindly be patient with me, just starting out. Joseph.

I recently bought this theme to setup a site for a client and it’s awesome! Nice work Kriesi! Keep it up. Just one question. My client wants to have a membership area on the site where users will have the ability to access and download certain materials and documents. Is it possible to do this with the Incarnation theme, or will I need to add an additional plugin? Please let me know, as this is time sensitive.


Hi There can someone guide me which file is the experts text and the red buttons that links to the ” from the latest sermons”

Hey there,

Purchased this item a little while back and was wondering if there was any way that I could, from my end adjust the size of the header. I want to know if I have the ability through word press to make the header narrow?


This looks like a really nice theme; thinking of buying it for at least one client. My main concern: not seeing any responses from the developer here.

Is the countdown timer at the top removable?

yes it does.

Can someone help my slide will stop and will not automatically start again.

I have the same problem. Please if you already have an idea, help me.

Hi, i have a presale question.

Does the forum include options for restrict the visualization only to users with specific privileges?

In my case, I need two forums: one for students (open for everybody), and other for teachers ( visible only for them).

Hi I’d like to purchase this theme sometime today. Quick questions: - is there a demo file available in the download? I find it easier to work from the demo - am I allowed to change the bottom footer/company name? - are the iTunes podcast plugin included? - are the events on the calendar inputted via posts? Or is it a separate plugin for the calendar?


I want to remove the breadcrumbs to the right of the page title and replace them with icons. What .php file should I be looking for to achieve this?

IE 8 issue with thumbs appearing squashed.

SOLUTION Find this section in file base.css and comment out max-width.

img, a img { border:none; padding: 0; margin:0; display:inline-block; /max-width: 100%;/ height:auto; image-rendering: optimizeQuality; }

IE8 hates this and I’ve not yet noticed adverse effects


Hi all! I really like this theme and I’m considering getting it. Just wondering if there is any kind of support from the Author? I’m a newbie here so I’ll definitely need some help. Thanks

It’s concerning to me that you haven’t replied to any of the questions on this forum… I’m interested in purchasing, but if you do not support it, then I definitely will not be buying this template.