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Is this theme eCommerce/wooCommerce compatible? Thx

I’d like to see what the calendar events look like, especially in the Event List (I’m assuming agenda) view, but there aren’t any events so it’s just an empty calendar without any visuals. Can you populate it with something so it can work how it’s going to when you buy it?

Does this theme support Ignition Deck’s plugin? We have purchased this plugin and would love for it to work with your theme. If not, what donation plug in do you recommend?

Contemplating purchasing but have same question as Swagtastic (WooCommerce) and ChepsChups (Ignition Deck) plugin compatibility. Building site for nonprofit which has to be able to receive donations and/or make requests. Thanks!

Contemplating purchasing but have same question as Swagtastic (WooCommerce) and ChepsChups (Ignition Deck) plugin compatibility. Building site for nonprofit which has to be able to sell + receive donations. Thanks!

WordPress 3.6 Update

Hey Guys! We just released an update for WordPress 3.6 which fixes a Slider issue and some other smaller problems.

If you have any issues please update to the latest theme version :) In case you run into problems feel free to open a support thread:

Hello…. Very interested in this theme, I also echo the others. Are there any plans (& timeline) to implement Commerce and Donation systems into this theme like many other themes are for Woocommerce for example?

Very much needed.

Hey! Currently there are no plans to do so, sorry…

Man that’s depressing…. As you can see, it’s a very popular request. I’m certain you would sale more of this theme if you did.

BTW, one that is limiting sales….

1. Like, are there different variations of the slider/homepage and what slider is being used?

2. Also of the Tab shortcode could you also add a “side Tab” version?

And of course really need integration of commerce and donation.

Hey Kriesi,

are you planning on integrating the events calendar 3.x? Right now, if I update the calendar, it crashes the layout.

Best, Markus

Hey! Unfortunately the 3.0 calendar is rewritten from ground up and does not play well with the way we have added it to the theme. I will probably need to request a few extra filters and hooks, and if they are added I will then be able to upgrade the theme…

Where can I find the update for Incarnation so the slider will work also in WP 3.6 ?

Hey! Just download the theme again here: :)

The theme-update that i want to download is missing in the list of updates.. There are only four and Incarnation is not one of them..

Hey! Incarnation does not support auto updates (yet, will be added with the next release). For now you have to go to and re-download the latest version

Everything looks good on this template. The only problem I have is that I am not able to upload images. Is there something I need to edit in the template files to make this work?

Hm no, should not be necessary. Are yourunning any plugins that might interfere? If yes please deactivate them one by one and see if it starts working. Otherwise: are you able to upload images with the default wordpress theme? If thats not the case than I guess its not a theme issue. If you can upload with the default theme It probably is a theme issue and we will need to take a close look. in that case : Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

I am looking into purchasing this theme. I am just wondering one thing, would it be possible to have a welcome video hosted on YouTube in place of the Sermons and About Us photos/paragraphs on the home page? The video would take up the space of both of those items combined.


Yes thats possible. the template builder allows you to choose how many columns to display and also the width of those columns


I need to have Search placed in the header to the right of the last menu item. I can not find anyway except by Widget to have a search box displayed.

Any ideas how I can do this?


I would recommend to use the php function


Somewhere in your header.php file, then align it with some css code. There is unfortunately no built-in way to do this….

Hello Kriesi, This is a beautiful theme but I have found a few flaws with it. The client who is using this has defined over 60 separate sidebars for different pages. Whenever she wants to add a new sidebar, it shifts all the existing widgets into the wrong sidebars. Is there anything I can do to make it so that it adds a new sidebar area after all the existing widgets (so it won’t mess up the other 60 sidebars)? I know this is going to be a problem for them in the future so I’d like to get started on a fix now. Also, I’m having some problems with the full width slider. For some reason, after you click on a navigation icon (left or right), the navigation icons no longer function and it gets stuck on that slide. Do you think you could take a look at it for me?

Hey! Your slider issue should be resolved easily by updating to the latest theme version. thats an issue that was introduced with wp 3.6

As for the sidebar issue: the theme is really not deigned to support that many sidebars, and unfortunately wordpress is not really designed to add sidebars dynamically. However I think there are some plugins out there that add it with a different technique tat might work better than the themes. Would recommend to search for such a plugin and try that instead of the theme function

Greetings, buy the template but I want this page is not about photos

Sorry, but I have no Idea what exactly you want…

I can’t find the instructions on updating. Can I install via the uploader or do I need to do an ftp?

Hey! You can do both. If you want to use the uploader you need to delete the old template folder first. Your database and options settings wont be affected by this :)


Hi there!

How do I increase the size of the social icons? I think its a bit small on my webpage


Are you talking about the icons in your header? I am afraid you would need to replace the images in folder incarnaction/images/icons with bigger versions of those icons

Can the main page be used without a slider?

Yes of course ;D

Any plans on integrating the visual layout builder that you use in Enfold in this and your other themes?

Also any plan for WooCommerce capabilities?

Hey! I am sorry but its a no for both. at this point I am busy keeping up with the requests for enfold. once they slow down I will think about adding the builder to other themes but there is no saying if and when this will happen :)

I’d take WooCommerce support over the layout builder if you ever get the chance; although both would be welcome. I’ll keep an eye out on any future updates. :)


we bought this theme because it says in the description it’s fully compatible with event calendar pro plugin. Bu until now I couldn’t even get the current event calendar 3.1 to work properly. And the support forum says it’s not compatible. I feel somehow tricked into buying this. When does this get fixed? Thanks!

Hey! Sorry for the confusion. the theme comes with version 2.0 of the plugin and will activate the plugin automatically if no other events calendar plugin is active. The reason it does not quite work with 3.0 is that the 3+ release use a completely different code base that was not compatible with the way the theme handles some of the functionality. therefore I need to wait for an update that introduces some compatibility features that the old version had…

ok, I see, but you still say it’s compatible with the event calendar pro – how do I get that to work?

Its compatible with the pro 2.0 version. If you get your hands on that you simply activate it and are good to go ;)