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Happy Holidays Kriesi. Do you have a date in mind when the theme will be updated?

I Guess Not.

The support staff on the site are telling people to not update to 3.8 and to revert to 3.7.1 if they have done so.

The version of the Events calendar bundled with this theme was outdated (pre EC v3.x) prior to WP 3.8. It doesn’t appear to be playing nicely with WP 3.8 and is causing bugs with duplicating content 4x in the widget well as any content in an event that was added prior to 3.8 (only once it’s been edited).

Additionally once you add a slideshow image to an event you cannot remove it. When you delete the slide and save the event; the slide re-appears.

While I very much appreciate the fact that plugins are made compatible/bundled with the Kriesi themes, stopping people from upgrading to or telling them to revert from a major release isn’t ok. If you’re going to bundle a plugin with your theme and the plugin becomes outdated because new standalone versions of said plugin aren’t compatible (thus locking users to your bundled version), unfortunately, I believe it’s on the theme developer to start fixing any bugs that arise; including the ones that occur when users upgrade their WP versions and the bundled plugin starts causing errors.

I have read that you haven’t been able to get as deep an integration with your theme and the new EC 3.x (this was pre WP 3.8). I downloaded/installed/tested the standalone 3.x plugin (prefer to use the plugin anyway) with Incarnation (since using the standalone overrides the built in version) the only thing that seemed to not to work was the Events page template. The ticker seemed fine etc.

Anyway, long story short, WP3.8 is apparently not safe to use if you’re using this theme with the Event Calendar feature since the EC version that is bundled is outdated and not compatible with 3.8.

WP 3.8 has almost been out a full month. Please fix this!

Hey there, I am working on customizing this template, and for some reason only 2 slides show on the home page. I have added 4 slides to the “featured media – add any number of images and/or videos”, and only 2 show. I am putting these images into the section on a page that will be displayed on the home page. Can you assist?


Best way is probably to update via ftp. Here is a tutorial for this:

Thank You, You’re the best! One other question….I am using the Gallery and I have multiple galleries set up (different categories of photos). On the individual category gallery pages, there is a long menu under the photos; I think this may be the layout of these pages? I don’t see an option on the right to change this layout. How do I change the layout of the individual gallery page(s)? – Thanks!

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently only on an ipad and its hard to debug any problems here ;)

Please add a link to your site so we can look at what you are describing ;)


I’m having to make some customizations and add buddypress to this theme. It seems to be working okay except for that the “Sermons” are interfering with it. Can I easily deactivate or remove the “Sermon” portions? In order to get it to work?

Hey! Mind opening a thread in our support forum with a link to the site and a description of the problem the sermons are causing? If we don’t find a smart way around this we certainly can help you deactivating the sermon custom post type :)

Is there a way to make the sermons automatically populate an RSS feed? Please let me know. We would like that RSS feed to funnel into our iTunes Podcast. Thanks!

Sorry but I am not sure about that. If so its not a theme feature but a worpress feature so I would recommend to either search on google how to provide an rss feed for a custom post type or use a plugin that can do that :)

Calendar is crap on this theme. Once it is updated it completely messes up. I have had this problem ever since events Calendar Updated over a year ago and Kriesi has not fixed the issue.

Is this issue going to fixed?

Yes. We are in the process of hiring more people to take care of issues like this :)

When will 3.8 compatibility be introduced? I don’t want to downgrade. This is pretty bad—slideshows don’t work properly, etc etc yet 3.8 has been out for over a month. What gives?

Great theme. Very new to wordpress and able to navigate through the theme and plugins. Two questions: Which plugin did you use to place the pictures in the body of the homepage (sermon, about us, contact us)? And how to do I delete the word “Home” from the home page? Thanks

Same as #2 above: you need to use the template builder for these kind of layouts and add the page split element.

I would recommend to use the dummy content import at incarnation->theme options which will set up your site similar to the theme demo. its much easier to learn how to use the template if everything is already in place :)

Excellent! It worked.

great :)


When will there be an update to the theme so it is compatible with WordPress 3.8? There needs to be a definitive answer on when it is available. I posted on the support forum with same question as well. If we don’t get a answer in 2-3 days, I’m moving on. Thanks.

Hey! I am sorry for my delay, its pretty much at the top of my todo list but I had to update our woocommerce themes first, due to the higher number of customers…

Any way you can set reoccurring events for the calendar?

Not that I know of sorry…

i cannot figure out how to ask questions at support. I need to know if i can first create my website in english and then later before i deliver it to my client change the language to Spanish? please reply

hello. Can you help me? I have some problems with the theme installation, I cann´t install it, It gaves me an error. :’(

Hey! Which error exactly?

Will this work on Wordpress 3.8?

Our avia slider stops at the 2nd slide and stops. This goes for all slider settings. Help?

Please make sure to update the theme to the latest version. as far as I know this is a bug that only appears on older theme versions :)

Great! Where do i download the latest version?

Does anyone know if this is compatible with Wordpress 3.8. I’d love to purchase, but I’m looking to have something complete within the next few days.


The support site says this is now compatible with WP 3.9.

Has Incarnation been updated to work with Events Calendar 3.x.x or is the bundled version of EC that comes with the theme still using pre EC 3.x.x ?

I’d like to be able to use the standalone EC but previously users weren’t able to upgrade since EC 3.x.x was not compatible with the theme. Is that still the case?


Hey! The theme currently does not support the 3.X version but I am working on it and hope to release an update within the next week, so I would recommend to wait before you update ;)

Cheers! Kriesi

Excellent news!

I’ll hold off on any updates then. Thanks for the response. :)


You are welcome :)

Hi there,

Purchased this recently for a client. But something funny is going on in the events page. Any idea what might be wrong? The settings are set to the “Tribe Events Syles” and “Default Events Template”.

Thanks & Regards, Hakan

Hey! Not sure about that. I am going to update the theme to work with all the latest version of the events calendar and wordpress in a few days, and I hope this will fix any issue you have :)

Hello! Nice theme! Is compatible with visual composer plugin? Like use VC to pages building…

Hey! I am afraid I can’t tell since I dont own a copy of the VC plugin…

Hi Kriesi? is it possible to switch between the themes if the one already purchased is not serving the INTENDED purpose?

Hey! I cant really help with that but you can always contact themeforest support and ask if this is possible :)

Hey there, can the visual page builder also be used on posts? Thanks!

Hey! No I am sorry, thats not possible