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Had two questions:

1) The custom.css theme works, but I have to edit it via FTP. It’s not showing up in the Appearance editor.

2) Any way to easily make the Location info bubble appear without having to click it?


1.) this is probably because its located in a sub folder. the appearance editor is unfortunately very limited :/

2.) Guess you are talking about the google maps location for events? I am afraid I don’t know of any but you might ask the creators of the plugin in their forum:

Thanks! Actually on #2 I meant the location widget

Oh, No as far as I know there is currently no easy way to do that, other than hackling the widgets core files :/

Hi there. Great theme.

I want to have the blog featured image thumbnails and “read more” excerpts on the home page just like you have then in the demo, but am having trouble finding how to do that either via the docs or by fumbling around.

I am using the Frontpage Template Builder, with 2 columns, and columns 1 is simply “Latest Blog Entry”. Im not sure how to show the images, or set the excerpt – exactly how it is in the demo is perfect. Id rather not hack if there’s an easy way. Thanks!

Here’s my dev site link:

Great thank you. How about making the posts excerpts instead of showing the whole post? And one last thing, what are the dimensions for uploading a fill width image to the slider? Thanks! Great theme.

Hey! You can cut posts by using the more tag:

Recommended image size is 1400 * 450 px

great thank you!


I just updated the theme to your latest version and it stopped displaying the time until the latest event on every page. It’s weird because it works for some pages but not all of them.

Can you tell me how I can go back to get it to show for all pages?


Hey! Since I am currently on the road with no access to theme files mind opening a thread in our support forum with a detailed error description? My team will take care of you

Thanks ;)

Hi there,

I’ve created a blog page for posts, but it automatically is titled “Sermons”. Also the breadcrumbs automatically places a “Sermons” item between “Home” and “Blog”. I don’t want any of that. I’ve tried looking through the template files but php is not my strong point. Can we just remove that custom post type, or tell me where in the template files I can remove that Sermon title and breadcrumb item?

let me add that in the Incarnation Theme Options, I have nothing selected for the Sermon Overview page.

Never mind. I found where to change the default title name in the php, and hid the breadcrumb link using css nth-child. Great theme though!

I installed the latest version on a live test environment, imported the dummy data but the EC ticker no longer appears at the top (still shows in the themeforest demo).

Is it safe to update my old files without worrying that the EC ticker will vanish?

Disregard this. I did a full site backup and bit the bullet with the update. All seems to be functioning (not sure why it’s not on the testing environment).

glad you solved it ;)

Never mind (sucks that you can’t delete your own comments).

glad you solved it ;)

the design is also, I am ministry in a Chinese church in HK, therefore, I want to use this template with Chinese font type, is it possible ?

Hey! Yes, although I am not sure if chinese is written right to left? the theme is not opimized for that. otherwise it should work fine :)

Hello, i’m managing a wordpress site with Incarnation theme. But I’m not the developer that created the website: he didn’t use a child theme to make some modification. Now i’ve the problem to update the theme to the new version 2. Kindly, can you indicate me what files were edited in this new version?

Thank you very much for the help.


 - file: style.css
 - folder: config-events-calendar
 - folder: tribe-events
 - folder: includes
 - file: comments.php 
 - file: css/layout.css
 - file: single-sermon.php
 - file: single.php

YOu are welcome ;)

Hi! Quick question, is it possible to add recurring events to the calendar? Just thought I’d ask.


Hey! As far as I know only the PRO version of the plugin allows to do that

In the past few days visitor of my site say the the slider is showing up black. They are all Mac/Apple devices. Is there a solution you can give me to fix it? is the site.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Hey! I just did test the site and it seems to work fine on my apple devices. We might need more information like browser, operating system version, screenshots etc to solve this. basically anything you can add might be of value ;)

How can I setup a sermon page just like the demo page? Not sure what I did, but I erased the sermon list from my sermons page, is there a shortcode to get it back?

I’m trying to add a search/filter plugin, but I would like to add a list of the latest sermons underneath the search plugin shortcode. Is there a shortcode to insert the latest sermons inside one column? Any help would be much appreciated.

One more thing, I have three columns of widgets under my big slideshow in the homepage just like the demo. But the thumbnails are coming in different sizes. Is there a way to have all at the same height, just like the demo page? Thanks!

Hey! Seems you got a lot of questions. Please use our support forum to receive answers, its the only place were we provide support and my team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site ;)

is it possible to have repeating events in the events calendar?

never mind, just saw that somebody did the same question above.

Hi I updated to version 2.0 and the events month view calandar is not centered. Its way right and cutting off friday, sat & sunday. Why is this happening and how could I fix it? Its very strange and I see no where in any settings how to center or resize the area.

Please review my link and advise if you wouldnt mind!

Thank you,


Hey! Looks perfectly fine for me. Maybe just a caching issue? You might want to try to hold down the shift button and reload the page. this should clear any old stylesheets in your cache :)


This is a pre-purchase question… Well, actually a few…

1) Once I purchase this theme, do I receive free theme updates? (Not sure as some folks advertise this with their theme as a “feature” while others don’t.)

2) I prefer to use Facebook comments rather than the default WordPress comments. Do you know if there would be any plugin incompatibility with this?

Thanks in advance! Looks like a great theme! Shannon

Hey Shannon!

1.) Yes

2.) I have seen people using facebook comments instead of the default ones but I am afraid I cant tell which plugin that was, so although there is certainly a plugin out there which works with the theme I can’t tell how hard it would be to find it and install it. :)


Hi- I have inherited a web site that currently is using the Incarnation theme. I upgraded to WP 4.0 tonight and the theme broke due to incompatibility. I see you have upgraded the theme to work with WP 4.0.

Here’s my problem – I didn’t purchase this theme, the previous web master did. Do I have to purchase the theme myself in order to get the updates? This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I’m not sure what to do. Please advise.

Thanks- Lisa

Hey Lisa! There are several options. One is to purchase the theme again, but this would only be necessary if you cant get hold of the person who previously purchased the theme. In that case that person should be able to send you the latest files.

You can also try to contact envato support if you got a receipt or license code for the theme and explain the situation, maybe they can manage something and add the sale to your account instead of the previous webmaster :)

Thank you for the info!

Hope it helps :)

Hi, Since I updated WordPress to 4.0 I am unable to Add Image to Slideshow. Is there a fix for this? When I click the green button it does nothing but sends me back to the top of the page.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Hey! Please update the theme to the latest version, that should fix any issues ;)


I’d like to do the upgrade to the 2.1 version for the wp 4 compatibility. But I done some customizations in the original theme, therefor i’d like to know which files are been modified for the 2.1 version.

Thank you so much!

Hey! the files and folders that changed are located in the version.txt file that comes with the download of the full package :)

^ Yes I would like to know what exact files need to be replaced to fix the sliders. I have a very customized site as well. Thanks!

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Ok I replaced almost all the files in the change-log:

config-bbpress folder includes folder js folder framework folder

forum.php single.php functions.php layout.css style.css single-sermon.php

Still my slider is not displaying?? Any thoughts?

(the only one I didn’t update was the “tribe-events” folder since my theme didn’t include it from the beginning)

Whoops never mind. Looks like I just needed to clear my cache. All good to go. Thanks for your help!

Glad you could solve the issue ;)