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Something different from you, a very clean work! Good luck :)

do we have to purchase mega menu? I dont see extended lic. on his detail page thanks

No, you don’t need to buy UberMenu.

The theme includes UberMenu Lite. It has all the mega menu functionality shown in the demo. If you want some of the advanced features of UberMenu Pro, like contact forms and photos in menus, you can buy the Pro version.

Well done work mate, congratulations!

Thank you.

congrats for the elegant & clean design! some q please :

1. have u styled all v. composer elements espec. the post/portfolio loops & gallery – can u show us how they look ?

2. can we load more google fonts + lang subset (for non-english sites) – in order for extended charsets to be loaded (eg. greek)

3. your admin screenshots are too small to view ;-)

4. do u plan woocommerce support?

5. how do we combine layout manager with v. composer? (i assume that vc is “just” for body content, right?)


1. Yes, they have all been styled. I don’t have a sample page of every one but I’ll see about adding something.

2. The theme has a field for Google fonts and can include things like font weights, language settings and anything else you can have in a Google font query.

3. They’re actually full size. The lightbox is fitting them to the screen. Use: right click + open in new tab.

4. Possibly, depending on demand. If it’s highly requested we’ll probably add it.

5. Layout Manager is the structure. It lets you specify your headers, footers, content sources and page structure. The area inside where the content is output can be fully controlled by Visual Composer. It’s a powerful combination.

Very nice! Is there a chance to have a full witdh single portfolio page without sidebar? Thanks!

I send u a message, plese send the file per mail.. THANKS!!

You must set a menu location in the “Appearance > Menus” area, click the tab “Manage Locations” and you’ll find the setting.

If you need any other help, please visit our Help Canter and we’ll take care of you. Thanks!

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums:

I just sent it. :)

Is there a “read more…” button for blog posts

Yes. It can be enabled and customized from the theme options. We’ve shown and example of what it can look like on this blog page:

Hi, I have purchased almost all of your themes for projects – love them! One of my favorite themes has been Razor because of the conditional logic options in layouts (Visible On:Phone, Tablet, Desktop). This is great to hide sidebars on mobile or content that just looks better on desktop, or content that is not responsive :)

I run a magazine website on Razor and was excited to switch to Moxie a few months back because Runway is where I want to be, but was disappointed to find that feature not built in. Is this feature in Incentive? Thanks in advance.

After playing around with site, I see that the top contact information and social icons text disappear at tablet and phone sizes, so it appears it’s possible. The question is whether it’s being done manually or with an options panel?

The conditional you described is built into the Layout Manager for Runway. So it’s in both Moxie and Incentive, but we have it disabled. There is an issue with using this logic for the CSS layouts on these themes. They have a variation of a Bootstrap column structure which relies on a different methodology. In Razor, the column structure is custom built and to force a column to hide has no impact on the other columns. It just lets the remaining columns fill the space left behind. In this new structure, to remove a column that way will not work. The new column structure is more reliable and that’s why we kept it, even if it does lack that advanced ability, which I also love. Believe me, I will find a way to enable that at some point because like you I think it’s incredibly useful.

I’m doing that with CSS classes to show/hide specific content. It’s an easy thing to do and built into the theme’s CSS.

Just installed and got message that theme requires VC and Rev plugins installed. Clicked Install Now and it says Cannot Load Plugin Installer.

Any help?


I’ll need to look into this. Please open a topic on our Help Center so we can find out why that might have happened.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums:

hi again, another q:

1. is parallax feature integrated into vc and so we can create full-width sections with different bg colors/images/patterns in any page ?

2. are there any nice animations in fontawesome icons in services elements ? (using vc i suppose…)

thank you!

1. Yes, that’s exactly right.

2. I believe that Font Awesome has minimal animation abilities. I haven’t looked at that much and don’t know if Visual Composer makes use of anything in that regard.

Love the theme, well done!! Before I purchase, can you please add the shortcodes examples to the shortcodes page? It only has some demo content :)

Especially the elements and shortcodes are very important to me.

Thanks in advance! Tom

I understand, thanks. Reason that I ask before I purchase is that I would like to know the styling of the different elements :) I can’t see that now.

We don’t have samples of every Visual Composer element (you can see them on the VC demo) but the theme only has 3 shortcodes: blog, portfolio and content rotator. Those are all demonstrated. We’ve styled all of the VC content to match the theme also.

ah I see, thanks!

WooCommerce support ever / soon?

Possibly, depending on demand. The layout is 1200px wide.

Hi, nice theme… very good work. A couple of pre-sales questions;

1. I already use Visual Composer and UberMenu Pro on a project that I am working on, will this template seamlessly work with them by default?

2. I use Custom Post Types and often get frustrated that I cannot control the side bar (left, right or none) on my custom post types, is this possible with this theme?

3. Where is says ‘Feel like sharing?’ on the top right of your theme is it possible to place ad advert here (728px x 90px)?

4. Where it says ‘Phone: (445) 534-2134, etc’ in the top right hand corner is it possible to put further menu links in that spot?

5. Have all default WP Bakery VC elements been styled to match the theme (in particular ‘Teaser post Grid’?


1. Yes

2. The Layout Manager we use let’s you add sidebars to custom post types. This would enable a left, right or both sides for sidebars.

3. It’s a widget area so you can place any content there.

4. Also a widget area so any content is possible.

5. Yes. The Teaser Grid is one I specifically remember styling. it looks just like our Content Rotator shown on the demo.

Love the theme. Is it possible to remove the title from the top of page and custom design that however I want?

Thanks much,


I think you’re asking about page/post titles? There is an option to disable those from the admin. You can custom style the headers, header content and a lot more in that area however you want.

great stuff. will consider for next project.

Is it possible to have multiple blogs (specified by different post categories) on this site?

Yes, you can have as many blogs as you want and specify the categories, tags and other post parameters to choose the posts shown for each one.

nice work again.. good luck!

Es un tema muy interesante, estoy por adquirir un tema con estas caracteristicas (tema corporativo). Pero es primordial para mi cliente, que los visitantes del sitio tengan la opcion de seleccionar visualizar el sitio en idioma ingles y español, es posible esto con este u otro tema parecido.

Espero tu pronta respuesta


Using the WPML plugin you can have a multi-language site.

Any chance of working reviews into this theme or are you aware of a plugin that would work nicely with it? Great theme by the way.

If there is a plugin that does this it should work with the theme.