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Yet another great work from you Andy! Keep it up :)

Much appreciated!


congratulations, it’s really a stunning theme!

1. Found something to improve though. If you check out this page here:

on an iPhone 5 in portrait mode everything is fine. But if you switch to landscape mode it looks cropped on the bottom which you can see on this screenshot here:

2. If you check out the homepage:

some slides are also cropped tested on the iPhone 5 (even when being in portrait mode) like you can see here:

3. Is there a theme backend option to easily disable the integrated lightbox? If not, could you please add one? I would want to replace it with Foobox which also supports swipe gestures on mobile devices.

Thanks! ;)

It’s a regular slide show with all the same controls of other slide shows, so you can change the timing to whatever you like. Or, you don’t have to include it at all. You’ll create your own content I’m sure. The demo is just an example to show some of the theme features.

Thanks, will check back again in a week or two. Hope point 1 & 2 will be addressed in the next update(s) till then.

Both item 1 and 2 are related to the Slider Revolution behavior. Besides passing your comments on to the plugin developer, I’m not sure what the theme can do about that.

Do you provide full dummy content for this theme, including copy, images, etc?

There is a demo content export included with the theme.

Is it all content or just copy? Sorry I’ve had really bad luck with a few new themes on this site :)

It’s everything, but you must purchase a license to use the images if you choose to download them.

Hi there,

Do you reckon i can integrate Themer into this theme? I've tried using it on some basic themes and it works miracles, haven't tried on a full-feature theme like yours though. Just wanted to know before pulling the trigger.

I honestly don’t know. I’m not sure why you would need it.

The visual composer doesn’t seem to work with columns it makes every element full width, screenshot any ways to fix this?

We’re using them on the demo. I’ll need to see more. Please visit our Help Center and start a new topic about this with a link to your site. Thanks.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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Another great theme full with functionality! Great job!

Thanks! I think I’m ready to make another one now. ;)

It looked promising, of the 100 or so themes i’ve purchased through here, this is the most frustrating

We’re happy to help if you have questions. Please let us know what you’re having trouble with and I’m sure we can solve the problem. Thanks.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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It frustrates me when a customer provides no feedback and gives a 1 star rating. We can’t help if you don’t tell us what’s wrong.

If there is enough demand we will probably add it.

Hi, I need your help! Please

Fatal error: Call to undefined function theme_gallery_slideshow() in /homepages/35/d461717507/htdocs/poraxa/wp-content/themes/parallelus-incentive/single-portfolio.php on line 52

Thank you.!

Please post support issues to our help center:


Please, Fatal error: Call to undefined function theme_gallery_slideshow() in /homepages/35/d461717507/htdocs/poraxa/wp-content/themes/parallelus-incentive/taxonomy-portfolio-category.php on line 84 Thank you

The page is

Thanks for pointing this out. We did find a bug and it’s been fixed now. The update will be ready soon. If you need the fix immediately it’s available here:

I don’t normally rate themes.. but I’ve been playing with this theme for a few days now – you just got 5 stars without a seconds thought.

Thank you!

To everyone considering buying this theme, anyone who rated it 1 star clearly has no idea what they are doing with wordpress. This is a feature rich but simple to use theme.


It was fun learning more about Visual Composer while developing Incentive. There are powerful tools for themes to customize and extend the plugin, thought not all documented. It took some digging but I was able to do some fantastic things with those advanced options, including the parallax effects using VC Rows.

Yeap… shame on me. Docs is something very difficult for me. Also I LOVE your mods, consider releasing them as Visual Composer Addon on CodeCanyon – extra cash never hurt 8-)

wow, great work Andy.

Love the time! will you maybe add an about us, service page to the theme, ready to use ;) thanks

I’ll look into that, thanks!

I think I am going to be a bit spoiled after this. This is my first WordPress site and I am blown away at all the features this theme has. Thanks a lot. I just picked it up and it is mostly intuitive. I still cant figure out how you put the Social Media links up in the masthead but Ill probably come across that sooner or later. Also, when using the Font Awesome Icons….is there a way to change the color from default red on those? (Sorry for the newbie questions)

Thanks for the feedback!

On the demo we used this code in a text widget for the social icons in the header:

<div class="visible-desktop">
Feel like sharing? We won’t bite.     
<span style="font-size: 23px;">
<a href="#"><i class="icon-facebook-sign" /></a>
<a href="#"><i class="icon-twitter" /></a>
<a href="#"><i class="icon-google-plus-sign" /></a>
<a href="#"><i class="icon-linkedin-sign" /></a>

The color you mentioned is set by the Accent Color in the “Appearance > Theme Options” area.

If you have other questions or need any help please visit our Help Center and let us know.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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Thanks for your prompt reply!

This is such a fantastic theme Andy! Great job! I am still trying to wrap my head around all of the options and the possibilities seem to be endless on what you can do. You always seem to put out top notch themes and thank you for the support you also provide.

Good luck with sales!

Thank you. It’s a great feeling to have awesome customers.

I’ll buy this theme just because when Parallelus puts out a new theme, I can always count on it being in a class by itself and the absolute best in support.

Question: Does the visual composer allow for adding items in the header area? Ie; in the top area in your demo you have a phone and email. Can a widget (secondary menu and/or other html) be put up there? And the right header area where the social sharing icons are- is that widgetized to add anything else besides social icons as well? If so, you have somehow created a theme that will make all others obsolete.

Wow, thank you!

Both of the areas you described are widgetized sidebars. It lets you add any WP widget including menus, text blocks, shortcodes, etc. Visual Composer uses shortcodes so you can add VC content to a text widget and it will appear in these areas but you wouldn’t have the VC interface. You could create the content in a static block with VC then switch to default editor view, copy the shortcodes and paste them into the sidebar. That should work.

OMG. Buying this today. I think this completes my complete collection of your themes.

How do you change the skin? I saw one I liked here:

but don’t know how to get it!

That’s just a screen shot of a temporary header created during the development for testing. If you need further details please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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Great looking theme

Is there a page that demo the shortcodes like the icons, colums, and similar?

The shortcodes are created using the Visual Composer plugin. Even the theme shortcodes for the blog, portfolio and content rotator are built into Visual Composer.

You can see the theme’s output of these features on the Blog, Portfolio and Content Rotator pages.

You can see the Visual Composer samples on their own demo here:

The icons are created with HTML using Font Awesome, not shortcodes:

We have tried to move away from shortcodes as much as possible, this is why we integrated Visual Composer. As a result there is no need for a page dedicated to that feature since “shortcodes” are no longer a feature of sorts.

Hi, a pre-sale question In the content rotator is possible insert e html code? Thx Carmine

Argggg!!! ThemeForest comments area… (see below, again)

<div class="rotator rotator-columns-4">
    <div class="single-item first"> 1 </div>
    <div class="single-item"> 2 </div>
    <div class="single-item"> 3 </div>
    <div class="single-item"> 4 </div>

    <div class="single-item first"> 5 </div>
    <div class="single-item"> 6 </div>
    <div class="single-item"> 7 </div>
    <div class="single-item"> 8 </div>

Thanks for your reply :)