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Great theme, really appreciate your help to get me through my lack of knowledge. Only my second website and up and running in two days.


Hi, I was checking to see if there is an update coming shortly. I’m going to go ahead and purchase but wanted to make sure not to start if there is an update being released now.

Thanks much,


There is a very minor update coming, it should not effect anything you’ll be doing and you will have no trouble updating. All the updates are posted on our Help Center as well if you do need to manually perform one before the update is released.

So far this is everything we’ve had to do in terms of updates:

- Fixed a typo in a PHP comment. - Fixed portfolio gallery post format not displaying in list view.

That’s it. None of the files that are updated should have any impact on your ability to start using the theme now. Because these are such minor fixes I won’t even release it for a few more days. So far the theme is extremely stable.

Hi, I am looking to buy this theme. COuple of questions: - is it possoble to create boxes with several dfferent coloured backgrounds? - Iit possible to a puicture in the top right header?


1. Boxes with different backgrounds? Yes! You can even do it from the Visual Composer edit options for rows if you need.

2. Yes. That area is widget ready so anything can be placed there.

is there an example of theme running Buddypress? Also, does this theme support the rtmedia (media for Buddypress) plugin.

We don’t have an example with BuddyPress active. This isn’t a BuddyPress “ready” theme, meaning it’s not custom styled in the BP areas to match the theme styles, however it is compatible with the plugin and they work well together. It’s a bit confusing and I wish those were different selections in the TF settings but we only have an option for “compatible.”

There is no reason the ‘rtmedia’ plugin should not work. We’ve had no issues with plugins since releasing our new themes on our Runway framework. The plugin should work as expected.

Hi, I bought your theme. When I open the documentation the images do not load. Is this something I van fix?

I don’t know how that could happen unless you’ve moved the readme.html file without the images folder. It’s just a plain HTML file so as long as they are together it shouldn’t be a problem.

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For the plugins that are integrated, are they baked in, or do they show in the plugins page individually in the backend?

As for receiving plugin updates for say uber menu, do we have to wait for a incentive theme update, or can we update the plugins at any time when a new uber menu comes out?

The plugins are all loaded as plugins into the WP install. That’s a requirement for all ThemeForest themes.

Only Slider Revolution and Visual Composer are plugins. The integration of UberMenu is a little bit different. It’s actually UberMenu Lite, that’s a custom version made for integration with themes. It’s designed to allow for the full UberMenu Pro to be installed on your site without any problems. The difference in functionality is the Lite version doesn’t have some advanced things like contact forms in menus.

For updates, if you own a license to any of the included plugins you can update at any time on your own. If you don’t, we release theme updates as the plugins are updated. In the case of some plugins that at times have multiple updates each week, dozens per month, we will wait for each version to stabilize before we push a theme update to our customers. It just doesn’t seem right, in my opinion, for you to be bombarded with updates and having to update your site more than once a month. The exception would be a security issue in which case we will make an immediate release.

In mobile view there is a major UX issue with the template that makes use of the in-page tabs that appear in the left hand column. In mobile view all the user sees are these tabs. I think you should make it so there is an anchor to the content below. So when I change to a different tab it should auto-scroll to the content.

This sounds like the Visual Composer element for tabs? I can pass these suggestions on to the plugin developer.

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Hi I have used this to create the Social links and icons on right header. Feel like sharing? We won’t bite.

However, this has created the icons in several sizes to the right and left of header.

Can you please advise?


We have detailed information on this header content available on our Help Center.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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I have trawled through you help center and found nothing that resolves my issue.

Feel like sharing? We won’t bite.

Above creates multiple instances of social icons in header.

Please advise

Hi, I’m getting this when I install. Fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in …/object.php on line 77

what do I need to do to fix? PHP version 5.3.27 CGI

Your host needs to install that class for PHP. We have details for this on our Help Center, as well as a fix for anyone who’s host can’t or won’t install the feature.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’m trying to login to your help centre but cannot find the purchase code you require on this site under downloads… license? where?

Hi, Just some questions: 1) is it possible to have the image not crop with the full aspect ratio in blog grid and single post?

2)Also it wasn’t clear in the previous comments if it’s possible to have a video in the homepage.


1. Yes. You can specify for the blog image to hard crop or maintain proportions in the blog lists. For the single post page, I think it’s also setup this way. If not it can be changed in about a minute and we can give you that code on the Help Center.

2. By “video in the homepage” I’m guessing you mean in the slide show? Yes, you can have videos in the slide show, videos in the headers, in the footers, the content of the page, the sidebars… The only place I know of where you maybe can’t have a video is inside a menu. :)

Thanks for the quick replay. Great! In single post page, I can’t see any tags in the meta, is it possible to add it? Cheers

Yes. It’s an admin option to enable/disable showing tags.

Hi, I noticed that the topbar (top-above page) disappear when displayed on small screens. you can avoid this while maintaining its visibility? Thanks Carmine

Yes, you can keep this visible for mobile views. We chose to hide it in the demo but you can do it different for your site.

I’m sorry but I can not figure out which section I can control the visibility

Please visit our Help Center and someone will help you with finding these settings. Thanks!

Sorry, another question Is possible eliminate breadcrumbs only in homepage? keeping it in all the other pages Very thx Carmine

Yes. You can specify to show/hide those for each header so any page can have them or not.

I’m sorry but I can not figure out which section I can control the visibility

Hi, I assume that it was possible to use soundcloud for audio post, but it’s not. Anyway around?


Mulit-post, sorry. :)

Mulit-post, sorry. :)

Please visit our Help Center for theme support. Thanks!

Hi Really love your theme but is there an option for shortcodes like pricing tables tabs and accordion and buttons? This would really help.

We have a sample page of those elements here: It doesn’t have pricing tables, but everything else you mentioned is there.

HI there, can you let me know what plugin you have used for the social media on your demo? Love the site!

There are no plugins related to social media on the demo.

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very good theme. If you don’t know how to set up your website with it, just upload the contents XML and it’ll show a lot of examples. Impossible not to like.

I’ve been using this for a while now. The only thing I don’t like is the scale/size on an iPad – the theme seems overzoomed. Most sites maintain similar proportions but Incentive seems to overzoom and make the site too large.


Not sure I understand what “overzoomed” means but it looks normal in my tests. You can always edit the CSS if you want to modify the font sizes or anything else in the mobile views.

If you visit our Help Center and explain the “overzoomed” thing we’ll be happy to help you “unzoom” it if we can.

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Very good work ;)

Interesting issue. I have had this installed successfully but I find that when I went to change the Masthead logo the pop up box displayed and when I selected media library it was drawn incorrectly on both Chrome and IE and I could not click on the page numbers for advancement. I moved to Safari and it then worked properly. Just thought I should mention that in case anyone else experiences this same issue.

Thanks, I’ll look into this.

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Can I update the visual composer plugin manually if I already own the plugin? The one that is included in the theme is older version?

Yes, if you own the plugin you can update it.

They seem to release an update (or bugfix) to Visual Composer a couple times a week so it’s nearly impossible to ever have the most recent version. We will do an update about once a month for things like this, unless it’s security related in which case we’ll push the update immediately. I don’t think it’s considerate to have customers updating their theme multiple times a week, that’s all.

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