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Beautiful theme :)

It would be great if you add an effect to the social icons. For example, you can change colors on mouseove. In addition, you can add more page template such as service or staff page.

Good sell

Yes, you can do that. The icons are just font icons, putting them inside a link will make them do that. For the demo I forced the color specific for that skin but by default they typically will change color on mouse over, like all other links.

Page templates are just content. We show “samples” of some content setups but we don’t force the hand of the site owner by pre-designing the look of your content and making it a WP template. That’s far too limiting. You can do anything with this template you see in other themes, except we don’t limit you to a single look. It’s entirely up to you and unrestricted.

Hi, I see the menu is sticky: it stays on top. is it possible to make the logo header also sticky?

It is possible, but would require some editing. We didn’t do it that way because I felt it would be too large. You can modify it to do that if you wish.


Is possible to recreate the demo in development? Maybe importing an XML with the info.

Thanks in advanced.

We include a demo export with the theme.

Great theme, is there a “related post format” ? Regards

I don’t believe there is anything specific to related posts. You can probably use a plugin for this.

Hello, How do I know when there is a new release of Vs theme? The current version is the number 1, correct? Thanks

When a new version is released you should get an email from ThemeForest. We also publish notices of this on our Twitter account ( and with slightly less frequency we send emails 5 or 6 times a year from our Emailer newsletter (

There is a pending update, v1.1, which will be released as soon as we finish it. Right now we are just getting one final thing related to the Layout Manager updated and then it will be posted. I’m expecting it to be ready later today or early next week.

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Hello, i must be stupid but don’t understand this theme ^^ how to configure the home page with blog? in demo there is “grid” “rows” post but not in the the page, just “left…” or “above…” for blog. So there is a update for “visual composer” but i can’t do it, do i buy the plugin to have the last update? There is no shortcodes too? Regards

We release new versions of the theme with plugin updates. The frequency of Visual Composer updates are often multiple releases a week so you don’t need to worry about that one saying it’s out of date. it will probably always say it’s out of date because they perform so many releases.

There are shortcodes, they are integrated into Visual Composer. Check the help document for reference to theme specific shortcodes.

Visit our Help Center for theme support or questions about setting up pages.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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Ok i’ll see your support forum!

Can you have a gallery function within a portfolio page instead of just a single image? None of examples on the preview show this option. Thanks.

I’m really confused by the question. Are you asking if there is a portfolio with a single page view?

I’m not sure what you mean by gallery function with portfolio page. There is a theme based portfolio but I’m not sure how the WP gallery shortcode would be connected with that. If you can be more specific or maybe clarify the terms you’re using I’ll do my best to answer the question.

Sorry for the vague question. On a single page view, instead of that one image, can you have a gallery/slider function that scrolls through multiple images. Like this:

All the example portfolio items on Incentive theme only have a single image.

Oh, yes! I understand now. You asked the question the right way, just I didn’t connect “gallery” with “gallery post format” but yes you can use the gallery post format on the Portfolio.

We actually had a tiny bug with that in the current release. It’s fixed but the new files aren’t uploaded yet. We have the notes for the fix on our Help Center and they can be applied in just a few minutes for anyone needing this functionality before the release goes live (any day now!).

The way you see the gallery on the blog posts is exactly the same as how it looks and works on portfolio pages. All of the post formats available to blog posts are also there for portfolio items. The only one we don’t have is the “image” format because that’s the “standard” for portfolios. :D

Hi, Does the theme need php v5.3.1? I have v5.2, do i have to update it?


The theme requires a minimum version of PHP 5.3.1. It shouldn’t be a problem with this version being released 4 years ago (5.2 is 7 years old) and you can have multiple versions of PHP running on your server in parallel. We have details about this in the theme setup to help.

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Finally I have updated the php versión. But I cant install plugins WPBakery Visual Composer and Revolution Slider I have problem width host server. Could you send me those pluging or maybe I can donwload from any url?

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Yep, i registered to the support forum, thanks ;-)

Hi, I just bought this theme and its great.

Q: I want there to be a simple button in the widget side of the main header master header. When you scroll over it I want an i frame to appear with html code that is a login for your customers. The i frame should ideally be about 400px wide



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When is the latest version going to be released please? I am thinking of buying it but can only wait a few more days max.Thanks

The update we have is almost ready. I might me Monday or Tuesday. It really shouldn’t make any difference the changes are minimal and you can apply the update with minimal effort. I’m not sure of any good reason to wait for a theme update. There are no new features.


I have a small problem, i have set my logo always the same size, also on mobile, but now it is not Retina on ipad, iphone? How can i fix that if my logo have always a fix size..?

And second question, where can i find the shortcode for home page from the rev slider? i’m not find it where i can change it to my own shortcode..


Please email us your username and email address (used on the Help Center) and we can manually activate your account. About half the time this is because a user entered their email address incorrectly or the link went to a spam folder. Thanks.

Ok, i have send a message ;-) Thanks!!

Ok, I’ve just replied ;)

It looks like you had a typo in your email address and that’s why you never got an activation code. Your account is now active.

Thanks for the theme! Having some sizing issues with my columns. They are pushing outside of their container and widening the page, creating a horizontal scroll bar. Any ideas?

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I purchased the theme and so far like it a lot. However, Gravity Forms doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been using GF for years with no problems. Cannot edit the form. Any suggestions?

I know other customers are using Gravity Forms with Incentive so it’s probably not a conflict directly between the theme and the plugin but we’ll need to look into it. Please open a new topic on our Help Center. Thanks.

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I’m looking to purchase but can you tell me if this theme has a nice sign-in pop up box the same at your Mingle theme?

We didn’t include the sign-in popup, but we can give you the code on our Help Center so you could integrate it easily. It will probably take less than 5 minutes to do.

Does this theme support easy digital downloads plugin? (

Yes, it should.

Hi, I purchased the theme and am kicking the tires on installation. I noticed that you have a page called Element on your demo. This page is not included in the XML import. I’m wondering how I can create that page as I want to be able to create the graphic background header as shown on that page. Can you please advise?

Cool got it. How about the shortcodes for all the other stuff on that page? Do we need to wait for the new XML for that or do you have it in the documentation somewhere that I overlooked? Thanks

I already has forum access, I guess I didn’t realize I’ve purchased three themes from you guys already. ;)

You should post these questions on the Help Center.

Everything on the page was created using Visual Composer.

Does Incentive support child theming well? Thank you!

Yes. The process is identical to our Moxie theme which we have a tutorial for here:


Where are the price tables? and how does it look with regular tables?

thanks in advance!

A regular HTML table will look like it does on any site. There aren’t any pricing tables in the theme.

Was the 1.1 update released? I don’t see any updates posted yet.

We’re still working on it. It’s done but the last of the new features was added today and it needs testing.

Great! Waiting on this release for next client gig.

We’ve just released the update. The improvements in the Layout Manager required some extra time but it’s complete now and went live yesterday!