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Great Design! Good Luck with Sales! ;)

Thank you ;)

This is awesome – congrats!

Thanks :)

p.s is there a portfolio item page? I Know it would be really easy to create one with the templates just wanted to be sure I had not missed it! Thanks

Portfolio item page will be tomorrow, in the new version.

Wow ! Great template my fiend ;) Good luck.

Thank you ;)

So clean great job, more sales for this :)

Thank you ;)

Great Design but befor i buy this! How dosn`t puplish the comment on the blogpost?

King Regards

Great design but it’s html. Wordpress will become?


Maybe, time will tell.

Awesome design. Great job :) But what way is the easiest way to make it “mine”?


Use your favorite HTML editor (Dreamweaver, etc.)

I’d like to make a slideshow out of the portfolio. Is there a way to put left and right arrows in there instead of having to X out every image?


I don’t understand what you’re talking.

Hi, In the portfolio section of the site when you click on the thumbnail to enlarge, there is only an option to x out. I want to be able to click on it (left and right arrows) to view the next image instead of x-ing out of each image to go back to the thumbnails. Essentially, I would like to have the functionality that the nivoSlider has (left and right arrows). Is this possible? Thanks!

I think it will help you – http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox

Hi there, I recently purchased the Incorn theme… I am trying to install it onto Tumblr.. I am wondering if it’s compatiable at all? Sorry I’m not very savvy with the CSS and Javascripts D:


No, it’s not compatible with Tumblr.

I want to buy this asap, but is it no portfolio page? Noting happens when i have clicked into the “portfolio” and then “read more”.

Looking forward to the reply.

Hi dyanimo,

No such page. You can create this page with any layout you want.

Do you have a wordpress version of this template?


Unfortunately no, only HTML.

I have the HTML version—do you have an update to fix the twitter feed please??? saskwebsites.com

okay thank you Zerge… I did but it’s just not as pretty ;)

any idea HOW to fix all the twitter feeds in my other sites? is there one custom .js script? i’d pay a programmer to fix them….

No, some PHP files, etc.

Is there a Wordpress template? I purchased this thinking the HTML was compatible.


No, only HTML template available.