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sfb Purchased

hi! thanks for the theme.

unfortunately i can’t see the logo if i upload it into the header. do you have a solution?

Hey there,

Thank’s for your purchase.

Tumblr’s image uploader has a few bugs with some browsers. Could you try uploading your header image with Google Chrome and let me know if that works for you?

Great theme just purchased last night… I was looking for something in particular and this pretty much was it. I was wondering if there is a way, or which line of code handles the size of the video post. I was hoping to make the post size a little smaller on the main page. I hope this makes sense. Thanks again

Hey there,

Thank’s for your purchase!

Shoot me an email at work@philse.com with the width you’d like the main page posts changed to and I could send you some custom code free of charge!

Thanks for the reply… I actually managed to work that out, but i really do appreciate the response… Again great theme and ya got 5stars from me :)

Glad you got it working! The five stars is much appreciated!


I’m really satisfied with the template, thanks!

One question though. Is it possible to make the template have Infinite Scrolling Pages instead of pagination?

Looking forward to your reply!


PS) I found this ; http://tumblring.net/making-your-tumblr-an-endless-scrolling-page/

But how do I actually implement this?

Hey there,

Thank’s for your purchase!

That link in particular won’t work with my theme as my theme uses Masonry (Grid style).

Email me at work@philse.com and I’ll send over some infinite scroll code.

Hey, I was just wondering if you could add a “like”/heart feature on hovering over a post and clicking, like you have it for the reblog button.

Thank’s for your purchase!

I can put together some custom code for you if you shoot me an email at work@philse.com


I love your theme INC. and purchased it last week. I have been having a little trouble installing it and wonder if you could help me get this sorted out.

I noticed after I unzipping the files and going to grab the CODE file with notepad, the file doesn’t show up at all. It only shows up after I select “All files”. I tried copying and pasting the code I was able to grab this way, into my tumblr, but when I select “update preview” it shows it “updating” but it gets hung up and never refreshes.

It has to be something I’m doing incorrectly. Can you help? I would appreciate it so much.


Hey there,

Thank’s for your purchase!

If you could email me at work@philse.com with the steps you’ve taken to install the theme and an example of the code that’s showing up in notepad I can help you get it installed.

Your attention to taking care of your customers issues is beyond AWESOME!! Thank you for your swift responses and for your amazing level of customer support. I will be on the lookout for your new themes. Please keep them coming!

I literally just pasted the html document in to the ‘edit html’ part of the tumblr and it doesn’t seem to work? it just previews as all of the text, What am i doing wrong?

Thanks for your purchase!

What text editor are you using to open the html file?

Just emailed you back.

Hello! I just purchased this theme and have been following the instructions on installing it very carefully, and still am not getting it. I’ve tried a few different ways and no luck. I sent you an email already that has some more info and screengrabs. I was hoping you could help! I am so looking forward to using this theme, it looks beautiful. Thank you.

I just emailed you back!

Just wanted to say thank you again for your help – you were quick and went above and beyond to help me sort out this issue.

I am having trouble getting this to work as well. I am doing everything correctly I believe but it is not displaying any photographs, only the description of the photographs. Please help.

What steps are you taking to install the theme?

I am simply copying it, and putting it to the edit html box. and then saving and refreshing.

Straight from ‘text edit’

I’d love to buy your theme, but is there any way to do it responsive?

Incorporated currently doesn’t support a responsive theme. There is a separate iPhone theme and desktop theme.

Just purchased the theme. I am very pleased with it. Thanks PHILSE. I want to remove the RSS and THEME on the menu. How do I go about doing it?

I’m having a problem with the two columns. It pops up initially but goes away when the site loads. It collects all the pictures on the left column and no pictures on the right. mrfifth.tumblr.com

Just checked out your site and it appears to be working fine. Did you get everything figured out?

Yeah. I don’t know what I did but it’s working fine now. Thanks again.

Loving the theme, nicely done PHILSE.

But I got two questions: - I want to add AddThis buttons for every post and they should be displayed on the main page aswell. Where do I add code for that? - I want post text to be displayed on the main page aswell, not just on the post page. How do I do that?

http://fottshop.tumblr.com/ here is the example of what i want to acheive


Thanks for your purchase.

If you send me an email at work@philse.com with the addthis code you’d like to add I can add it for you. As for having post text displayed on the main page as well, I assume you are talking about photos, in which case unselect the option ‘Show captions on index page.’


great Job, exactly what I was searching for. Just one thing, actually the same question like Livonias: “Hi! I’m really satisfied with the template, thanks! One question though. Is it possible to make the template have Infinite Scrolling Pages instead of pagination? Looking forward to your reply!”

I will send you a short email as well … Thanks!

Just emailed you back!

This is a fantastic theme. I used it for a social media action, where we collected photos for a political message. The sleek, minimal design, central focus on photo posts, and visibility of a toolbar for information about the project worked perfectly. Also, the author responded to several of my questions and gave me some customized code for the tumblr. I’m highly satisfied!

Thank you!

Can I not upload a png file as the custom header??

You just have to enable it ask/answer. Go to Tumblr.com/settings and enable it for your blog.

Thank you! Now that I’ve figured that out, my redirect page links are not working. It seems like theres a block on it that sends it to a blank layout. I’ve read tutorials on how to change this but it’s still not working. Also I can’t find the page link in the coded HTML once I applied it. Any idea?

Make sure to have the http://www. in your redirect links.


I’m thinking about purchasing your theme but was wondering what happens when you give a photo post a caption? What I’d like it to do is show up on the overlay when the image is hovered on. Is this possible?



Hey Travis,

Although it is not standard, it is a customization I have done for buyers in the past. If you purchase the theme and email me using the form on my profile page, I can set you up with a customized theme file which will have captions on hover.

Hi Philse! I messaged you on the form on your profile a few days agi but I’m not sure if you got it (seeing as you responded so fantastically quick to this comment I thought I’d try here again). Have you got a chance to read it? I purchased the theme : ) Thanks

Sorry about the delay Travis! I just emailed you back with the custom theme code!


Is it possible to make the header image into full width? Something like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzi5a6dc60jfhs3/Untitled-42.png

The image is 1440×500, but I’m having difficulties making it full-width with the margins, etc.

Thanks in advance



Not with the current theme code, but if you email me at work@philse.com I’ll send over some custom code that will allow for a full width header.

Hey I just bought the theme, but for some reason I can not get it to work: jorisdebeij.tumblr.com

I just does not works, I copied die html into the custom part but it does nog work, do you have an idea how this is possible? Do I need to delete code out of it?


Thank’s for your purchase!

If you could send me an email at work@philse.com with the steps you’ve taken I can better help you.

I was wondering if there was anyway I could get the social icon menu items on this theme like in you Capital theme? I really want to add those in my About section on the Incorporated theme.

Thanks again for the amazing themes!

Sent you an email. Thank you very much!

Hey Philse, I also seen on the comment section that it was possible to have the caption on photos appear on the hovered photo? Would you be able to email that to me as well? Thank you very much!

I just emailed you the latest custom theme file which includes the custom photo hover!

Hey How can i show the description of the website? It would be great if I could have this under the title. Thanks!

The description of the website will appear in the About dropdown in the navigation menu. Make sure to have it enabled in the settings!

but how can i have it without the dropdown menu, would be great if it could be just under the main title. Thanks!

I am having an issue with the quotations sections. Instead of quotes there is Au.

I’ve never seen this before, could you send a link to your site to work@philse.com and I’ll take a look.