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Hi, what happened with the leskanor theme? wanted to update

Thanks for contacting!

Leskanor theme is no longer available. If you have any questions about its functionality, you can contact our support – contact now.


We liked this theme so much we purchased it twice. The theme php files are really easy to use, we did a bit of tweaking and mimicked the buy boxes at the bottom of one websites homepage – which looks cool example .

Appreciate your feedback :) We did our best to create an intuitive theme, glad to hear you like it.

Thanks for sharing your website and your user experience!

Hello. I have read in comments that Increase allows to use custom menus in sidebars. Does this allow to implement sub–menus in sidebars?

For example I click on a link in top main menu. And sub–pages are listed in sidebar sub–menu of that page? Then when I click on one of the sub–pages, this sub–page becomes highlighted in that sidebar sub–menu indicating that I am on this sub–page? Hope this makes sense.

Thank you.

Thanks for contacting!

The theme allows creating as many as you wish custom sidebars, you will need to create a custom menu for each of them and then select the needed one on each page. Yet please keep in mind that menu widget does not have drop-downs, so you will need just to create a simple list of your sub pages.



Im using WPML for translating my site with this theme, but it doesn’t have a header widget area to put the flags/language dropdown in.

I know I can put custom HTML in the header, just not sure what code.

Can I put PHP in the custom HTML? Can I put a shortcode there?

Kind Regards, Emelie

Thank you for contacting!

In fact the theme initially did not have WPML integration, and usually this plugin requires it. In fact we will not be able to help you with this, as it is beyond the support policy, and this plugin compatibility is not listed in product description. Appreciate your understanding.

As to custom html – the field is created fir HTML only. You will need to perform these changes in theme files.e


Hi, I bought the temp and i wonder where are the HTML files…?


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In fact Increase as a stand-alone html version is available as a separate product only, you can find it in our portfolio. You are using a Wordpress theme. Appreicate your understanding.

Thank you!

Ammm…. when you buy a template from an organized company, you wish to have the HTML files inside!!! it is basic. Sorry, can’t understand that move.



in my ul lists, the line after a linebreak starts right below the bullet of the li tag. I want it to be like it would be with list-style-position:outside; but everytime I add this to the ul or li element the bullets disappear…

Whats wrong?

Thank you!

Thanks for contacting!

Please submit us a support ticket so that we could help you with the issue – submit now. Just please make sure to add all the needed credentials.

Thank you!

is the most recent version compatible with the new update of wordpress?

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So far we have not received any reports of problems with the latest Wordpress version. Yet, shout you encounter any, please feel free to submit us a ticket so that we could help you out.



I have added the custom image to the header area to make responsive but it shows up on full screen as and image shifted to the right side of the header and smaller that I want. When I shift it to mobile size it response well. Why can I not see it properly on large screen. See site: http://aswptest.com/shepgso/ Still building in temp server. Thanks.

I did that first but then I ran into the problem of not having the banner be responsive. I would like this “logo” to be responsive and not be right justified when I added it. Is there a way to have the banner header and be responsive?

Hi there, I am attempting to make the banner logo also responsive and not sit on the right side as it is right now. Any thoughts to help out please.

Hi again. Please submit us a support ticket so that we could see how we can help you – submit now.

Thank you!

Hi ,

Its almost a year now you havent updated the theme and the plugins used. please update there are security issues. Please reply asap

Thanks for contacting us!

We’re planning to release an update within several days. As to the security issues you mentioned – could you please specify them? We haven’t received complaints about any security flaws in Increase theme so far.

Thank you in advance for the details!

Hello, How to change the color of social media blocks on header? the grey color and the hover color to something else

please advice

thank you

Hi again! Sorry for misguiding you!

To change the initial icon background please proceed to /wp-content/themes/increase/css/fonts.php and change the color on following lines as shown on the screenshot. We will possibly consider adding such option to the color settings.

Sorry again for confusing you. Please let me know if the required result is achieved. Thank you!

Hello, Spot on. Thank you for your help, it is appreciated.


Thank you for contacting our team! Have a great day!

When are you planning to release the updates? I’m seeing a comment 13 days ago and you have mentioned that the new release is coming on several days. I’m just wondering if we have an update soon, because I don’t want to push WordPress 4.3.1 until I make sure we have a compatible theme…


Thanks for contacting!

The date of update release was changed, but still we plan to upload it to Themeforest within several days. Apologies for any inconveniences the delay causes.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Thanks for the response!

I do have an issue running the site on an old WordPress version, we are compromising the website for doing so.

All I need to know is when are we getting the new release?

Hi again!

You can update WordPress right now, we haven’t received any complaints about theme compatibility with the latest WordPress. As to the update – we just can’t name the precise timing at the moment, update will be uploaded as soon as it’s possible.

Thank you!

hey, i opend a ticket but no one is responding… i solved much of the problem myself meanwhile but i still have problem with the visual content composer as its faild to run (i got a round circle inside and got no content so i cant edit my pages)... i need help please… ticket number: #16181

Thanks for contacting!

Please note, that our support team works Monday to Friday, that’s why we didn’t reply to you during weekend days. And generally response time can be up to 2 business days as mentioned in product description. Sure, our support manager will provide you with the assistance as soon as he can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

As to the issue with content composer – I assume some third party plugins might influence its functioning, please deactivate them to check it.

Please keep me informed about the results. Thank you!

is this template working with Wordpress 4.3? i’ve tried to work with Worpdress 4.1, but there was a problem with Content Composer that didn’t work (i suspect some JS error, cause i could not work with content elements)

there were many security updates for Wordpress and Working with 4.0 is dangerous

thanks for help

Thanks for contacting our team!

Our demo site is currently running WordPress 4.3.1 (it can be seen in source code), so there shouldn’t be any issues with theme usage with the latest WordPress. Just please make sure your Increase version is 1.3.2.

To update the theme just download the newest archive from the Themeforest and check the Updates folder. You will find all the files that were altered through every theme update, and a README file that lists these files with full paths. You’ll need to replace files on your server with the corresponding files form the Updates folder.

It is highly important that you backup all your previous files before substituting them to avoid possible issues with your data.

In case you experience any problems with the update procedure or the issue with Content Composer still persists, please don’t hesitate to submit us a personal request.

Thank you!

good day www.7grafic.com The problem is that the tools do not appear in the text editing VISUAL CONTENTCOMPOSER

I hope to help me Thank you

Thanks for contacting!

Most likely the issue exists because of some composer files being blocked on server. To check it we need to get access to your site, so please submit us a personal request with a purchase key, required WordPress and FTP data. Our support agents will gladly help you.

Thank you!

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 4.4, i have updated my site to wordpress 4.4 and now i get the white screen of death on both the sites front end and admin CP

Thanks for contacting!

As we don’t experience similar issues on our test sites running Increase and WordPress 4.4 and haven’t received requests reporting such problems from our customers, we’d kindly ask you to submit us a personal request for deeper investigation of your case. Please make sure to add WordPress and FTP details to your ticket.

Thank you!


Does this theme support rtl?


Thank you for your interest in our theme!

Sure, RTL is supported! Increase includes rtl.css file, that allows to use RTL languages without any additional alterations.

Please feel free to ask further questions should you have any, we’ll be glad to answer them. Thanks!

Hi, After I click on “Content block” edit to add a text, on the top toolbar I see only the first line with the options like Bols, Italic, middle line on text, list, etc. I don’t see the other lines of the toolbar like Paragraph, Font Family, etc. How can I see the full toolbar? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for contacting!

Please click on Toolbar Toggle and check if the required options appear.

Kindly inform us about the results. Thank you!

It worked, I was blind first time and missed that button. THANKS!

hello, any update available ? thank you

Thanks for the question!

We’re planning to release update in the nearest future, just can’t name exact timing at the moment.

Thank you!

Contact Form 7 is not compatible with the Tabs? If i add a shortcode like this for example [contact-form-7 id=”5305” title=”Test”] in a tab, is not taken into account, disappears on save.

Thanks for contacting!

The contact form shortcode isn’t recognized in tabs area. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi, after I moved the site to another location (another domain+another database) the color of menu navigation and font size came back to initial/default values. If I go in Theme Settings -> Fonts I see the latest colors that I’ve set before moving the site. But even if I save, i still see the old/default colors and font size on the site. What could be the problem? I’ve checked fonts.php and here are the default values. The file permission are the same as were on old location. It seems fonts.php is not changing even if I modify the fonts and colors on Theme Settings. Thanks

I think I found where the problem is. The file …wp-content/themes/increase/css/fonts.php is not found. I receive a “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)”. But I’m not sure why is this happening because the file exists at that location. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Problem solved: I’ve changed permissions from 777 to 755 for the CSS dir

Hi again! Thanks for sharing the results, glad to hear the problem is resolved.

Please feel free to contact us in case of need. Thanks!