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Wow , Amazing , Good Luck :)

Thanks man :)

I expect very good sales of this theme like SmartScreen, GLWS.

Thank you so much:)

Nice work man! good luck with sales.. :)

Thank you man! Good luck :)

Very cool. I like the transparent element look and feel. Good luck with sales!

Thanks mate :)

Great work, glws ;)

Thank you mate

Amazing theme mate!! great job!!

Thanks mate.

Nice theme, but how do you get your demo product layout pages? I installed the demo content, but now product pages.

Yeah I did that, but those pages do not have your styling like in example. Pages like my account has Text all the way to the left and the edit as text all the way over to the right and bumping up next to the right side bar.

OK, not worried about the store pages. I’m sure I will be able to figure it out once I start putting in products and can mess with it some. If not I’ll just use your support page.

Do see a flaw though in the Theme setting for backgrounds. There are several choices for tileable patterns, but there is one for no background, which is what I want, because I want just a solid color. Well the, No BKG selection actually puts a tileable image of no BKG and red box as the background. I thought I’d let you know since that seems to be a bug. If I select No BKG, I’d assume I’d get no background and not just an image. I know how to code that out with custom css as a work around.

Seems you’re right. It’s a bug. I just fixed it in my local version. Please use our profile page and send me an email. I will send you the revised file.

Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Hi there, Just a pre purchase question please, can I remove the cart from the top right area above the menu bar? and replace it with a button? I was thinking of using this site for a resort and need a ‘make a reservation’ button up top. Is this possible ?

Hi there, Yes, but you need to do a minor modification. I can help you on this.

OK thats awesome, I will purchase now :)

thanks for your purchase!

Hi, very nice looking theme. Have some questions:
  • Can I entirely remove the Header and Footer Menu on homepage? So the homepage will only consist Body/Content.
  • Would you please give more elaborate explanation regarding “Full Design Integration” of WooCommerce shop? I need to know into what extend the integration is available
  • Do we get full version of Visual Composer plugin or it is integrated within the theme?

Thanks and good luck with the sales!!

Hi there, Thanks for your interest in our theme.

1) Yes, you can use a custom css in admin panel to entirely remove the header/footer navigation.

2) I mean the theme has a unique style for shop. So almost all pages of shop got the theme specific design. Also a nice-looking shopping cart has been added to the header as you see.

3) Yes, the plugin is included. We’ve purchased the extended license and it’s included inside the theme and enhanced with more shortcodes.


Awesome work my friend :) i hope have good sales 8-)

Thanks my friend :)

Looks wonderful ; fantastic work.
Kind Regards,

Thank you man!

Hello, demo site does not work for some blog pages and the shortcodes dropdown does not fit into 1280×800 screen.

Which page doesn’t load? can you please provide the link?

blog – small thumbnail was 404 but seems okay now.

I checked the demo again but didn’t find any bug about thumbnails. Can you tell me more about your browser and also provide me a link please?

amazing work again guys.. good luck!

thank you mate!

thanks for reminding me, already purchased =)

Copy of the The7…

Thanks for your comment. But I don’t think so.

Great work mate! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks dear friend:)


I just purchased this lovely theme but am a bit of a novice. Where do I find the .zip file to upload in the Appearance>Themes>Upload of wordpress?


ah of course… should have zipped it, thanks :)

Sorry I’m having trouble registering for that forum as I can’t locate my purchase code? Hoping you could tell me where to find that cartoon style (white with animated grey graphics) background you have on the demo site? Thanks again :)

Please read the help file included in the package. For header backgrounds go to pages> add new. Scroll down to find “Highthemes Page Options”. There’s an option for selecting backgrouds or uploading new backgrounds.

Do you have dummy data for the slider?

I will include the slideshow dummy data tomorrow. A few minor bugs fixed which I’m going to submit it tomorrow.