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Nice theme! Good luck

thanks mate

I am looking at purchasing this theme, but I see there are some glitches in the demo pages. On the gallery pages that come up under short codes, the buttons are too low and they cover the description line. Nothing under the shop button works except the cart. Under the portfolio menu all pages are “not found.” There are so many other glitches, but I don’t need to list everything. I’m wondering if these issues can be resolved if I purchase and upload the template?

we will update the theme with improvements and bug fixes regularly. I will fix it asap.

OK, I’ll purchase it later today.


Great work, congrats! :)

thanks mate

Holy Fuck! This is astounding! Great Work

Thanks for your interest!

Your support page isn’t working, says down for maintenance, so I’m posting this here.

Your shortcodes in classic mode do not work. They only render out as text for the short code. I used the Visual builder and that created the columns, but converting it to classic editor mode the shortcodes do not match what is in the WYSYG.

So if I copy the Visual form builder into the classic editor then it works. They just don’t match.

which shortcode have you tested in classic mode. The main shortcodes work in visual composer. And the page builder must be used for making content. Also, we have included some shortcodes for classic mode.

Hello I really like your theme but have a couple of questions before I purchase. 1. I like that the phone number, social media icons, and address appears at the top but when it responds to a smart phone they all disappear. Any chance it can remain as it responds? 2. Does the theme come with files to upload? Thank you!

Hi there, Thanks for your interest.

1) It can be easily enabled/disabled by a css modification. I can help you on this

2)If you mean the demo xml, yes. If you mean the zip file of the theme, yes again

Hi, as I stated before, I really like this theme and I noticed 500 error issue has been fixed, But I’m still noticing some buggy behavior with the Masonry Portfolio demo. All the portfolio items appear vertical and not in the Masonry grid format. Also the drop down menu is acting buggy as well. Menu options with child items are extended, but I haven’t clicked on those options; when I mouse over the Portfolio and Blog menus. Like said this is a great theme, but it’s performance so far seems sketchy at least on my end. I hope I’m not coming off as offensive, as that’s not my intention, but I’m sure you want to be able to put out the best product out there and we would like to have confidence in our decision to purchase your themes. Thank you.

Hi there, I will help you to check the theme completely. temporary demo url : http://increate.oirin.com we’re moving to a better server.

1) Re portfolio masonry http://increate.oirin.com/portfolio/portfolio-masonry/ please check this screenshot I think it’s working https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9315746/masonry.jpg

2) As I see, the menu acts well. Please let me know your browser/os so may be I could replicate it here. I didn’t get any report on this errors from anyone else yet.

I will be happy to fix everything and it’s your right to be concerned about the product. I’ve updated the theme 3 times from the release (2 days ago). It’s so important for me too have the theme at its best condition.

Thank you for your quick response. I checked the demo using Firefox 27.0.1 and Chrome V 33. I clicked on the first link and looked at the portfolio and at first it came up and displayed as expected. However, I went back again and it displayed the portfolio vertically and not in the Masonry format. Strange. I dumped all my history and cache and still the same thing happens. I appreciate your attention to this issue and your responsiveness to everyone posting here. Thank you.

I will keep eyes on this one, currently I can’t replicate the error, but I will double check everything and wait for other feedbacks from the buyers.


- Ability to disable project details on portfolio items

>> How about disable full screen and leave details button only to force visitor to go to portfolio page. is it possible to do this in some portfolio items (homepage for example) and leave portfolio in other pages with default behavior?

Self hosted video, is it video.js player? will it support src for 3 major formats (ogv, webm, mp4) with mobile responsiveness?

so far I am satisfied using your smart screen. Looking forward to use this one also.


Hi there, It can be done via a custom css. I can help on this. The video player is media element. It supports ogv, webm, and mp4.

Glad to hear you’re a satisfied customer. Let me know if you’ve any question.

I purchased this theme. Now I am trying to install it. The host, just host wants to send me to MoJo themes for oneclick installation of themes in their own marketplace. Not sure how to install a pre-purchased theme.

Please read the documentation help file. We have described the installation there. By the way, please register on our support forum at: http://highthemes.com/support We and our forum members support you there.

Lol i purchased this theme and i am having trouble making it look good. Does this theme come with the demo data?

The demo date is included in the package. “Demo XML” folder

Ah yeah i found it…It didn’t download in the first download. I had to re-download it!

Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Hi, i will register on your support forum, but later becouse im planing to change my envato user name, so after that i will ask in the support forum.

But now, i need a help with css code:

Im trying to change the Boxed Margin width from 1140px to 1350px, this is the original code:

.boxed-margin { margin: 30px auto; width: 1140px; background: #fff; position: relative; box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1); border-radius: 10px }

but if i do the changes from the style.css directly, never changes, even if i write the !important sentence after the 1350px value, if i do this modification in the custom css box from the theme options, it works but the background disappear.

So can you please tell me what should i do in this case?

Ok, i already figured out, appearently i had to clear browser cache after editing the style.css file. ;)

Hi! The theme acts strange in boxed mode in my Firefox browser. The menu collapses when changing width of the browser. Seems to be problem and preventing me to buy….


Found it. It´s the “Settingsmenu”. When it´s out all works OK. When it´s closed the menu collapses.

It seems that you don’t have any problem now. Please let us know if you had any other problem.

This theme doesn´t work in Internet Explorer 8. You have to change this in the theme description or fix it. Another issue – all pictures in posts, fields, button etc have elegant rounded edges. Pictures in pages doesn´t. Why?

It´s sad, I really love your theme and would like to buy it. Instead I have to go for “The7” who works perfect in IE8 and that is important for my customer.

I will check back later, maybe you can fix the problems.


The problems with IE8 seems to be server related. Great! All that remain is the problem with the rounded images in the pages. Must be pretty easy to fix with a litte CSS?

unfortunately IE8 doesn’t support border radius and it’s not possible to do it with CSS for IE8. But there is no problem in IE9+

I’m not able to get in touch with anyone from support… Has anyone had trouble with the theme breaking during installation? I followed the directions perfectly and installed the dummy content.

We have replied to all topics about inCreate in the support forum. Are you sure that you haven’t received any response? Please send the topic url to me.

Fantastic work! Easy to use and customize from the start.

Thank you so much. Please don’t forget to rate our product if you enjoy it. By the way, you can also register on our forum at http://highthemes.com/support We and our forum members help you there if you had any problem.


Is it possible to give a Xing Icon to the Social menu target Section?

And do you think a mega menu for this side is coming?


OK, thanks!

Regards from Germany

Any News about the XING Icon and MegaMenu?

yes, We’ll updated the theme asap.


Where can i buy the icon pack of the included vektor icons, i will create some images with some vektor icons in it?

Can you give me a link or adress to buy it?


Hi, Note that the icons in this theme are just two fonts. Those are ‘Font Awesome’ and ‘Elegant Icons’. So, both of them are included in the theme and you don’t have to buy any thing. If you have problem to use icons, first of all register on our support forum at http://highthemes.com/support and then let me know what are you exactly going to do, then we teach you what you need.

Hi, a pre-purchase question here. Can I incorporate videos into the portfolio? So one of the categories would be Videos and the option would load the video in a lightbox?

Thanks Mike

Hi In this version when users put a video in a portfolio post, the video just would be visible in the single portfolio page and in the portfolio category page, just the featured image loads. But due to some users feedback we are adding this and some other features to the next version and we will publish the next version really soon.

It´s WPBakery Visual Composer 4 integrated?

No, the version we’ve used is 3.7.4. But we will update it to the latest one asap. (We’ve customized the plugin, so it’s not just including the plugin folder.)

Hi Nice theme so far and easy to use…..Nice work…

I saw you mentioned mega menu in past comments.

How long until mega menus will be integrated?

Hi there, We will update the theme in end of march with that feature.