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Is it possible to give a second menu on the footer menu place in the footer-last area! At the moment its the same menu as in the top of the side!


Please email me using our profile page, I will send you the directions.


Another Problem

On the Blog Side the option “Hide Page Title” dont work.

It show always the Header Backround if the “Hide Page Title” Option is activated.

The Slideshow Option dont work too!

How to fix it!


It’s working here, please email me your wp credentials, I will check it

Clean functional design! Really cool done ;)


Is it possible to give me a blog category with a apple logo?

At the moment there are a pencil logo, soundcloud logo, blockquote logo!

Give News please!


That icons are not for categories, they’re for post formats. the files are in /includes/templates for example content.php line 50, the icon name is icon_clock_alt which an be modified.

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Is it possible to get sql query to have it way on preview? My friend bought it and cant install it to look as on preview….

If you mean the dummy content of demo, it’s already included. You can import it by wordpress import feature.

I would like to ask anybody to affiliate program, my friend placed order to this article under my ref link, when I can see money on my account? I think affiliate ref link doiesnt worked and I placed two tickets on support to envat, but nobody repolied for weeks.

I don’t know about the affiliate program, please ask in themeforest forum

Hi, i load sample data. Where are i can change services section text and icon ? Link : http://rafal-galazka.home.pl/strony-piotrkow-nowa/?page_id=6

Best Regards, Rafal

Hi, You should login to WP admin dashboard, then open the page in WordPress editor. Then click on ‘Visual Composer’ button to go to the visual editor. Then find your desired row and click on edit icons (The pencil icon).

I purchased the ht-increate theme and uploaded it to my host. It looks nothing like the demo site. I installed the plugins and activated them. After reading another post about this same issue I went to the wordpress admin area>tools>impost>wordpress but was not given the option to upload anything. I was only allowed to import the latest version of wordpress. So what steps should I take?

Ok. I followed through and was able to upload the xml file. It still doesn’t look like the demo page, so what now?

You need to assign homepage as front page in settings > reading and register your menu navigation. Please read the help file, we’ve explained the details.

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Any news on Top Menu Bar – Quick links & Contact info? Would make this theme perfect!

Thanks for your note. We are adding some new features to the theme based on our users feedback. I think one of them would be a ‘Top Bar’

Say this topic on HTML5? And another question I Pogue top menu with the logo and pages, make less adjustment and how?

please explain more your question.. Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Reply here and I will check there

Hi author, is possible to access with a demo account to see how runs the template backend? I need a template that I can change pages, post headers and content. Thanks so much.

Hi there, Unfortunately we don’t have it right now. But there’s an introduction video, which you can see how the back-end works.


We are thinking about getting this theme, I think it’s very good looking and functional, but we are testing the live preview in all of out devices, computer, ipad and cellphones. We noticed that in the ipad and iphone (safari and chrome) if we go to any portfolio and then try to tap in an image to see more details or information about that project no options come up, it seems like it is just the image with no link or more information. For us that it’s very important since we are a high end architectural photography studio and we cannot just show images but also we need to convey information about the projects to the observer.

Does this feature works with mobile devices or is exclusive of computers?

Please advice.

Best regards,

Hi, seems you’re right. I will fix it and update the theme asap

Thank you! we bought it this morning and are now updating our website with it :) We have a lot to learn about it.

Hi, thank you and nice job.

i want with out link to on the image A (mainpages).

Can you please explain more? P.S. Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Hi, I cant find the way to insert tabular data

Just paste a typical html table markup inside the text-editor. it will get the style.


In includes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php line 1733 there is a typo: __(“More Details”, “Highthemes”)

should be: __(“More Details”, “highthemes”)

Translated string “More Details” will not be read from xx_XX.po file ‘cos of capital letter ‘H’ in __() function;

Also, in download package in child theme demo directory; file style.css u need to replace “Template: inCreate” to “Template: ht-increate”. If not WP will throw an error: “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

One more thing… If I enable sticky header I should ‘ve option to disable footer menu or even better replace it with other menu. Mmhm ? Or I miss something ;-) ?

Hi, Thanks for the type report. I will fix it. I will check the child too.

The footer menu shows the main menu, In my local copy, I’ve added the feature to have a separate menu, I will upload the theme with some bugfixes and features asap.

Hello, its all perfekt, but why I can’t see the “background image” in slider?

the background image is invisible and hidden text effects with gray color? I’ve tried everything, read all tutorials, heard and recreated. My opinion, I’ve done everything right, but the slider stays empty … :-(

has done, everything is ok, the problem was on the server …. grrrrr (3 days work for a ..) You’ll think also, “some things take care of themselves, if they do not mind it!”

sorry for the delay. Glad to hear it’s solved. Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Hi there,

I want to purchase this theme, But I want to check the below: 1) is there a way to remove the upper header the one with the social toolbar? 2) is this theme is fully RTL support I need the theme for hebrew lang.


Hi there, 1) yes, there’s an option for that in admin options 2) no, we haven’t tested it in a RTL lang.

thanks, for the RTL issue, is there an option to test it? is there any thought for making this theme in RTL support?

we will consider it, but not so soon.

Hi there nice theme, I want to have the icons you have on the demo, top-left, the cell icon and the location icon how do I call those? I where the info goes but how do I get the icons to show with the same size as you have them? Thanks

Also, I would love to find a way to make the “feature” section on the home page a link to a different page, because I know users are going to think it’s a link as they hover over.

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I already purchase this theme. Is it possible to add social media on header?

thank alot

go to admin options, there’s a section for that.

Found it but one thing more, can i add other social media that are not included on the theme already? For example, i have account on stambleupon.com but this one is not available on theme social media option. can you please give me instruction on how to add this one?

Note that the theme use ‘Font Awesome Icon’ and also ‘Elegant Icon’ and these ones doesn’t have any thing for Stumbleupon. You can check the icons below: http://fontawesome.io/icons/ http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/elegant-icon-font

Hello, I want to change the theme language to spanish. How I can do?

Thanks in advance

sorry for my bad english

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We will update it asap.