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Hello, tried to register in your support forum. Entered my purchase code, all good, but my password email never arrived. It’s been more than two hours. Please advise. Your help file provides no instructions for uploading XML demo content, though this is easy for anyone who uses Wordpress. For new users, here is the procedure: Use the standard WP importer and browse to the demo content folder on your computer. There are no actual instructions for importing the Revolution Slider demos. Here is how to do that, for anyone who is wondering: There are four zip files to import using the green “Import Slider” button on the Revolution Slider set up page, of the plugin. Browse your computer for the four zip files in the Demo content folder. For someone else’s question, you answered, “You need to assign homepage as front page in settings > reading.” BUT please note that you did not provide this information in the Help File. Your Help File will be improved greatly if you add the following: 1) How to set-up/ use the Child Theme (you really, really need to add this!). 2) Be sure to set Home Page in Reading. 3) How to import Revolution Slider demos. 4) And please fix your support forum, so that I can receive my password via email. Hope the suggestion to improve your Help File for future purchasers helps.

Hi there, there was a minor bug on mail server which is fixed now. You can try resetting your password now.

I will add your recommendations to the help file. Forum is fixed now.

To import demo content, navigate to tools > import > wordpress and browse the file located at “DEMO XML” folder which is inside the theme package.

Very good, thanks! I am enjoying this theme, it is coming together quickly, will be giving five stars :)

I’m submitting an update which will fix a few bugs. It’s better to use it if you can wait. I think it will be available tomorrow.

I am pretty sure I can find a plugin that will do it but it would be nice if the Wordpress topbar could be permanently removed for this theme because of the way the header works. Logged in I can barely see the logo and the menu because of the Wordpress top bar which is a bit of a shame. Other than that, it is an awesome theme to work with.

I will fix it in next update, but in the meantime you can disable admin bar in wordpress settings

Disabling it in the settings is not permanent and only for the user. You need a plugon to permanently disable it sitewide. But I like t avoid using extra plugins so if you can make it an option within the theme it would be awesome.

You can install “disable admin bar” plugin for now, but we’ll consider about it in the next updates.

hi, can you tell me how I could translate the words “more details” that appear in the portfolio carousel on the home page?

please register in our support forum and ask your questions there http://highthemes.com/support

Hello, I loaded the demo content and notice on the Services headlines on the Home page, there is the number 4 at the end of the title, such as Seo Optimizer4 and Unlimited Options4. When I try to change the headlines myself, the “4” stays there. If I add another service, the number “5” replaces the 4 on them all. If I delete a service, the number “3” appears, so it’s adding the number of services I’m using at the end of each headline. Can you help and thanks for a beautiful theme! Thank you!

You’re right we’ve forgot to remove debugging vars, Please email me using our profile I will send you the updated file


When re going to release update ?

I found another problem. If i put html code with eg. li > i > a href: mailto:...>email@domain.com < / a>< / li> in widgetkit ‘HighTheme Contact Details’ it does not show me email href in sidebar. If i put email without href in ‘Contact Details’ textarea email is just a simple text in sidebar.

The theme has been updated. The current version is 1.0.4 Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Also you can use the following code for email

<i class="fa-home" />1736 Nutters Barn Lane Clarion, LA 50525</li>
<li><i class="fa-phone" /> 111-5252-8568</li><li><i class="fa-print" /> 111-9858-858</li><li>
<a href="mailto:email@gmail.com"><i class="fa-envelope" />email@gmail.com</a></li>
<li><i class="fa-globe" />www.site.com</li>

Thanks, however i created my own ‘contact details ‘widget(based on your code) with cryptx protection. Here u ve http://pastebin.com/Grtts4qH

Good afternoon

I just updated to Wordpress 3.9 and visual composer is no longer functioning as expected. I checked the version and it’s quite a bit outdated (actually 4.0.3 -> new version is 4.1.1). Can you please update the theme with the current version of VC?


so the theme doesn’t work with wpml? right?

The theme works right with WMPL, but if you have WP3.9 you must have the latest version of WMPL which is still in Beta version 3.1.5. The previous version of stable WMPL 3.1.4, make conflicts with Visual Composer in WP3.9.

WMPL make and launch a new release of stable version in few days.


Thanks, for letting me know it. I Appreciate it

Same problem here. Just updated to Wordpress 3.9 and Visual Composer isn’t working. Thanks!

Hi there, You’re right. We will update it asap. There are some bugs on the new version of visual composer. We’re waiting for a fix from the plugin author.

Any news on this? I can’t do any work on my site because I can’t access the content on the pages…thank you.

I’m checking this page http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431 to get the update as soon as it gets available.

If you can, use wp 3.8 in the meantime.

Remove this comment! Wrong place!

Where do I download the update for Slider Revolution from?

Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

I get a “broken Theme” increate/Help Template is missing. is it important? I didn’t unzip the archives inside the template (PSD folder for example). Also, how do I use the PSD files? Is there anything special needed to be done if using WPML?

Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Hi again! I would like to know where can I change the word “PROJECT DETAILS” that you see in the portfolio detail page. I wanna show the word “PROFILE” instead. Please let me know where to edit, coz I can’t find it on the theme options or shortcode. Thank you.

I didn’t get any email. Did you send it to the email I mentioned? adonnav (at) ??

Btw, the element “SINGLE IMAGE” do not show up in responsive view (iphone), if I put a number in TRANSITION DELAY . I put 1000. I was wondering why my image is not showing up on the iphone. So when I was tracing the bug, I removed the value on the the Transition Delay(s) field and the image showed up on the iPhone finally. I hope you can fix that and let me know where to fix it.

Please ignore the last paragraph on my last comment, that question is for another theme… sorry for the mix up. But my question about the email address is for you. Thank you!

I’d sent it to ice2big@gmail.com now sent to adonnav

Sir, is there is any way so that, we set testimonials auto-play. Regards Subhash for Qikmo

please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Thanks, I am already registered and now created a support ticket there.

Really like the theme, but is it possible with some simple code work to position the slider/image under the menu?

Yes, it’s very easy. The solution is already on our forum


I am interested to purchase this Theme. Before I purchase, I want to make sure that the Visual Composer is working fine under WP 3.9? Can anyone confirm. Thank you!

Hi I’ve included the fixed version of vc which works well on wp 3.9, but there are still a few bugs which we’re working to fix it asap.

I get this error in Chrome with the countdown

Invalid date. Here’s an example: 12 Tuesday 2012 17:30:00

please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Interested in buying this theme. Had one question though. Is it possible to overlay a KML file on the google map functionality? Or animate the map? Or would I need an additional plug-in? Thanks in advance. This theme looks great.

The google map is a shortcode. The animation and KML file isn’t available by default. You will need to modify the shortcode yourself.


Have updated to latest 1.07 version and there is no difference in VC??

I have one irate client and this really needs to be a priority.

When can we expect a permanent fix?

Thanks in advance…

Please read the txt file regaridng how to update vc. You need to delete the current installed one and replace it with the new version. Please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support

Thank you for your prompt reply, all working…


What about a megamenu for this great template?

Any news?

Regards from Germany


Hi there, I should say sorry. I have updated the theme several times but mainly for bugfixes and very important new features. We’re so busy right now, I will consider it but no proimse. Sorry

where is changelog for 1.0.8?

There’s a text file inside the package. No change just update for visual coposer which fixes clonning rows problem

hi, how I can remove the author, date and category of the blog?, how I can change “continue reading” to “Read More”? thank you very much,

excuse my English

please register on our support forum to ask your questions. http://highthemes.com/support