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Does this come with all content on the demo site? Thanks.

There are two options you can install this theme, if you select as New Fresh Drupal Installation you will have site like the demo.


Nice clean theme…

Thank you :)

nice theme buddy, GLWS :)

Thank you friend :)

You mention this theme supports swipe gestures, yet when I view on iphone it doesn’t seem to. Any comment about this? Thanks. RHI


Does this have a style set for forums? There’s a link in the demo site, but it’s a dummy link.


Forums it is table and keep default style as Drupal. You can see table in this page http://incredible.dev/content/elements

thank you.

Thanks for this. Couldn’t get that link to work, but found it here:


Do you have any examples of this site being used by other people?

Nice theme! Have you already noticed, that the “Sing Up” Button (pricing table) is cutted off in Chrome `?

Seen in Version 24.0.1312.52 m

Thank you very much !

You mention this theme supports swipe gestures, yet when I view on iphone it doesn’t seem to. Any comment about this? Thanks. RHI
— I have the same question as redhorse and hoping to hear back from you.


I’ve just bought the theme. Please could you let me know how you created the front page on your demo site for this? Is this all html or are you using blocks/panels?

It seems to have 3 column and and 4 column components. I’m not sure how this is achieved.

Thanks :-)

Hi there,

if you going to setup new drupal site, i would prefer install the theme as “For New Fresh Drupal Installation”. you will have site like the demo. thank you for purchasing the theme.

tabvn, I noticed that you removed swipe gestures from the features list. It would have helped if you responded back to the question, so that other folks like me dodn’t have to look around. I am guessing that swipe feature is not supported in your other themes too….

Hi Azdoa. Sorry swipe gestures is not supported in Incredible theme. Other theme if you see it in description that mean it included that features.

thank you.


We’d like to buy this theme, but slider’s images are not displayed, only text. Have tried from diff. computers (Chrome, FF). Can you check it?

Thanks, Dan.

Ok! Maybe it’s problems with connection to img server from Russia

We’ve bought this theme, but the slider works only in IE8, not in Chrome or FF. It doesn’t work on your demo and on our site. I can’t determine what problem is.

It’s work. You can open a ticket here http://support.tabvn.com I will send you screenshot on Mac ff + google chrome


Would it be difficult to put a facebook feed, plus the twitter feed and post feed (like in the footer) as a single 3 tab element?

I really like this theme but can’t decide on this one or sensation. Does one have many more elements than the other apart from the design?

You can do other custom without problem. Thank you. Also look at the demo carrefully before decide buy it.

Hi I cannot edit the homepages. I have done the new installation as stated in a previous post?

If I set my own home page I get the presence of the h2 header above the slider. How do I remove it. Or how do I edit existing home pages. Thanks

Hi There

add a ticket here http://support.tabvn.com/ then we will get back to you. Also we are on holidays. Thanks for being patience.

hello, compliments for the template. I have some questions that are not in the guide. How do I change the views of the portfolio page, or even just the title of the contact page? I don’t see Views or Panel for this…


Hi There

portfolio is custom module you can see in /sites/all/modules/tabvn/portfolio

thanks for purchasing the theme.

New guy here, please forgive my ignorance…

If I purchase this templates, how do I go about hosting it? do you have any suggestions?

Hi there

You have to register an hosting account at hosting provider.


The theme is empty of CSS and Blocks… Please send me the css files like as the VISUAL THEME that i Purchashed… i am not a css expert.

Hi There

if you follow the documentation, and install new test branch of your site with option “For New Fresh Drupal Installation” you will have site like the demo.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Dear Toan, the theme was uploaded via FTP correctly, the ”.htaccess ” has right “744”, doesn’t really matter! The content was successfully imported to mySQL database. As you can see, I can reach the first page, the rest is not working as in your demo. Also I don’t have access to the backend. I’m “playing” since hours with it, but it doesn’t work really. What can I do else?


Greetings Chris

Hi Chris

you must check again with .htaccess make sure you did upload it (you can try remove old .htaccess file and re-upload it.). If you did, this is missing from your hosting , that hosting may not support clean URL (mod rewrite)

i see you site does not work with clean URL ex: http://www.chriswillmann.de/dru5/user/ it does not work http://www.chriswillmann.de/dru5/?q=user this work.

next time submit a ticket at support.tabvn.com

PS: did you see Incredible only has 2 stars rating :( I hope you could give it 5 stars.

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme, and rating.

Documentation needed!

Dude – as nice as this theme looks when using the demo site – it’s not very easy to work out how to edit it. Please can you provide some documentation? The documentation provided does not go into any detail at all. There are a number of people on your support forum asking for this and these questions are going unanswered.

HI There

documentation is included in download package. That’s all we have. If you have more questions about drupal you need post on support.tabvn.com we dont know what kind of documentation you need right now, There are alot of things in drupal we need exactly what you want. Post it on support.tabvn.com

thank you very much.


I need to know how you edit the front page. I’ve submitted a ticket




Thank Phil, i did reply to you.

I cannot agree more with pkershaw. You need to document the front pages, panels, custom pages. whatever you have used to put these together. The theme is really good and you are very responsive and helpful. But we need this documentation and quickly please. We have purchased your theme and support your work but you need to help us.

I have completed the payment option and I lost the cash from my account. But, I didn’t get the them !!! What to do ?

I have submitted a ticket. But I didn’t get any reply from your support. Do you have any idea whether I will get my cash back or not ? If yes, when and how ?


Hi umernaseefali,

i dont know how. Envato support takes up 2 days to replies your ticket.

Thank you.

I too really like this theme and was contemplating purchasing, but to be honest, when I saw it was tabvn I decided to read the comments based on my previous experience with their themes.

I see the documentation is still an issue so I know how to proceed.

I think they genuinely don’t understand that making the buyer have to go on an adventure figuring out how they do their custom designs is not the way to go.

If you have the Drupal chops… I say go ahead… if you’re not up to it, then maybe this isn’t the route for you.

Thank you nointidworks , if you decide buy our theme then asks any question on support.tabvn.com

i will here and help you.

Kind regards.

OK. I will take you up on that… just please don’t leave me hanging.