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Hello Vasterad. I like your themes very much. I have read the thread to try and solve the following problems, but still have had no success:

1. Four-column portfolio galleries: Like other people have experienced, the images collapse on top of each other until the browser isrefreshed. I tried the following fix:

@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 200px;}} @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 157px;}}

The result: the images aligned, however, the source images are stretched out of proportion.

Sample of problem page: 2. Menu In IE9, the menu items fall behind the embedded video of the fifth slide in the slider at (no problem when tested in Firefox)

3. Image Box Gallery: Is it possible to include videos (as in FancyBox)? If so, can you provide an example of the code?

Thank you – Peter

Thank you for trying. It didn’t work. From your example, Vimeo media seems to work.

The image gallery fix worked – thank you.

- Hi Again – RE: Q3 Image Box – I just read the author’s comments – it is for images only.

Hell Vasterad:

RE: Imagebox photogallery, can you provide code for “next” and “previous” photos?

Thank you,


Thank you. I’ll try it out -always appreciate the fast response

Yes, it works and is what I was looking for. Thank you

Okay, I’m glad you solved it. :)

Hello Vasterad:

I am trying to embed the below in a 1/3 column layout. The video appears in IE, but not in Firefox. Does the embed code need adjusting? Thank you.


<iframe width=”400” height=”225” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Then sorry, I don’t have fix for these issues. I tried my best to help you but as you can see without results. Sorry.

Thank you, Vasterad. I appreciate your time and effort.

Sure thing, cheers.

hi, how i can change color of text menu and of line under menu? sorry for the stupid answer…

#footer { color: #fff; }
#footer-bottom { color: #fff; }

what css file i find it?

Add it to style.css at the bottom of file.

Hi Vasterad:, I’m really pleased with this purchase – thanks for the great theme :-) I don’t know much about .js but is there a way for the accordion to have all items closed and so they only open on click?

Unfortunately it’s not really possible with basic script from Incredible, but you can modify it in custom.js. Cheers. :)

“If the image in the flexslider is less than the container width, it is left justified. How do you center it?”

Your answer was: Try “margin: 0 auto;”.

Question: In which line of the flexslider.css file pls ??

Not in css, but directly to a image:

<img src="#" style="margin: 0 auto;" />

Great ! Thx

Hello Vasterad,

I am trying to implement “RoyalSlider”. Do you know of any incompatability issues with “Incredible”? (I am having problems getting it to display correctly).

I understand that this is not “your problem”, but just wanted to ask in case you know of any issues. I have already contated RoyalSlider and their fixes don’t work.

Problem can be seen at: (the video images don’t line up with the tabs)

Thank you – Peter

I’ve no experience with RoyalSlider, did you try to contact plugin author? He might knows more than I. :P

Yes, I contacted him before you.

Hello Vasterad, thank you for the great Template! I have a question about the contact form. I don’t get it to work. Do I have to do more than filling in my email address in the $to = ‘Your Name <>’; Thanks a lot for your reply! Enrique

Okay. :)

it works perfectly =)

i have another question regarding the mobile site. how can i modify it? can you give me a tip? thank you!

Could you clarify your question?

you missed the credits for the pictures. or are they included? (!) ;)

Hi, pictures are not included. They’re only for demo live preview. In item description there’s link to images author (Chris Sandlin / SockMonkee) rest are bought on PhotoDune. ;)

I am having issues with the twitter component.

Please have a look at and if you need, i can send any other files required to fix this issue.

thanks Eric

ill test it in the html to troubleshoot. if it still doesnt work, can you have a look at the code for me??


can you email me? eric [at] and i’ll send you the files or login information for you to look at… thanks so much.

Please email me (found in my previous comment)

I am getting (Sorry, unexpected error) on php mail script.



Please try to use pure files from package. Most of issues are caused because of customer modifications.

yup, just uploaded the pure template page and contact.php to a server ( ). the only thing i changed was the email address in the php file. Otherwise… SAME exact javascript error… Take a look yourself, and please let me know the issue with the javascript. I’ve waited patiently for your help on this.

Make sure your hosting provider doesn’t need smtp auth to send emails via PHP scripts.

Hi Vasterad, The responsive functionality works in all browsers and sizes other than IE8. I’m not worried about anything lower than IE8. Once I size the browser window smaller than the original size it appears the media queries stop working correctly in IE8.

I tried adding response.js to the site to see if that helps and it did help a bit, but it seems like not all of the media queries are being respected when the browser is resized in IE8. Works great in all new browsers.

Here is a link to the test site.

Any help would be appreciated.

IE8 doesn’t support media queries and there’s no fix. :/

Hi Vasterad, I fixed the problem. You can apply either respond.js or css3-mediaqueries.js so that the template will work in older versions of IE. The trick is that you have to combine all of the css files into one style sheet. The js fixes do not work with @import css stylesheet links. Great template btw. I had fun working with it.

Hm, thanks for the tip. :)

Hi Vasterad, Ive bought two of these and love it, I have a challenge though.

The default option shows all categories when I do not want to load ALL” how can I set the filter not to have an *all function ?

  • ”>All
  • Our main items
  • I have tried changing data-option-value=””> to data-option-value=”.front”> without success

    many thanks, I get outstanding value from your work

Well, it’s not really possible (I don’t know how). :/

Hello, I bought this template and really like it. But I have a small problem. I inserted a 4 column Portfolio on the index.html and there are some problems with safarie and chrome. Is it possible that I send you a link via PM that you can take a look on it? Dont want to post this here.


Yes, send me an email via profile page.

Hello Vasterad!

I made my own sidebar called sidebar-rides.php. WHY get_sidebar(‘riders’); calls out both (sidebar&sidebar-riders templates? I need only my own.

I searched the code but didn’t find anything that would fixed this.

Please post questions regarding WordPress version here

There is any way to implement revolution slider instead of flexslider like as the wordpress version?

Yes, but I’m not planing update right now so you need to do it by yourself. However it’s good idea to add Revolution Slider to Incredible and I’ll consider it. :)

HI Guys, love the theme.. Just a small issue with twitter? Created the app and added all the relevant tokens but nothing is displaying?

Any ideas?

Thanks and brilliant work! :)

Please follow documentation and be sure if your domain is authorised in twitter app. ;)

in Internet Explorer (8,9,10, wp7.8) there is a small cursor (triangle) showing on the top of the website and it disappears quickly. Do you know what that is?

Hi, sorry but have no idea however I can’t see what you described in my IE. ;)

I’m having an issue with the titles of an imagebox not displaying in IE8 – they display fine in all modern browsers but in IE8 you can see them animate in very briefly but then they disappear. Normally I would say screw IE8 but as long as Windows XP is being used by government offices I need it to work in IE8. The client’s site is for a government agency and they can’t see the captions. I’ve tried playing around with the css and even the imagebox.min.js but with no luck. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the test link:

Thanks, Travis.

Everything works for me on IE8. Since release no one before has similar problem, so sorry but I cannot help you. It must be caused by your browser (I guess you’re testing it in IE compatibility mode).

I am not in compatability mode (although I did turn on compatability mode after you mentioned it to see if it would help, and it didn’t).

When you follow the directions I stated above and click on the SockMonkee image on your live demo in IE8, do you see the word SockMonkee spelled out underneath the image or just a white border around the image with no caption. The imagebox itself works , but there is no caption underneath. And just because no one has mentioned it, doesn’t mean that no one else has experienced the same issue, they may have just chosen to overlook it. In this instance the client specifically requested captions under the images and they are not working. Normally I would have just chalked it up to an IE8 bug and moved on, but in this case the client themselves are the ones reviewing the site in IE8. Kind of hard for me to explain to them that the feature will work for 90% of the rest of the world, just not them (and anyone else still using Windows XP).

Well, I’ll take a look but as I said there’s no problem for my browsers. Since there’s no fix I’d recommend to use instead of imagebox. Hope you understand. :)