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Hi Vasterad:

When my page has little content, there is a lot of white space after the end footer. Is there any way to correct this?? Thank you

You can add an extra div below content with margin e.g.

<div style="margin-bottom: 500px;"> </div>

Thanks for the fast reply! BTW when I look at the website from my iphone, the menu dissappear…is this supposed to happen or did I do something wrong?

There should be mobile me like on my demo live preview.

Can i use Bootstrap with this, If yes How??

Hi, sorry but you can’t.

Any front end framework you can suggest we can use with this beautiful design.

You can use any framework but everything depends on your skills and knowledge how to implement that.

hi, I have a problem. When I press the button “Send mail”, appears an error : JAVASCRIPT Sorry, unexpected error. Please try again.” . I use pure files from package, and i have tryed three different address mail. Help!!

Does your servers supports PHP?

I have tried with the server mail alice and hotmail.

Can I put in my own 3rd part slider (LayerSlider) in place of the current slider in the theme?

Thanks, John

Sorry, I will be using the WP theme. So I can add widgets and plugins within columns, sidebars, and at the bottom of the WP Incredible theme? Sorry for any confusion!

Awesome! Thanks.

Do you provide support for your themes in a forum? I know users probably ask a lot of questions about modifying the themes via CSS and I’m not sure if I should do it here. Thanks!

Awesome. Thanks for being so responsive!

Newbie question: What is the difference between the Incredible template and the Incredible WP theme? I see a lot of templates out there and don’t know what the difference is. Thanks for any insight!

WP theme has WordPress content system management. Template is just pure template with HTML and CSS>

wordpress replied with a “there is no style sheet (style.css) so that failed to install this theme. what should i do?

What should i do to apply this templete on wordpress via FTP? here is wordpress version. You bought html template that does not work with wordpress. ;)

Hello! Is there any way to get this template for Joomla?

Hi, sorry but not.

Hi, I’m having trouble with the Slider alignment. I’m using the sixteen columns and the slider works, but the slides are all off center. The <image> has a style=”float: right; toggle in it but changing it to center or left has no effect. Now this is not an issue with Firefox, but it does appear to be a specific issue with Internet Explorer. I have checked the page on multiple computers with the same results. Any suggestions on how to resolve this centering issue with IE? Many thanks in advance for your Theme and support.

To be honest, I’m testing it via browserstack, my PC and everything works for me so I cannot do anything in this case.

Thank you for your time. I’ve replaced the slider with another product. The theme works for what I need.

Ok, I am sorry for that issue but as you can see it’s not easy to fix it when sometimes it works, and sometimes not.

Hi Vasterad, I wanted to ask, if you could tell me how to fix the problem with the new twitter api… my tweest don´t show us since some days and I can´t find out, how to fix this.. Thanks!

Please download latest version of Incredible and follow documentation. My themes support 1.1 API since March.

Oh, and don’t forget to change “whitelist” to false in twitter.php.

Thanks a lot!!!

Hello, I purchased your template a couple of months ago and I am now building a website with it, although I cannot get the PHP contact form working. Can you help me with this?

The site is located at :


Hello, I purchased your template a couple of months ago and I am now building a website with it, although I cannot get the PHP contact form working. Can you help me with this?

The site is located at :


<script src="js/send_email.php"></script>

What’s that? Also source to contact.php is wrong.

ok how can i fix it, I removed that other email script .

It’s your site and I cannot see everything what you have on server.


I have the following issue.

I would like to use isolated components, like one of the tables, on their own, but I find very time consuming going into the style.less file and track down the files I can remove to trim the css.

I understand there are tools to detect the unused css, but I was wondering if there is an easy way to trim down from the less files.

Thanks, daniel

The template comes with less files and the main css is created from them. I don´t see how there isn´t support.

Is there anyone that can help?

Are you talking about less stylesheets ( ) or just about compressed and stripped CSS in demo live preview? If so after purchasing you’ll get uncompressed, clear CSS file with commented code.

What I mean is that if I just want to use a table, the css ends up having a whole bunch of rules I´m not interested. I was hoping to have a way to compile just the very necessary tags for the tables.

The Twitter feeds don’t seem to be working anymore. Is anyone else having this issue?

Download latest version and follow this guide

Ah just found the Twitter support doc, all sorted!

Oh, okay. :)

Thank you, Vasterad. From testing on xampp to publishing online a front holding page and Contact Us: 90 minutes. Very good, 5*


Hello Vasterad,

I used a Flex slider on my homepage but the responsive does not shrink the same as your example, the title and texts are push down in the page. I just added slides in the theme options, is there something else I should do?

temp address is .


Hi, questions regarding WordPress please post here

Hi i have problems with your menu, i’ve set it to have my list of products here as desired – but once i do that in IE 8 it causes the Data Filters not to work..can please advise how to resolve this in IE8

Hi, sorry but everything works in IE8. Could you clarify your issue?

I tried clicking on the Filter Boxes links in the Content section, clicking on either V or BB does not move in the boxes in IE8,

Hi i would like to merge your pricing tables to become 1 row, how do i do that ?

Could you give a link to your site, please?

it there a way to embed Flash with the image viewer you for the portfolio page.

Hi, unfortunately not.