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Hi there,

I would like to add a “Phone Number” field under the email field. What would be the easiest way to do that?

So, the contact page would be:

Name: Email: Phone: Message:


Hi, sorry but current script does not provide an easy way to add an extra fields without any PHP knowledge (I’m not really PHP expert too so can’t really help you). :(

Hi there – i’m having trouble making some of the elements work when injected via ajax. Particularly the accordions and the tabs. The code works fine normally, but when i request the code and inject it into the page via ajax, its all there and displays fine, but clicking on either accordions or tabs doesnt fire events to change the block of content that is displayed.

Do you know how to fix this? Thanks

Are you asking about WordPress or HTML version? I can’t see your buyer badge.

yeah i dont know why that buyer thing doesnt come up as i did buy it. Its the HTML version. Thanks

Hi Vasterad, i wonder if you guys do some repair & fixes for your template which i have customized abit here & there. Some issues with IE 8 and mobile formatting running off. Appreciate if you could PM me & quote me on this the fixes if you guys are ok.

Hi, sorry but it’s over the support. I’d recommend to hire someone. :P

Is it possible to translate the theme in an easy way to support other languages?

In HTML version case it can be done only manually.

What about WordPress.. do you support translating with POEdit tool and PO files?

What about WordPress.. do you support translating with POEdit tool and PO files?

Hi, unfortunately not.

Hi Vasterad, I bought your theme, and I get an issue on IE8 with the slider in homepage. Urgent! Can you email me so I can send you more details?


Contact me trough profile page

Hi I just bought this theme:

I have a problem with the Twitter widget and found solution here but this does not work with my theme.

Have you built the other WP-theme too or do you know about it? It seems to be the exact same theme. The thing is that I dont get ANY answer there.

Thanks for your help! Alex

Please write in correct section (WordPress) or send a ticket there Thanks. :P


I noticed that this template does not work in IE explorer. Will you be adding IE support or do I need to fix this myself. I could probably run a modernizer type script here but it might conflict with all of the javascript you have running. In addition 3rd level child menu items should resize @720px. Let me know what you think.


This template supports all IE from 7 to 10, so I’ve no idea what are you talking about.

Hi Is this theme Retina Ready? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately it isn’t.

The contact form doesn’t work. I replaced the sample email with my email adress in contact.php but I didn’t receive any email. I need a quick answer please. Thank you for your time in reading this comment.

Maybe you didn’t upload something. Could you provide me a link to your site?

Oh I forget to upload a js file. It works now.

Hi, I was wondering, is there a url so I can move directly to (for example) the second tab? So something like I’m talking about the tabs shown in the shortcodes.html page. I tried options like the example, but nothing worked. Thanks in advance.

It’s not possible with current script.

Hello there . . . . currently working on a site using the template and having an issue on the comments form, I have read through the previous questions but still no jy I’m afraid, I have uploaded the files in there native form and they work ok, I have added more fields and followed the scrip format in the contacts.php file but get an error and the form doesn’t process and send, can you PLEASE HELP this is an urgent matter now as the site needs to be live Thursday !!!!

Hi, sorry but I’m not author of the contact form script (my old developer did it) and I can’t really help in this case because I’m not PHP / jQuery expert. I’d suggest to ask any PHP/jQuery dev.

Hi: how do I turn off the mobile scale abilities? I just want the desktop view through out. please advise.

thank you

Hi, remove media queries from skeleton.css and style.css

from what line to what line? please advise.

thank you again

Hi, in skeleton.css remove everything below ”/* #Tablet (Portrait)” tag.

Hi, In the HTML version, is it possible to use an image that would stretch across the full width of the page in the slider? As well as keeping the text on top of the image.

Not sure if I got your problem right but this may be not possible with flexslider.

Hi, Don’t worry, seem to have figured it out myself now! Thanks

Hi Vasterad,

Thanks for a great template, easy to work with and splendid documentation!

However I’m a little stuck setting up the portfolio. I would like to have the portfolio sitting across 10 columns (content 2 columns 5 + 5) with an additional 6 column container to the right. when I set this up the portfolio content puts my right hand column underneath.

How can I control the width of “portfolio-wrapper” so it sits within 10 columns.

I hope this makes sense, any help greatly appreciated.


We have pre-sale question. Reviewing your code at live demo – we didn’t notice use of H1 tag? Is this nice template SEO friendly?

Logo is in H1 however would be better if you adjust template to your needs in SEO case.

We just purchased your theme. Thank you for providing us with such a nice template. Hope it will be easy to make customization.

1. In Firefox 25, whole slider image with text is not centered – but moved right.

2. Our logo is 220×124. As there will be empty space above navigation menu – can you please advise us how to add contact telephone or social media icons above menu and not break the code?

3. In Contact us page – we would like to have much smaller google map placed on right sidebar – just above contact details.

Please advise. We appreciate your time. Thank you.

Hi, How to set testimonials in other then 1/4column? Like in 5column (11+5) or in 1/2column (1/2+1/2).

Thank you.

Just change class from four columns to other.

Thank you! We appreciate your help with this nice looking template!

Hi, I am editing sidebar-right.html (11+5columns). Would like to have more elements added under sidebar column like testimonials, large notice etc. When I add more elements in sidebar (5column) – they get spilled in 11column space (where I have removed Icon Box and Accordion). But If I add long enough additional text description – everything is fine. How can I prevent this and keep sidebar elements on right side? Thanks!

Fixed problem adding nested divs – alpha option…

Ok, I’m glad you solved it.

Hi, Do you plan to include Search and 404 pages in the next template update? How can we use search function in template? Thanks!

Search function does not work, it’s just design.