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Can we have multiple div class=”container” within one page? Like in fullwidth page example?

When should we use div class=”clearfix”

In “container” class you need to put class with declared columns amount e.g. “sixteen columns”. I’d suggest to add clearfix after each container class and most floated elements.

Thanks for reply. Can you please send me your email? Would like to send you code – as unable to post in comments. Thanks.

Contact me trough profile page.

Hi, How to use testimonials box with no Carousel in 3×1/3 columns? We tried but spacing between boxes is not equal. In addition, what is neat way to include 5 stars image in box too? Thank you.

Where to include data-autorotate? What for are .carousel-disabled, .mr-rotato-disabled in style.css? When removing class=carousel from page – should we also remove carousel.js or it doesn’t matter?

<!-- Testimonials Carousel -->
<div class="testimonials-carousel" data-autorotate="3000" />

Thank you Vasterad! We appreciate your help very much!

Is there recommendation for image sizes across template for different media responsiveness? For example, team image is 500×500px?! Is this set intentionally?

If you want to have sharp images on smartphones and tablets I’d use bigger images.

Great tip! Thanks!

You’re welcome.


You might consider top header for next template update as convenient feature.

Can you please help us out to add top header (full width) above logo and navigation menu? Gray background/white small letters – with left (phone/email) and right column (social media icons).

Thank you!

I understand :( I have sent top header code through profile. Please review. Thanks!

Both code should be fine.

Great :) Thanks for your time!

Meet The Team Image is not centered – but left aligned. Team Image is centered in div four columns but in other width columns – it is left aligned. In mobile view, goes left aligned too.

How to make image centered as the text below image “team-name” is centered?

Site is not live yet :( I am working offline. I checked your preview with Respinator and since your image is 500×500px it fills the space. But with smaller image 220×220px, it is not centered – but left aligned. Will send you screenshots by email.

If you use smaller images it’s normal. If you resize site to mobile resolution then images won’t be sharp and nice.

Client didn’t have better image resolution at the moment… Couldn’t image be centered no matter image size? I have sent you screenshot by email.

Hi, How can I change “portfolio” to “catalog” in url?

Sorry. My mistake. I really had to ask it in Wordpress version of Incredible template, that I bought…

Hi, Can we upgrade template jquery 1.7.1/jquery.min.js to jquery-1.8.3.min.js – as we have the forms that use newer 1.8.3 jquery. Thanks!

There should be no problem.

When we use 1.8.3 carousel is not working. Anyhow form can work with 1.7.1 so we will leave it as it is.

Hi, Where is setting for global font-size and font-color? And where can we change color of main navigation line? Thanks.

base.css ;)

Where do we change color of current light blue theme? Backtotop button hover, ul links, ul icons, author span etc. Is the color set on one place?

You’re welcome.

In what css are these settings located?

style.css I’d suggest to use “Replace All” option in your text editor to change color for each element.

We have run DW check links and there are a few images missing: In flexslider.css images/slider_nav.png In imagebox.css images/shadow-v.png images/shadow-h.png Please advise.

These files are not important.

How to apply this template to our WP blog? Please advise what files should be uploaded to WP. Thanks!

In HTML template there is blog page: and blog post

Can we apply this to our blog only? I understand that WP version is for whole site.

What for are these files if they can’t be applied to blog?

Hi, unfortunately it’s HTML template and cannot be used as WordPress.

when I view an image on the flexslider, the image repeats at the far left and right. How do I remove the repeated edges and just show the single image? If you have a regular email address I can send you a screenshot.

Also, how do I change the time of each slide?

Hello, I am still waiting to hear back from you regarding the email I sent 10 days ago. Can you please respond? I need to get my site live asap. Thank you.

Hi, sorry but I didn’t get that one. Could you send me it again?

Can you please send me an email to ryelk at virtuance dot com so I definitely have your email address correct, and then I will respond? Thank you.

Flexslider is having new improved ver 2.2. What we need to do to upgrade template slider from current ver 2.0? These are new files: flexslider.css; jquery.flexslider.js; jquery.flexslider-min.js

For my older templates updates are rarely, however I don’t think that replacing two files is something difficult. Just basic HTML knowledge needed.

Thank you for help. Problem is that new slider doesn’t match current HTML markup in template. Replacing old with new files is not issue.

So is there anything else I can do for you except update? :P

Hi There, How do i replace those portfolio images to a vimeo link? I wanted the vimeo video to popup and play when i click on the image. Any help?


Unfortunately with current script it may be difficult. I’d suggest to use fancybox3.

Where are settings for navigation bar position? Our logo is 100px high (default logo was 80px high) so we have to adjust navigation bar vertically to match slider line. BTW, what is max width for logo? Is it 219px?

Hi, I’d suggest to read about Skeleton Grid. it will makes easier to work with this template. :)

You just need to change “four columns” of logo container to e.g. “six columns” then for navigation set “ten columns”.

Thank you for getting back to me. I understand how to change column width. What I want to do is adjust link line below navigation bar. This line was in line with slider-but we added logo image 100px high – and navigation bar line is not aligned with slider anymore. Where is setting for navigation bar?

Replied via email.

How to add 5×1/5 columns instead of 4×1/4 columns in about us page? We have 5 employees.

There’s no other way:

Love the team, creating a website with the template as we speak with twitter bootstrap as base. The questions I would like to ask can I find the social icons in the bottom (twitter, facebook, digg, vimeo, youtube, skype). or aren’t there any more?

Hi, unfortunately there’s no more icons at this moment.

Thanks so much for the great theme! One question – try to make the slider image (i don’t have it rotating, it’s just one static image) appear when the rest of the content loads. There appears to be a delay, i’m guessing from a piece of javascript? Could you help me have it load automatically?


And by automatically I mean with no delay :)

Hm, it’s not really possible however you can use preloader (loading gif) since image isn’t loaded.


Is it possible to implement a youtube video in a in the slider?

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible with flexslider.

Hi, In Firefox (default zoom view (CTRL+0), slider (image and text) is not centered but moved 600px to the right. This is visible on your demo page too. Can you please advise how can we fix this issue?

To be honest, responsiveness doesn’t have anything common with zoom option in browser. :P

As for my code. Yes I did test it on live preview and it worked. Did you edit flexslider.css?

If it still won’t work for you or anything else I’ll check what’s wrong this weekend (please contact me via email).


Your live template flexslider is still not working with zoom in FF. I didn’t realize that there are two instances of .flexslider .slides > li in flexslider.css

/* FlexSlider Style ==========================*/ .flexslider {position: relative; zoom: 1;} .flexslider .slides {zoom: 1;} .flexslider .slides > li {position: relative; float: none !important;} /* Suggested container for "Slide" animation setups. Can replace this with your own, if you wish */ .flex-container {zoom: 1; position: relative;}


Now we applied your code and it did fix FF browser zoom issue – but at the same time created another one. When slide images changing takes place – image first goes down and then up?

Contact me via email please. I’ll take a deep look in a 2/3 days