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Pure Sexyness! Love at first sight… Good luck with sales :)

Look great , good luck with Sales :)

Amazing and fresh design! (greek mumbo-jumbo following ;-)) Mpravo paides, kali tyxi me tis pwliseis.

awesome design…

Thank you Guys! ^^

Eyecatchy design , congrats ! :)
Great job, looks great.

is there coming a wordpress version of this theme?

Hi there,

Yes, a WordPress version will be available on our website at some point next week :)

very very nice, i will buy it instant when it gets online

The WordPress version is now available :)

Excellent! Oh, just would have bought if it were a theme for Wordpress …

It will be in a week or so :)

We do now have a WP version of IndiGamer :)

wow, just awesome! :) Good luck with the sales!

Thank you :)

Pre-sales question. How good is the support? I am relatively new to build with wordpress and the extra help would be awesome!

There’s always someone around :)

Is there a wordpress or joomla version? Really need it, thanks.

WordPress version is available on our website :)

Oh, too late :(, Thanks anyway.

Hi, if I buy that here for 16$, can I have acces in cssigniter forum ?

Okay thanks. At the moment I am going to buy it here. But in a few months, I am going to subscribe to your subscription of one year on the site:). The quite last thing, the archive proposed here is the last version ?

(Sorry Im using Google Translate)

Yes it is (sorry for the late reply :) )

No problem ;) and thanks.

Is the background (multi colored area) interchangeable? For example, can I replace the colored background with something a bit more specific to a certain console?

Isn’t this the HTML version of the template? Anyhow, I was wondering if I could change the background of the html template.

*Sorry, got your email confused with the comment. Thanks! I will buy it later this afternoon. Have a great evening.

You too :)

It is missing pages in the download, plus your index.html refers to pages as homepage but in download they are called index.

No post.php/html file No index_narrow1.html/php or as in your index it was called homepage_narrow1.php

Pretty sad really that you don’t update your pages to match what is downloaded.

Hello, I’m not sure I understand what the issue is? Can you provide more details so that we may help?

The downloaded files does not contain some of the files like post.php or homepage_narrow1.php

Hello, everything is there. post.php (you are referring to the demo filenames), is single.html and homepage_narrow1.php is index_alt3.html

Hello, I am interested in a Muse version of this product, will this become available?

Hello, unfortunately this is highly unlikely. We don’t currently make Muse templates.

One of the best works on design, however i couldn’t see any difference between home page templates? Am i missing something?

Hello and thank you for your kind comment!

There are small differences between homepages to outline how you can create different layouts. For example if you look at Home Alt 1 it features a grid of 8 reviews in 4 columns under the slider. Homepage Alt 2 shows how you can make reviews larger in that grid, Home Narrow Sidebar shows how you can make your sidebar narrower than the original homepage.

You can combine all those features to create a unique layout that you’re comfortable with.

I need to process the key words that the user used for searching, can you point me where in the code can I find them?

Hello. Assuming that you are referring to keywords used in template’s search boxes, you will need at least some PHP, you can’t do it with just the static template.

Yes that is what I need Thanks!, do you know where in the code is the function that get the keywords from the view?

Hi again, there’s no code for this since it’s a static template. Any dynamic functionality and code such as this must be handled by yourself.

the code for this in PHP would be something like

$keywords = $_GET[’s’];

in a php file which acts as the action of the search form itself.

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Hello, the problem is that you have an iframe embedded, unfortunately iframes don’t play well in responsive :(

This is compatible with wordpress?

Hello, this is a static HTML template. We have a WordPress theme version ready on our website :)