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Industrialr is a clean, minimalist, and industrial-style inspired theme.

This theme is written in HTML5, CSS3, javascript, and uses the jQuery library.

The theme is also very customisable and can suit many needs. In addition to colour and image customisation, various elements can be hidden through the customisation options, such as the information appearing at the bottom of the post and post header icons and titles.

Supported Browsers:

  • Chrome 5+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 5+
  • Opera 10.5+


  • Dynamic Scrollable Menu
    When your browser height is too small to see all the contents of the menu, a scrollbar will appear. The contents of the menu are not part of the main body and are independently scrolled. The menu will also always remain visible as the user scrolls down. The menu can also be positioned to the right or to the left through the customisation options.

  • Infinite Scrolling
    If Infinite Scrolling is enabled, the page can dynamically load additional posts as the user scrolls down. When disabled, the user will be able to navigate through pages of posts with the next/previous links at the bottom of the page.

  • Automatic Content Sizing
    Depending on the user’s browser width, the media content such as Audio, Video, Images, and Photosets will resize dynamically. The minimum and maximum width can be specified through the customisation options.

  • Highly Customisable
    This theme has 77 customisation options which can be accessed through the Tumblr theme customisation panel.

  • Every Post Type Supported
    Every Tumblr post type to date is supported, including: Audio, Video, Photo, Photoset, Text, Quote, Chat, Answer, and Reblog.

  • Disqus Comments
    This theme implements Disqus Comments, a free commenting system for your posts. To enable this feature, a Disqus account is required which can be obtained for free. Once acquired, all you need to do is enter you Disqus Shortname in the theme settings.

  • SyntaxHighlighter
    SyntaxHighlighter is a javascript library which colourises programing language elements in a specific block. This feature can be toggled through the customisation options.

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is a tool to help track views. It can help you identify how users get to your site, and what is popular. A Google Analytics account is required and can be obtained for free. Once acquired, simply enter your Tracker ID in the theme settings.