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Hi, I installed the latest version of theme, I like the idea of having slide in portfolios, but the slide effect is automatic? Can make the page still without press the left or right arrow? Or did I miss any setting to achieve it? Thank you.

Please write on support forum.

For some reason, my portfolio images are not displaying. I set a featured image and it generates a thumbnail, but when I click any of the portfolio items, the large image does not show up. This used to work; however, I noticed since I did a fresh install of the theme, it no longer does. Any idea why this could be happening or how I could fix it?

Thank you

Hi Salara, Please use support forum.

Hello, can the slideshow portfolio images be portrait format instead of landscape? If so, what would the affect be?


Can be portrait, if you will have problems, just create thread on support page.

Hi there, just an info. I’d like to purchase this theme but I need to know if it is possible to have one or more lines of “advertising” as for example a section called “our supporters” or “or clients”. Thanks.

The preview that I see at (the one with jQuery logo) is not sliding at the moment.

Aaa now is after click yes? So in code this is easy to change to auto. If you will buy theme, we are support for you too.


hey there,

where can I change the size (hight) of a Parallax section?

thank you

In section meta options.

after clicking import demo XML

Failed to import “Incorrect Use of wpdb()”: Invalid post type deprecated_log All done. Have fun!

Remember to update the passwords and roles of imported users.

Please tell me how can i add more social icons?

Our theme use FontAwesome icons so this is all social icons. If you need help with customization code/option plesae create thread on our support forum, we will help you.

Curious, as I have more than 4 team members, it will not allow me to add more? I have them added to the backend but only 4 show up on the front-end of the website.

I also do not notice the shortcode button in my editor

When you bought theme? You should have newest version, then problem with button should disappear. Use support forum in future. Update probably help you with team shortcode too, but create thread on forum if you have still problem. I hope you didn’t edit theme files.

Hello – pre sale question.

Brilliant theme – well done.

My question; is it possible to add a subtle navigation arrow pointing down on the first hero image – so people know to scroll down?

And you can add a title above the portfolio, such as “Our Work’.

Thank you.


1. there is no such option by default, but on support forum recently someone was asking about that, and got the answer. With small modifications we can help in the forum.

2. You can create new section and prepare title for section below.


I think the template has a problem with Google Webmaster Tools.

Google detect all the items of portfolio as NOT responsive pages. I mean: when you create a portfolio item automatically a page is created. Example for your demo page:

This page is not responsive, Google detects it and will punish position on their searches.

Do you have any solution for this?

Thank you


yes I’m a developer. But if we add styles and html tags, won’t this affect to how the portfolio is displayed in home page?

Can you provide us the file with the solution? I think this is a problem with the template. We don’t have this problem with other templates in other websites.

Thank you in advance.

You have to in single-portfolio.php put content about portfolio item (which you see currently on onepage after click on item) in container with id for example portfolio-ajax. Next step is edit script (assets->js->scripts.js file).

Find: /* ======= PORTFOLIO LOAD ======= */

And try new code from this: Try, but not tested. If you have still problem use support forum.

I have opened a threat in support forum. Thank you


I actually already have a theme built, but I much prefer your portfolio layout. In particular, clicking the thumbnail and have the video load above the gallery with headings and a description. Is this an Wordpress plug in I can buy separately, or did you create it from scratch? If so, can I buy? I’m hoping I can use shortcodes to use it with my current theme.

Thank you

Hello, shortcodes are installed only in template, so if you want to use shortcodes like in our theme, you should use our theme only.


I’m wondering if it is possible to change the ‘All’ label from the portfolio categories to another language? I need it to say ‘ALLES’


Yes, please use a support forum.


I just setup a new WP installation and added the INESTA theme. But, any “Custom CSS” styles that I add, have no effect and then do not even show up in the source code.

So, then I tried to create a child theme to allow me to add custom CSS. After doing that Admin Area Theme Options panel completely falls apart, no longer loads or works right.

I am sorry to say but so far, to me, it looks like this theme completely does not support Custom CSS or Child Themes?

Please Advise… how to get this fixed?

POST-NOTE: While I never found a way to get the built-in Custom CSS area to work properly, I did get a Child Theme working. Making any call to: admin_enqueue_scripts, i.e.: add_action(‘admin_enqueue_scripts’, ‘custom_admin_styles’)

Breaks the parent theme’s way of loading the Theme Options panel. Once I removed that and found a different way to load my own Admin Area styles, everything worked OK.

Thank You


After a long while i logged in to my wordpress and updated the theme to the latest version because the shortcodes-button (‘Z’) did not appear in my post toolbar.

But after updating the theme, it still did not appear! So i can’t use shortcodes now. I only have to make a few small changes, is there any documentation where i can find all the shortcodes manually maybe?

Thanks a lot.

Please use support forum. We check it asap.

Hi, We have added a Blog/News page to our site, however, after visiting this page when you click on the other menu items it doesn’t return to the home page it doesn’t go anywhere as ‘blog’ has been added into the URL (, the only way to get back to the home page is clicking the logo – is there something else I need to do to get this to work? Thanks

Hello, how you add links in menu? Manually via writing fully url with #? When you are in Menu options you should use tab Onepage and in this tab you have to select items to menu. Please use in future ok?

Unfortunately I am unable to log into the support link you have provided – I have taken over management of the site from someone else so don’t have access to Studio-themes, althouth I do have an account with envato. The menu has been set up using the OnePage tab, however the ‘Home’ menu item has been set up with a custom link using a # (there is not a Home option in One Page.

Create account admin for us

I bought this product and have been struggling with your contact form. All I want to do is change “Your Website” to “Your Date” but I can’t seem to find where I can do this for the life of me. PLEASE HELP!

Also, I couldn’t find a place to ask this in your support…. in future. HTML of contact form: inestast->assets->php->shortcodes->settings_shortcodes.php

Script of contact form: inestast->assets->php->contact_form->index.php

Hello. Is it possible to have the index file?

Hello, I don’t understand your question.